Doud and Kurle honored by Assoc. of Water Systems

Honored ... The Donald Hentges, President of the SD Assoc. of Rural Water Systems, presents Rick Doud with the Carroll Anderson Award

Lobbying for federal funds is at the top of his list. In doing so, Kurle is on a first name basis with those important Congressional contacts in Washington, D.C. Always promoting the WR/LJ RWS and the needs of those who will be served, Kurle continuously faced numerous challenges. The WR/LJ RWS is just one of four systems seeking construction funds to serve western South Dakota. Known as the Mni Wiconi Project, it is comprised of Lower Brule, Rosebud, Oglala, and WR/LJ RWS's.

Besides tracking funding requests for the past 15 years, Kurle has managed the day-to-day operations of the system, which is about 80 percent completed, and consists of 16 full-time employees. According to Board President Kirk Cordes, "Mike's ability to overcome challenges with his competence and hard work makes him highly qualified and a deserving candidate for this prestigious award."

Kurle began his manager position in 1991, two years before any system construction commenced. Project completion has always been centered on federal funds and how to deal with state and federal agencies.

Kurle has held a very complicated position and is considered by the board to be a great "political manager." He has proven to be a skillful, deliberate, tenacious, and understanding negotiator.

The SDARWS also awarded the Carroll Anderson Memorial Award to Rick Doud of Haakon County.

Doud currently serves as WR/LJ Rural Water System's representative on the Board of Directors of the SDARWS. He is active on the association's policy and nominations committees.

His belief in rural water takes him to Washington, DC, each year in support of WR/LJ Rural Water System construction funding and the SDARWS' National Rural Water Association programs. Doud stays in constant contact during the State Legislative Session offering assistance and advice to the state association.

Doud has served for over 12 years. He is a constant supporter of rural water development and maintains a positive attitude in assisting with both his system's growth and the vision and mission of the SDARWS. His interest has always been getting water to western South Dakota and he credits the long-time directors of past and present rural water systems for sticking with it to make the dream a reality.

The award, in recognition of outstanding voluntary contributions to the advancement of rural community water systems in South Dakota, has been presented to an elite group of people. This award represents the greatest tribute the association can bestow on an individual to recognize their contributions to both their member system and South Dakota Rural Water.

The SDARWS Annual Technical Conference had over 350 registered attendees representing South Dakota's rural and municipal water and wastewater systems. Attendees participated in a variety of training sessions ranging from management, emergency response, to operations. This is the largest water and wastewater industry event in South Dakota.