Eddie & Maxine Baye are newlyweds at 90

Sweethearts while in high school, Eddie and Maxine Baye are now husband and wife. Over 70 years passed before they became Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Baye, Sr. on August 21, 2004. Eddie's son was best man and Maxine's grandson walked her down the aisle.

High school sweethearts at Philip High School finally marry ... over seventy years later.

Edmund Baye and Maxine Keyser were married on August 21, 2004. The wedding was attended by their children ... and grandchildren.

While in high school, Edmund drove a cream route and used to pick up Maxine to ride with him. She was three years behind him in high school. After he graduated in 1931, they parted. Many years later, they met again, this time at the sale barn in Philip. She had been married to Eddie’s best friend in high school until he passed away about 15 years ago and Eddie had lost his wife about five years ago. The 20 minute conversation at the sale barn led to more talks and meetings.

Their families had something to do with that meeting. Maxine was back in Philip visiting her relatives. Maxine’s sister-in-law had kept Eddie up-to-date on Maxine. After returning to California, Maxine began writing to Eddie. He visited her once, then a few more times. Eddie suspects that, “Both sides of the family were pushing a little.” Maxine adds, “I don’t think we tried to stop it either. And one thing led to another, good or bad, so here we are.”

The wedding in California was actually done twice. The Catholic Church ceremony was followed by an outdoor ceremony at Maxine’s house. It was also a large family reunion. Along with brothers and grandchildren, Eddie’s son’s; Richard, Bob, and Eddie, Jr.; were there. Richard was the best man. Maxine’s daughter was there. Maxine’s grown grandson walked her down the aisle.

Eddie stated as he sat close to Maxine, “She’s filling a pretty deep hole in my life and I hope I’m doing the same for her.” He continued, “After these few months, we haven’t had a fight of any kind.”

Maxine quietly added, “And we aren’t going to have any either. This guy knows how to make you happy.”

Before the wedding, they attended pre-marital counseling. They have scheduled a follow-up session for their 50th anniversary.