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An official newspaper of Pennington County, Wall, Quinn and Wasta, South Dakota
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Number 47 Volume 106 November 24, 2011
Chamber reports Neil Diamond to ride on South Dakota float in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
by Laurie Hindman Wall Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce met on Monday, November 14 at the Road Trip Cafe. The noon meeting was called to order by President Carol Hoffman. Announcements are: •November 16 - Quinn VFW Bingo, Wall Community Center, 7:00 p.m. (Every Wednesday) •November 24 and 25 - City offices closed due to the Thanksgiving holiday. •December 3 - Wall Girl Scouts drop off blue bags at homes for donations to Country Cupboard. •December 7 - Pancake supper, Wall Drug 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. •December 10 - Wall Girl Scouts pick up blue bags for donations to Country Cupboard. •December 12 - Chamber Luncheon, Road Trip Cafe at noon. •December 18 - Celebration Committee holiday event at the Wall Community Center. •There is one ad open in the Wall co-op page in the SD Vacation Guide. If interested call the chamber office for more information. •Juanita Schroder has offered to hold the December mixer if her new addition has been completed. Minutes of the previous meeting and the treasurers report were approved. Chamber approved board candidates; Mike Huether, Juanita Schroeder and Kent Jordan for another term. City report was given by Mayor Dave Hahn. He informed the chamber that the next city council meeting will be held on Thursday, December 8 and on Thursday, December 29 the council will hold their year end meeting. If you have any special events that need to be done before the end of the year please make sure that you see the finance officer before the meeting. All issues have to be on the agenda 24 hours before the meeting or they can not be heard. Aaron Kaye with the Badlands National Park reported that visitation is down 12 percent for the fiscal year. Fees have been moved into the visitor center. Concessions are now closed and they are planning to start to move the old cabins out in preparation for the new ones. Minuteman Missile National Historic Site employee Jeanne Berry stated that the building plans have been approved. Land transfer was also approved and their visitation was up in October. Nadia Eisenbraun with the Forest Service reported that deer season has started and their visitation is down. Golden West will be hosting a basic computer class on November 17 from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Jody Bielmaier also asked for everyone to stop by or go to their web site to sign up for prizes. West River Electric CEO Dick Johnson said they are working on rate increases since they were handed a 12 percent increase. Andy Moon has become the new president since Jerry Hammerquist stepped down from the position. President Brett Blasius of First Interstate Bank reported that their one warm coat drive is ending this week and they will be delivered to the Wall School. They will be having an open house on Friday, December 16. Brett Blasius with the Medical Board would like everyone to know that they still have plenty of flu vac at the Wall Clinic. President Carol Hoffman with the Wall Country Cupboard stated that they are in need of plastic bags. Saturday, November 19 they will be distributing Thanksgiving baskets. This year they are doing something a little different. Families under four will receive a chicken and families over four will receive a turkey. Dave Hahn with Neighborworks said that two families may be interested in the house on Glenn Street. Rodeo Booster Club will meet on Wednesday, November 16 at 5:30 p.m. at the 4H building. Everyone is welcome. Retail Committee will be sponsoring the Pancake supper on Wednesday, December 7th at the Wall Drug and volunteers are needed. Jeanie Johnson with the Celebration Committee reported that Turkey Bingo that they hosted at the Wall Craft Show was a good time and they are planning a family fun day on Sunday, December 18. Beautification Committee report was given by Bev Dartt. They are tentatively planning to decorate the Boulevard on Saturday, November 19th starting at 10:00 a.m. They are asking for volunteers. There are spots available on the Boulevard if anyone is interested in taking care of one. Gina Ferris with the Black Hills Badlands & Lakes attended the annual meeting held in October in Deadwood. She informed the chamber that the Roadtrip Road Show will continue in 2012 and Neil Diamond will be riding the South Dakota float in the Macy Thanksgiving Day parade to be aired on Thursday, November 24. Their next meeting will be held on Thursday, December 1. Lindsey Hildebrand reported on Black Hills Business Council. They are planning to travel to different towns for their meetings. With no other business the meeting was adjourned.
