Craig A. Reagle

Craig Anthony Reagle was born March 22, 1979, at the Cherry County Hospital in Valentine, NE. He was the second child of three children. He lived in Hidden Timber, SD, until 1987 when the family moved to the Lone Hill community near Mission, SD.

Craig attended grade school at Klein School in the Hidden Timber community until the beginning of second grade when he moved to North Elementary in Mission. He completed the remaining years through high school in Mission, graduating from Todd County High School in 1998. After high school graduation, he attended Mitchell Technical Institute in Mitchell, SD, graduating as a Telecommunications Technician.

Craig was always an easy going and positive child. He never got too excited about things. If there was a job to be done, he always did his best, whether it was for himself or someone else. He always enjoyed the family and neighborhood functions. He loved something special about each grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin or friend, often laughing with us about what each one said or did that made him laugh.

As a small child, Don Eddie introduced him to the fun one can have on a horse. There were countless hours spent over the years doing just that. It started at the 4-H grounds south of Mission, giong around barrels on a horse or tying a ribbon on a goat's tail, and later moving on to an arena at the Eddie Ranch, running the chute for the older boys roping steers. As he got older, he spent many evenings team roping at the same arena with friends and family. Craig participated in high school rodeo with his brother, Clay, in team roping. After a long day of working with his Uncle Speed, they would load up horses and head to either Jerry Harms' or Gene and Brad Eddie's arena for more fun-filled hours of team roping. Roping was one of the things Craig loved to do the most.

Then there were the yearly spring and fall brandings. You could count on a long day, hard work, a sunburn, sore muscles and great food. Craig enjoyed every bit of it. He was sure to be there when Grandma Reagle or Uncle Ivan called to ask if he could lend a hand at corn picking time, too. Even though each event required hard work, there was always a lot of fun involved, too.

He played basketball and football during middle school and high school. Football was his favorite, which he played all four years of high school.

His first job as a Telecommunications Technician was for Nortel Networks, which required him to travel to sites in Iowa and Nebraska. He loved the work and liked the fact that he was his own boss and determined his own working hours. Unfortunately for him, the company downsized and he was laid off. He moved home and went to work with Uncle Speed again until he got a job working for Terrill Telephone Company, living in Milford, IA. Although he liked this job, he didn't especially like the area, so he began looking for a job back home in South Dakota. He was very excited when he was hired by Golden West Telecommunications in Custer, SD. He enjoyed working with the crew in Custer, and made many great friends in the company. He was recently promoted to a new position and was scheduled to begin by the end of December. He was very excited about the new job and the technical challenges it would bring. He was employed with Golden West at the time of his death.

Craig especially enjoyed living in the Custer area because his older brother, Chad, was not far away in Newcastle, WY. They spent many weekends together doing things that brothers do. After Chad was married to Lindsy, he came to love her as the sister he had never had. It was a joy to listen to the two of them banter back and forth. Then Clay and Tracy got married and he had two sisters-in-law to keep up with.

Craig had a very short life, but in looking back we can see that although his life was short, he accomplished more than most of us who have lived much longer. He had many great times with all of his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors and friends. He always had a positive attitude and was rarely down. Each day was a joy to him because he loved his job, his friends and his family. We will miss him and love him forever. We hope that as he looks down on us from above, he will see us smiling back at him.

Craig passed away December 7, 2007, at Rapid City Regional Hospital.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Arthur and Blanche Reagle, Carl and Josephine Gehlsen, all of Todd County.

He is survived by his parents, Leonard and Bernadette Reagle, Mission; his brothers, Chad Reagle and his wife, Lindsy, of Newcastle, WY, and Clay Reagle and his wife, Tracy, of Madison, SD; as well as several uncles, aunts and cousins.