Deep Creek School to close

by Del Bartels

The closure of a rural school and sorting out insurance discrepencies were the main topics at the Haakon School District 27-1 board meeting on Monday, November 14.

The Deep Creek School will be closed after this school year. Student numbers will diminish through one family going to Pierre and one student who will attend the Philip school. The closure does carry the condition that the school could reopen if enough student-aged children reenter the area.

The financial reports through October were approved except for two items. One item was tabled until next month in order for the figure to be verified before an official approval be made.

The second financial item and its circumstances were summarized by Business Manager Jackie Longbrake. She explained that the insurance premium fluctuates depending on the number of employees from summer to the school year, and whenever the employee roster changes. The insurance company’s records and the school district’s records were disparate. The difference was discovered, though communications from the company were not timely according to the premium due date. The board complimented Longbrake on figuring out the discrepancy and will alter its payment plans accordingly.

The emergency 911 system, the board of education, and other state entities require a clear and definitive title be given to the country school at Milesville. The board has determined that it will officially be called the Milesville School.

Anita Peterson summarized this past months happenings at the Black Hills Special Services.

Secondary Principal Jeff Reickman reported that the fall sports are over and the winter sports are starting. In the past, the members and coaches of football, volleyball and cross country were honored during a recognition night. This year each group will have its own get-together. The cross country team had their pizza party and recognition on Tuesday, November 15. The other two are not scheduled yet.

The oral interp regionals are on November 21. Philip winter concerts are: elementary - December 5, junior high - December 8, and high school - December 19.

Superintendent Keven Morehart reminded the board that November 23rd will be an early release day. Grandparents Day, where grandparents or substitutes can eat lunch with elementary students, was November 16. A similar “Muffins for Moms” day will be scheduled soon. In the spring there will be a “Donuts for Dads” day.

The traffic safety signs that read “... when lights flashing” will eventually be changed to “... when children present.”

In order for the board members and any audience members to attend the scheduled high school concert, the next scheduled school board meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. (instead of 6:00 p.m.) on Monday, December 19, in the A-1 room of the high school.