Cub Scouting starting in Philip area

Scouting is back ... Pack 37 has nine cubs and Webelos, and is welcoming more. A “Scout night” has already happened at the Gem Theater. Shown, from left are: Tristan Rush, Colten Triebwasser, Gavin Brucklacher, Blake Martinez, Coy Kramer, Damian Bartels, Ben Saucerman, Nelson Holman and Darion Saucerman.

Initial meetings in September showed that the Cub Scout program had a strong potential for restarting in Philip. These meetings also showed that there is solid support in the Philip community for the Cub Scout program.

Years ago, the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs began fading as other activities and organizations simply took too many boys and volunteers from the program.

Now, “Pack 37 is looking for volunteers and more boys,” said Cub Master David Butler. Butler attended a Scouting Roundtable on Thursday, November 10, where the recharter process and youth protection were among the main topics. Other volunteers include Michelle Butler as the charter representative; Terry Holman - treasurer, Kalcy Triebwasser - committee chair, Laura Saucerman and Crystal Martinez - committee members, Del Bartels - Tiger leader, Amber Rush - Den leader, and Bruce Brucklacher - Webelos leader. Parents have been helping out with projects and activities.

A fundraising project was initiated to pay for future projects and materials. The scouts’ efforts of selling popcorn and candy were rewarded with a movie, courtesy of Dan and Theresa Walker at the Gem Theater, on Sunday, November 20. After the movie, all the boys received prizes, with the top three sellers earning special recognition; Triebwasser - 1st, Brucklacher - 2nd, Rush - 3rd. A few boys had already earned rank insignias.

The Scouts ran a table at the craft show in the Fine Arts Building on Saturday, October 15, and were visible at a Scotties volleyball game. The fledgling pack surpassed the sales number sold by the former Scouts and ranked seventh in western South Dakota in candy sales. There is some popcorn and candy still being sold.

Many people have commented on how nice it was to see the Scouting program back in the Philip area.

Several businesses have donated toward getting the Scouting program started. Konst Machine and Welding gave a prize for the Scout who sold the highest amount of popcorn/candy.

The boys need community service project ideas. Individuals, business owners and organizations are being asked for suggestions of projects the boys might do to help repay the community’s generosity.

One suggestion from a Scout was to "adopt" a family for Christmas. Presents and a Christmas dinner could be given to a family that would not otherwise have a merry Christmas. The Scouts will decorate a tree for the Parade of Trees in the courthouse.

Tiger Cubs is a year-round family- and home-centered program that encourages the ethical decision-making skills for first-grade (six to seven-year-old) boys. These boys participate in the program with their adult partners. Shared leadership, learning about the community, and family understanding are emphasized.

Cub Scouts is for boys in the second through fifth grade (eight to 10 years old). Activities emphasize character development, citi-

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zenship training, and personal fitness.

Webelos Scouts is for fourth- and fifth-grade (10 to 11 year-old) boys, dealing in more advanced activities that begin to prepare them to become Boy Scouts.

For more information about the Scouts or to call with community service ideas, Butler can be reached at 859-2172.