Cross country meets held

Maggie Coyle

Cross Country at Kadoka

by Del Bartels

The Philip Scotties cross country team was one of the 18 teams represented at the Kadoka meet on Sept. 11. Though with no individual or team placings, the team showed its fortitude.

Placing 6th out of 38, Holly Iwan ran well in the girls elementary division. Kyle Iwan, in his introductory race of this season, took 10th out of 30 elementary boy runners.

The junior varsity girls’ squad is improving. Brandy Bartels pumped out an 8th place, Stephanie Bouman fought the pack for a 16th place, and Amanda Schofield refused to give up and earned a 26th spot.

Anthony Iwan represented the boys’ junior varsity. Iwan earned 14th place out of 28.

The varsity girls’ squad forged through a large number of contenders over the flat, hard, cactus-filled course. Maggie Coyle ran in 18:58 to earn 17th place. Jackie Smith was close behind to take the 19th spot in 19:17. Katie Coyle took 27th and Dondee Fees took 33rd.

Zane Fees and Kelly Bouman stayed with the middle of the 28 runners for the first half of the varsity boys’ course. Both showed stamina by passing one competitor after another. Fees earned 10th place with a time of 19:48. Several sprinters could not catch Bouman, who ran a 20:34 to hold the 16th place.

Schofield sums up the persistence and determination required in cross country, “I wanted to quit so bad, but I didn’t know how, so I didn’t.”

Cross Country at White River

by Ralph Kroetch

Monday, September 13, the Scotties traveled to White River. As I was out of town, Carol Kroetch was coach for the day and did a great job.

Fourth grader Holly Iwan had a time of 5:50 to earn 7th place out of 32 elementary girl runners.

Sixth grader Kyle Iwan had a time of 6:06 to earn 7th place out of 27 elementary boy runners.

The girls’ junior varsity began with 22 girls at the line. Stephanie Bouman and Brandy Bartels tried the teamwork approach by staying together and pulling each other along, hopefully to better both placings. At the 2/3 mark, Bouman fought a side-ache. Bartels pushed on to a 9th place with a 19:47 time. Bouman ran through for a 14th place in 20:05. Amanda Schofield, following her race plan of not giving in to walking, did her best time so far.

Anthony Iwan, Philip’s junior varsity boy, ran well, but was not able to better last year’s time on this course. He finished 23rd out of 39 in a time of 16:34.

The girls’ varsity race was a Who’s Who of cross country girls. Maggie Coyle led the Scotties, finishing in 17th place with a time of 16:51. She earned the coveted Prestige Run T-shirt and a medal. Jackie Smith worked through her consistent, severe side-aches to finish 26th in 17:41. Katie Coyle bettered last year’s time by 14 seconds to finish in 17:55 and a 28th place. Dondee Fees pushed through leg cramps to end just 11 seconds behind last year’s time with 20:22. Philip finished 5th out of 17 teams. Good job, girls!

Kelly Bouman represented the Scottie varsity boys well. He finished in 17th place in 19:05, cutting almost a minute and a half off of last year’s time. He also earned a Prestige Run T-shirt and a medal.

Cross country Sept. 18 Gettysburg

by Ralph Kroetch

At 5:00 p.m. the PHS cross country bus left for Gettysburg.

This was a replacement run as the Scotties lost five meets from last year’s schedule. Twenty schools were represented, many of which we don’t normally see.

For the junior varsity girls, 8th grader Stephanie Bouman and freshman Brandy Bartels ran together again, each using the other to get off to a good start. After one loop these girls were in 7th and 8th place. Amanda was then competing with runners from Wakpala and Lemmon. Brandy began overtaking runners to end in 3rd place. Steph ended in 10th place, trying to run down a Kimball girl. Amanda bettered herself by passing a Lemmon runner in the last 100 yards.

Eighth grader Anthony Iwan ran for the boys’ junior varsity against 30 competitors. Anthony left Takini and Wakpala runners behind, and sprinted past Selby Area and Gettysburg runners to earn 9th place in only 18:15.

The varsity girls tried to establish position in the 100 yards before the first turn. Maggie Coyle finished the first loop holding 12th place. Jackie Smith and Katie Coyle were only one place apart. Dondee Fees was close behind. This race finished with M. Coyle holding off Lemmon’s #1 runner, Smith just in front of Lemmon’s 2nd runner and K. Coyle between Lemmon’s 3rd and 4th runners. Fees finished in a tough sprint just edging a Hitchcock-Tulare runner. In last year’s regional, Philip’s “4th finisher for the team” broke the tie for third against Lemmon. We are in for another tough regional race.

The varsity boys, freshman Zane Fees and junior Kelly Bouman, competed with 55 other young men. After the first loop, Zane ran alongside two Standing Rock runners in 26th place. Bouman competed with a Takini runner for 32nd place. Second loop had Fees in 22nd place battling a Hoven runner, and with Bouman following a group of 5 runners in 39th place. Finishing the 3rd loop, Zane was now in 17th place and Kelly in 28th. Both sprinted well, holding their respective places.

The “munchkin runs” gave younger athletes a chance to compete. Holly Iwan ran with the 3rd and 4th graders, winning the girls’ division and 3rd overall.

Seventh grader Kody Bouman won the 5-8 grade race. Kyle Iwan took 3rd place among the boys. Stephanie Bouman, running her second race of the day, earned 3rd among the girls. Erick Hoag finished in 8th among the boys.

A good effort and a lot of fun for all of these young runners.