Don Nelson is interim CEO for Philip Health Services

Don Nelson is filling the position of interim CEO for Philip Health Services until a permanent head administrator can be found. The Rapid City Regional Health Network is currently advertising for applications and holding preliminary interviews for that position. According to Nelson, Philip Health Services will make the final decision in choosing from the top candidates.

Nelson began his interim responsibilities on March 23. “I will probably be here at least 60 to 90 days, but that is hard to pin down,” said Nelson.

Nelson is an experienced administrator, but now wishes to do only interim work. He retired the end of last year from a similar position at the hospital in Deadwood. “I want to do interim work four to six months out of the year, and be actively retired the rest of the time,” joked Nelson. He has 37 years in the health care profession, and has been in health care administration since 1978.

His time here is busy. “There is always lots to do, and rural health has its own issues that we get to work with on a consistent basis. That is true of all rural hospitals,” said Nelson.

“In my brief time here, I can see that this organization has a great staff who provide a wonderful service for the patients in both short term and long term care. Philip itself is one of those communities that is trying everything to make itself successful. You can’t say that about all communities.”