Donor Wall at Hans P. Peterson Hospital

To honor the Capital Campaign ... The plaque honoring those who have made major donations to the Hans P. Peterson Memorial Hospital during its Capital Campaign is now in place. Pictured is Philip Health Services Administrator Kent Olson.

The plaque was delivered and assembled last week. It hangs on the interior west wall of the Philip Health Services complex. Made of a granite like material called corian, the display measures 42 inches high by 125 inches long. Extra space has been designed in the plaque to commemorate future donors.

"The memorial has been part of the plan all along, since the beginning of the Capital Campaign in 2000, to recognize the contributors," said Cindy Pfeifle, who recorded and balanced the pledges over the years. "The campaign pledges are substantially complete, though new donations will always continue to be accepted."

The campaign's motto was, "Investing in rural life ... yesterday, today and tomorrow".

One section of the wall is for three "societies". The first is the Hans P. Peterson Memorial Society. This is to honor the first major contributor, Peterson, who in 1953 said, "I wish to do some good for my friends and neighbors." The second memorial society is for Raymond Talty, a western South Dakota rancher who was also a major contributor. The third is an honor society for George Mangulis, M.D., who "dedicated his practice of medicine to the people of western South Dakota from 1955 to 2006 - over 50 years."

Other headings on the board include memorials, a millennium club, platinum club, gold club and silver club.

Kent Olson, administrator for the Philip Health Services, Inc., hopes that people of the PHSi region will come in to see the plaque. "It, and what it represents, is far more impressive when seen in person."