To the Editor:

Dear Editor,

After Martin Luther King Day let US reflect - what was and is the “civil rights movement” and why are civil rights important?

We all believe that we are entitled to them, and they loosely mean “I” have liberty to use, access, and enjoy the common things and activities that “ALL” the rest of society enjoys, uses, and accesses. The heart of the civil rights movement was motivated by the plain fact that certain racial members of our society were denied fundamental “things and processes” that other members (white) were presumed to have from the beginning of their lives until their death. The beginnings of these denials descended from an evil known as slavery. We all recognize slavery as evil now, but at one time slavery was a “PROPERTY RIGHTS” issue. Imagine!!, one person “owned” as mere property another human being! In this country slavery as we conceive it may have had its origins in bonded service in the colonies under the legal invention called “indentured servitude.” It is possible that the first “slaves” in our country were white and that they were “bought” out of debtors prisons in England and shipped here to work off their debt plus interest for the person who had bought them out of debtors prison. Modernly, we call it a “contract for personal services,” and professional athletic contracts may be the best example of them. The essence of the contract it this; “you may live your life as you would otherwise, but you may NOT play professional (for money) sports for anyone else.” Yes, this agreement controls “ANOTHER HUMAN BEING” but not in the totality of that human beings life. To have total control would be thought of as slavery or close to it. In our country total control of “ANOTHER HUMAN BEING” is considered wrong in ALL ways except in the case of a parent controlling their own minor children, or prison guards, and the like. Sorry kids, but remember there are limits even here regarding abuse. What is most unfortunate in our society is that there are some who have control of life to the point of death of ‘ANOTHER HUMAN BEING”. They are known as the PRO-CHOICE political movement. As long as they can frame the issue in the context of “my choice, my body” then they succeed and accumulate political power of the most dangerous kind which is personal and arbitrary and applied as one person sees fit without review of subject to examination by normal societal constraints. The FLAW to the “my body, my choice” argument is that ‘ANOTHER HUMAN BEING” is involved. This is the same flaw that pro-slavers used to avoid abolition of slavery. “MY PROPERTY, MY CHOICE” was their cry!!! Sadly that argument worked until some time after the Emancipation Proclamation, and a really deadly war.

The modern pro-choice movement by any other name is nothing more than TOTAL CONTROL OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING TO THE POINT OF DEATH!!; and nothing less!! Until our country can show the argument is not choice, but ANOTHER HUMAN BEING America is not honoring Civil Rights in any form.

/s/ Cliff and Trina Breck

Cliff and Trina Breck

Creighton, SD 57290