Drive Inn now Grandpa Dan's Diner

Under new management ... As of May 1, Teresa and Dan Walker will be the new owners of Grandpa Dan’s Diner, formerly Tanya’s Drive Inn.

The restaurant at the intersection of Highways 73 an 14 will close on Thursday as Tanya's Drive Inn and open on Friday, May 1, as Grandpa Dan's Diner.

"We'll keep the same hours as when we previously owned the business," said once-again owner Dan Walker. "Opening at 6:00 a.m. and closing at 8:00 p.m. seven days a week, we'll start there and see how it goes, staying open longer as needed."

Walker and his wife, Theresa, previously operated the business from August 1993 to the middle of 1998. "Our life is not boring," said Theresa. "Dan is his own economic development project. He's so excited. He's always missed the restaurant. It's his goal to get tacos back. After we sold the Gem Theater, somebody won a bet on how long it would be before Dan opened some other kind of business."

Dan said, "I really enjoyed the restaurant. Yes, it was always long hours, but it was one business that I always said I would run again. If you don't want to be busy, don't go into business for yourself."

Dan said that it was pretty much the same in the building, just rearranged in the kitchen a bit. "I'm going to add some stuff, such as bring back the tacos, club sandwiches and some kind of chef's salad. We'll run daily specials, maybe a school lunch special. We'll always have fresh rolls and coffee in the morning.

"Tanya's going to pick up a work shift once in a while. I'm figuring on some part-time help and a couple of full-time. Theresa will help out with making salads, some prep cooking and stuff, though no real shift," said Dan. "If there is something going on in town, we'll open earlier or later, whichever is needed.

"I plan on giving the building a facelift, and new signage, of course," said the new owner of Grandpa Dan's Diner.