Even leaving early, Philip Area takes 5th in McCook Central Wrestling Tourney

The Philip Area wrestling team braved winter storm conditions to travel to Salem, S.D., and compete in the McCook Central Wrestling Tournament, Thursday, December 30.

With 131 points, the Philip Area team placed fifth overall, out of 15 teams represented at the tournament. Because of the impending ing bad weather, possiblility of road closures and safety of the team, the Philip Area team left for home after the semi-final round.

Teams and their final scores were Bon Homme - 216, Flandreau - 195, Burke/Gregory - 158, Marion/Freeman - 133, Philip Area - 131, Mt.Vernon/Plankinton/Ethan - 130, Kimball/White Lake - 126.5, McCook Central/ Montrose - 95.5, Alcester/Hudson - 93, Kingsbury County - 80, Andes Cental/Corsica/Platte/Geddes - 65, Parker - 61, Scotland - 31, Wessington Springs/Woonsocket/Wolsey/ Wessington - 24, Lyman - 0.

In individual weight classes, Philip Area wrestlers Travis Nelson and Bohdi Lytle earned second place rankings, in the 135 pound division and 171 pound divisions respectively. Due to the Philip Area team's early departure, the match that would have determined the fifth and a sixth place spots in the 103 pound bracket was not held. Those two positions were divided between Philip Area's Rance Johnson and teammate Jed Brown. Nine other Philip Area wrestlers came home with sixth place rankings: Grady Carley - 112, Austin Pinney - 119, Chandlier Sudbeck - 125, Lane Blasius - 130, Reed Johnson - 140, Tanner Radway - 152, Chance Knutson -160, Clint Stout - 171 and Clint Nelson - 215. Gavin DeVries finished the tournament with an eighth place in the 215 pound division.

Rance Johnson, 103 lbs., 5th/6th place

•pinned by Kurt Braun (B/G), 1:39


•pinned Cole Koch (MVPE), 1:22

•decision over Blake Konstanz (SCO), 9-8

•forfeit to Luke Weber (KC)

•unheld match with Jed Brown (PHIL)

Jed Brown, 103 lbs., 5th/6th place

•pinned Blake Konstanz (SCO), 3:02

•decisioned by Luke Weber (KC), 8-13

•forfeit over KWL wrestler

•pinned Tate Meyer (PKR), 1:40

•forfeit to Duncan Stoebner (BH)

•unheld match with Rance Johnson (PHIL)

Grady Carley, 112 lbs., 6th place

•forfeit by LYM wrestler

•decisioned by Jacob Sechser (MCM), 3-8

•major decision over Wesley York (M/F), 14-3

•decision over Landon Ochsner (WSWWW), 4-0

•forfeit to Jaylen Cole (AH)

•forfeit to Dorian Verhey (PKR)

Austin Pinney, 119 lbs., 6th place

•forfeit by LYM wrestler

•major decisioned by Aaron Soulek (KWL), 2-12

•pinned Cole Globke (M/F), 1:32

•decision over Jerry Kappenman (MCM), 12-5

•forfeit to Hunter Andersen (PKR)

•forfeit to Jared Sutton (FLA)

Chandlier Sudbeck, 125 lbs., 6th place


•decisioned by Zac Thomas (MVPE), 10-13

•pinned Michael Cremer (M/F), 1:22

•pinned Hesston Steinfurth (PKR), 1:59

•forfeit to Lance Merrick (AH)

•forfeit to Dalton Combs (MCM)

Lane Blasius, 130 lbs., 6th place


•pinned Kordell Buyck (PKR), 2:36

•decisioned by Brian Vermeulen (MVPE), 4-8

•forfeit to Austin Kaul (BH)

•forfeit to Sydney Baker (M/F)

Travis Nelson, 135 lbs., 2nd place


•pinned Lorenzo Longe (ACCPG), 1:24

•pinned Dustin Cuka (BH), 0:41

•forfeit to Dylan Cotton (M/F)

Reed Johnson, 140 lbs, 6th place


•decisioned by Christian Haro (BH), 2-8


•forfeit by B/G wrestler

•forfeit to Tate Lacey (FLA)

•forfeit to Jesse Pechous (SCO)

Ryder Wilson, 145 lbs.


•pinned by Colton Johnson (B/G), 0:24

•pinned by Jacob Stanfield (MVPE), 2:33

Tanner Radway, 152 lbs., 6th place

•forfeit by LYM wrestler

•pinned by Kyle Scofield (FLA), 4:27

•pinned Justice Verhey (PKR), 2:17

•decision over Darren Daum (ACCPG), 4-2 in overtime

•forfeit to Blase Vanecek (BH)

•forfeit to Blake Willman (WSWWW)

Chance Knutson, 160 lbs., 6th place

•pinned Erik Barns (AH), 1:32

•pinned Mitch Fuerst (SCO), 1:30

•decisioned by Mike Braun (B/G), 3-12

•forfeit to Cameran Kostal (ACCPG)

•forfeit to Fuerst (SCO)

Clint Stout, 171 lbs., 6th place

•decisioned by Dominic Blindert (MCM), 3-8


•pinned Dowain Kerner (B/G), 1:52

•decision over Shay Johnson (MVPE), 9-4

•forfeit to Ben Konechne (KWL)

•forfeit to Trent McKee (KC)

Bohdi Lytle, 171 lbs., 2nd place


•pinned Johnson (MVPE), 3:12

•decision over Taylor Koehn (M/F), 4-0

•forfeit to Blindert (MCM)

Clint Nelson, 215 lbs., 6th place


•pinned Gavin DeVries (PHIL), 3:47

•pinned by Clint Even (M/F), 2:49

•forfeit to Barry Wood (AH)

•forfeit to Brad Rokusek (BH)

Gavin DeVries, 215 lbs., 8th place


•pinned by Nelson (PHIL), 3:47


•pinned by Rokusek (BH), 1:54

The next meet for the Philip Scotties will be Friday and Saturday, January 7-8, at the Lyman tournament. The Scotties will then host their own annual Philip Area Wrestling Tournament, Friday and Saturday, January 14-15.