Deputy Tom Jeans moving on

"I wish that I could have stayed here," said Haakon County Deputy Sheriff Tom Jeans, "but I knew coming in that the position was a temporary one. I like the people and the area. I like working with Sheriff Larry Hanes and everyone else."

Jeans has accepted a sheriff's deputy position in Walworth County. He will be living in the town of Selby, where he will have the main responsibility of the eastern part of the county, while the sheriff, who lives in Mobridge, will have the main responsibility of the western part of the county.

Jeans' last official day with the Haakon County sheriff's office will be September 19. Jeans had taken over the deputy's position after Deputy Mark Foley was called to military active duty and shipped to Afghanistan for an estimated 18 months. It is believed that Foley should be back around April 2008.

"Tom is a good officer," said Sheriff Hanes. "I hate to see him go, but he has to take care of his own prospects."

The Walworth County position is a permanent one. "I wanted to stay in a county sheriff's department because they offer more territory to cover, thus more varied responsibilities and duty opportunities," said Jeans. Walworth County has a population of around 6,000 people and has its own jail. Haakon County's population is around 1,400 and law enforcement uses neighboring counties' jails if needed. Jeans has hopes of someday advancing to being elected as a county sheriff.