Doolittle learns educational/vet job skills

Variation in careers ... Carissa Doolittle is learning about two of her career interests through the high school Internship program. For her creative side, she works in the art room, while her compassion is expressed at the veterinary clinic.

Featured this week is Carissa Doolittle who works alongside Pennie Slovek in the high school art room on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and her Tuesdays are spent with Norma Headlee at the Philip Veterinary Clinic.

Doolittle chose to enroll in this course to get work experience under her belt and to better herself with her opportunities. She thought it would be fun to work with what she likes to do.

Slovek stated, "I feel this is a great program for students to decide what they may or may not want to do in life. It gives them an opportunity to try new things."

In the art room, Doolittle organizes the file cabinet, cleans and assists Slovek and students with things they need help on. Her favorite part is being around and working with little kids and seeing their imaginations at work. She said, "Being creative is where we all are on a level playing field."

Doolittle chose the art room because she loves to be creative and use her imagination. She also enjoys being around younger kids.

Slovek said, "I want her to learn responsibility, work ethics, and how to get along in a classroom setting. She is doing great on all of these. Carissa is very pleasant and fun to have in my room!"

Tuesdays are a different experience for Doolittle, when she goes to assist at the Philip Veterinary Clinic. She enters appointments, answers the phone or helps the vets with anything they need. Her work is always different. Doolittle stated, "My favorite part is working with animals and a wide variety of people. I learn something new every Tuesday!"

Doolittle has learned, so far, that no case is the same; they are all unique. She chose this job because she loves working with animals and making them healthier.

The Philip High School Internships program, previously known as School to Work is a seventh hour class which allows juniors and seniors enrolled in the program to leave school and gain job experience at a work site of their choice.