Ernie's Building Center wins Friends of Technology award

For over 40 years of being a good neighbor ... Ernie (left) and Randy Nemec and their operation, Ernie’s Building Center of Midland, have earned the 2007 Friends of Technology Award for Western South Dakota.

During their annual meeting in Pierre on February 2, the SDTEA members discussed new items in the various fields of industrial technology. Members also nominated a person or business from their region who has helped their education program throughout that year or during past years.

Tom Parquet, Midland, nominated Ernie's Building Center in honor of its contributions to the Midland School industrial arts program for the past 25 years. Parquet was the Midland industrial arts instructor for that time. He currently instructs the 7-12 grade computers, CAD drafting and Woods I and II classes at Philip High School.

"The Nemecs have always been there at any time to offer advice to students," said Parquet. "The building center has given us good deals on our supplies and have delivered wood and other materials right to the shop."

Ernie, and now with his son Randy, have actually been helping the Midland School in many ways for more like 40 years. One example of that aid is that the center has loaned specific tools. These tools are those that the school does not have on hand.

Ernie' Building Center was chosen as the award recipient from the west river area.