Dear Editor:

Dear Pioneer Review,

My husband and I would like to say thank you to a few men that helped us in a time of need on a Sunday morning.

My husband and I traveled from Kansas to my home state of South Dakota to get married in Deadwood on September 11th. We spent two wonderful weeks there, but unfortunately we had to go home.

On the morning of September 19, we hugged my family good-bye and hopped on I-90 east for the long boring trip we had taken so many times. Everything was going fine, laughing and carrying on like we always do, when we felt a vibration in our pickup. Thinking it was just the road we slowed down a little and changed lanes. Just as we got back into the right lane, the left front tire came completely off of our truck, crossed the median and westbound lane, to land 30 yards out in a field! We were left to ride on the rotor until we could get completely off the road so we could stop. Thankfully nobody was hurt and the tire had made it through a big gap in traffic. My husband and I got out to check the damage and find the tire.

Knowing it was Sunday and the chances of finding a parts store or a machine shop open were slim to none, we figured we would be spending the night in Kadoka because that was the next town on the horizon.

After standing and watching cars and trucks whiz by us for 15 minutes, a car finally stopped to see if we needed any help.

This was when we met the first of a handful of heroes that day.

Marty helped us jack up the truck and put the spare tire on and offered to call some of his friends in Philip to help us. So we followed him to Philip to the parts store where we met Roger and Greg. Marty was called away while we were at the parts store so we told him thank you for everything and parted ways there. We bought a new rotor and Roger chased down some lug bolts and nuts for us. Then he was kind enough to find us another spare tire which had to be mounted on our rim, so we rode with him to Mark’s filling station where he opened the door just to help two complete strangers. Once we made it back to our truck, Roger proceeded to put our truck back together with a smile on his face the whole time.

The whole experience made us realize that with all the hate and mistrust in this world, there are still caring and kind-hearted people out there still willing to lend a helping hand to strangers in their need, and for that we will always be DEEPLY THANKFUL to our heroes on that Sunday morning. You will be in my thoughts always.

Marty Hansen, Roger Williams, Mark Coyle and Greg *(I didn’t get your last name) and the man who opened the NAPA so Roger could get the lug nuts and bolts.


/s/Rome and Tasja Witt

Rome and Tasja Witt

Salina, KS 67401