Dads are pretty special, too

Daddy’s home! Taylor Ross, age 2, greets his father, Slade Ross, S.D. State Trooper of Philip. He has a gentle side, but serves and protects the residents of the area. Slade’s other son, Spencer (right) shares a quiet moment with his busy dad. Father’s Day is every day for him!

Father's Day never gets the attention that Mother's Day does. But it's the fathers who made mothers mothers; or is it because mothers made fathers fathers? Anyway, it's a good thing to honor each of our parents, and on June 17th it's Dad's Day! But as a father, I'll have to admit that it's mothers who carry the heavy load and are the primary caregivers. But then again, the fathers pay the bills.

Kids can feel pretty secure in the ars of their dad. And while most dads are away lots of the time, the time they have with their kids is very special.

Slade Ross is a state trooper based in Philip. He can find danger in his work and his family is always happy when he gets home safe. He has a gentle side and a life outside his patrol car. And, yes, cops can show love.

Slade is a good father and has a number of reasons to work hard for them ... after all, they are his legacy. That's a father's responsibility.