Elementary Science Fair 2011

Lee Vaughan, coordinator for the annual Elementary Science Fair, stated, "For the past 60 years, local science fairs have allowed students to showcase their inventions and discoveries. Students can present their scientific research and findings with the judges.

"In many parts of the country, science fairs have fallen victim to the recession. Fortunately, our local fair has been spared. Our students still can push the edge of the envelope as they seek to learn more about the world in which they find themselves. Plans for this year's Elementary Science Fair, scheduled for March 24, are moving ahead as potential judges are being contacted and students are being reminded that as of December 14, we are at 100 days and counting.

"For those students seeking inspiration or guidance, the computer is a wonderful source of information. A site that has been invaluable in the past is http://www.scifair.org/dr.shawnsideabank.html."