Dickinson Tournament challenges Philip Scottie wrestlers

Scottie wrestler Bo Slovek

The Philip wrestlers traveled to the Dickinson Tournament on Friday and Saturday, December 16-17.

Several Scottie wrestlers have already been tentatively placed in the State’s Class B Ratings. In the 103 pound division, Troy Guptill was ranked twelfth; in the 112 weight class - Jordan Smith - seventh; 152 - Bo Slovek - second; 171 - Lincoln Smith - ninth; 189 - Kent Bucholz - third. Those rankings may change after each major meet.


Jordan Smith, 112:


•pinned Derek Reil, FS, 2:52

•pinned by Jesse Obergfell, SID, 3:48

•decisioned Joe Vetter, SM, 9-3

•pinned by Shane Scott, TM, 1:32

Tate Guptill, 140:

•decision by Collin englehardt, SM, 3-5

•pinned Brandon LaFontaine, TM, 2:31

•pinned by Ben Brown, Dickinson, 3:35

•decisioned Adam Latang, COL, 6-3

•pinned by Eric Anderson, CEN, :54

•decision by Zach Dixon, WIL, 2-11

Alex Brech, 145:

•pinned Danyn Nelson, DH2, 5:17

•decisioned Cody Sauter, VEL, 6-1

•decision by Casey Hanson, FN, 2-9

•decision by Cody Erz, MIN, 1-2

•decisioned John LaForge, HAR, 7-4

Bo Slovek, 152:

•pinned Vince Polatto, MIN, 3:02

•decision by Alex Schmaltz, VEL, N/A

•pinned Jeff McDougal, FN, 1:55

•decisioned Drew Schneider, MAN, 21-5

•forfeit by Matt Bentz, Dickinson

•decisioned Alex Schmaltz, VEL, 4-2

Mark Trask, 160:

•decision by Mark Longanilla, WIL, 5-18

•pinned Sean Gerhardt, SM, 3:50

•pinned Payton DeCoteau, TM, 1:46

•decisioned Justin Lynnes, FN, 7-6

•decision by Mark Longanilla, WIL, 9-17

•decisioned Brady Foss, Dickinson, N/A

Lincoln Smith, 171:


•pinned Daryl Andes, Dickinson, 5:12

•pinned by Marshall Lynnes, FN, 5:04

•decisioned Brendan Weidler, YE2, 15-11

•decision by Justin Jones, FS, 3-6

•decisioned Brandan Anderson, MAN, 15-0

Kent Buchholz, 189:


•decision by Bennett Bitz, MAN, 9-11

•pinned Dan Habiger, FN, 2:25

•pinned Marshall Krebs, BEU, 1:30

•forfeit by Josh Ryan, Glendive

•pinned, Bennett Bitz, MAN, :09

Alex Moos, 275:

•pinned by Jake Bruns, FS, :59


•pinned Brandon Goetz, MIN, 2:39

•pinned by Colton Pulkcabek, MAN, 1:59

•pinned by Rider Warren, HUR, :28

Junior Varsity

Dace Kelly, 103:

•pinned by Dylan Kling, Lemmon, 5:35

•pinned by Eric Fordes, South, :11



•pinned by Brant Haase, Lemmon, :49

•pinned by Nathan Bootz, Lemmon, :40

•decision over Dylan Kling, Lemmon, 6-2

Tucker McDaniel, 103:

•pinned by Dalton Poitra, Belcov., 3:22


•pinned by Kirby Knuchson, Watford, 1:03


•pinned Lander Bolte, Lemmon, 1:49

•pinned Andrew Tauscher, Hardin, 1:39

•pinned by John Reisenaur, Bowman, 1:41

Travis Nelson, 103:

•decision by Nathan Bootz, Lemmon, 6-9

•pinned by Jacob DeCoteau, Belmont, 3:23


•decision by Jordan Mann, Beluah, 4-6

•pinned by Sawyer Sandquist, Dickinson, 7:37

Troy Guptill, 103:


•pinned Joelan Reisenaur, Bowman, 4:08

•pinned Andrew Tauscher, Hardin, :47


•decisioned Matt Evan, Lemmon, 19-3

•pinned Daltan Poitra, TM, :34

•pinned by Kirby Knudtson, Watford, 1:43

Colin VanLint, 112:

•decision by Jake Thomas, Watford, 7-9

•pinned by Patrick Tangen, Dickinson, :21

•pinned by Walt Shaw, Colstrip, 3:09

•pinned by Andrew Turck, St. Mary’s, 1:23

•pinned by Dane Seborg, Glendive, :53

Wyatt Kammerer, 119:

•pinned Kylan Stecher, St. Mary’s, 2:19


•decision by Justin Griswald, Minot, 4-5


•pinned by Marty Fay, Colstrip, :30

•pinned Garrett Domagalas, Bowman, :45

•pinned by Mike Poiorlie, Watford, :32

Trey Fortune, 125:

•pinned wrestler from St. Mary’s, 2:19


•pinned by Craig Bucholz, Bowman, :19

•pinned by Ryan Yates, Dickinson, 0:00

•pinned by Cody Slusher, South, :35

Cecil Heeb, 130:

•pinned by Cole Goreman, Watford, 3:46

•pinned Justin Berg, North, 3:49

•decisioned Tyler Holland, North, 14-4


•decision by Ryan Heiser, Velva, 10-12

•pinned by Tate Olson, Glendive, 1:18

•pinned Tyler Holland, Fargo, 1:05

Karch Foley, 145:

•pinned by George Hall, Belcourt, :23

•pinned by Rick Avon, North, 1:46



•pinned by Nick Bury, St. Mary’s, :54

•pinned by Chris Kambeitz, St. Mary’s, :36

Mick Trask, 152:

•pinned Brian VanBrugger, North, :29

•pinned Kolby Vinger, Dickinsen, 5:16

•pinned Duffy Wyrach, Williston, :34

•decisioned Andy Rohan, Beach, 17-2


John Hanes, 160:

•pinned Marvin Enzminger, Hardin, 1:09

•decisioned Chris Koffler, Dickinson, 17-2

•decision by Jessi Evans, North, 10-24

•decisioned Bryan Huston, Williston, 18-7

•pinned Aaron Pettyjohn, Minot, 1:39

•pinned Micheal Ramsey, Williston, 1:23

•pinned by Jessi Evans, Fargo, 1:38

Jesse Heaton, 215:

•pinned Brett Biel, Dickinson, 1:18


•pinned Jake Brownell, Beach, 1:23


•pinned by Matt Wisness, Watford, 1:28

•decision by Matt Jensen, Wiliston, 9-12

•pinned Matt Wisness, Watford, 1:43

The Scotties will host the next scheduled wrestling meet, the Philip Triangular, at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 3, 2006.