“One Warm Coat” drive
First Interstate Bank participated for the third year in a statewide coat drive called One Warm Coat. First Interstate Bank partnered with the community to collect clean, gently used coats and jackets as part of the One Warm Coat community service project. Coats of all shapes and sizes were welcomed. One Warm Coat is dedicated to distributing reusable coats, free of charge, directly to local children and adults. The program is an easy way for you and your family to pass along coats and jackets that you no longer need. Brett Blasius, President of the First Interstate Bank of Wall states, “As a concerned corporate citizen with strong community service values, we have embraced this opportunity to bring warm coats to our neighbors in need.” All First Interstate Banks in Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota participated as drop off locations for the coat drive. One Warm Coat is a national non-profit organization that supports and encourages coat drives. It helps individuals, groups, companies and organizations across the country collect coats and deliver them to local agencies that distribute the coats free to people at
Brett Blasius and Kelly Sundal shown with a box of “One Warm Coat” that were donated from the community. ~Photo Laurie Hindman
no cost through the One Warm Coat program. The coats from the First Interstate Bank coat drive are at the Wall School. Please see Mrs. Sundall at the school if you or any of your family members are in need of a coat.
Hunters dream buck
Allan McDonnell pictured on the left along with his Uncle Brady McDonnell pictured on the right shot this 10 x 15 Whitetail buck somewhere in Western South Dakota. Allan was just a little pleased with this years hunting season. Congratulations to the McDonnell boys on a fantastic deer and I could really use a new guide for next year. I’ll give you a call. ~Courtesy Photo
DOT reminds motorists to stay informed, slow down, stay safe
Winter weather is quickly approaching, and the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) is reminding motorists to stay informed, slow down and drive safely. Weather in South Dakota is anything but predictable, and a traveler’s first action should be to visit www.safetravelusa.com/sd or dial 511 for the most current road condition information. The new and improved website features a bolder display that can be zoomed to show all interstate, South Dakota and U.S. highways. Camera images have been enlarged and many icons added for users to customize the maps for individual needs. Another new feature uses geographic landmarks instead of highway mileposts as location references on SafeTravelUSA and on South Dakota’s phone-based 511 system. Being informed is the first step to staying safe when driving in inclement weather. State officials also want you to treat driving as your main priority. Slow down, do not use cruise control, refrain from using electronic devices that can be distracting, drive with your headlights on (not daytime running lights – manually turn them on), and pay attention to your surroundings, especially traffic around you. “Safety is the our No. 1 priority,” said state Transportation Secretary Darin Bergquist. “By providing travelers on South Dakota highways with the most up-todate road and weather information, details on snowplowing activities and hours of operation, travelers can make informed decisions before hitting the road.” Familiar sights during snowstorms are bright yellow snowplows working to clear snow and ice from road surfaces. State Department of Transportation officials ask travelers to remember the following snowplow safety tips: •Plows travel slowly – about 2530 miles per hour or less. Most accidents involving snowplows are rear-end collisions because motorists misjudged distances to the plows and how quickly those gaps are closed. •Snowplows cause soft snow to swirl. It can become difficult or impossible to see the plow and the roadway, and for the plow driver to see you. Do not pass a plow in a snow cloud, be patient and wait for the plow driver to pull over and allow traffic to pass. If road conditions allow, the plow driver will pull over periodically to allow traffic to pass. •Never pass a plow on the shoulder. Snowplows are equipped with wing plows – eightto ten-foot extensions on the right, and sometimes on the left side of the trucks, that are used to clean the shoulders. Plows on divided highways and interstates could have right or left wings. •Plows aren’t just removing snow, they may also be spreading de-icer and salt on the road surface. Maintain a safe distance behind the snowplow to avoid being sprayed by the materials coming out of the back of the truck/sander. •Plows do not work during the overnight hours. With the exception of urban areas around Rapid City and Sioux Falls, crews will begin work at approximately 5 a.m., weather permitting, and continue until sometime in the early evening. “Motorists should use extreme caution in the vicinity of snowplows,” said Greg Fuller, SDDOT director of operations. “A combination of poor visibility, slippery road surfaces, and packed, drifted snow make driving enough of a challenge, much less meeting or passing snowplows.”
China trip 2011
some. I never did quite understand they way silk was made. I always thought it came from a plant, not a bug. Everything was so soft and “silky.” The prices were expensive, but if you bought anything it was worth the expense. We went to this acrobatic show
Silk clothing, fans and other souveniers where a few of the items purchased by students on their trip to China. ~Photo Laurie Hindman
Day eight of the Wall Eagles trip to China comes from Taran Eisenbraun. Eisenbraun begins March 29 with: This morning was like any of the other mornings. We had to wake up early and everyone was dead tired. I could tell we were going to have a rough day. The ride to the airport felt like forever! I think everyone is starting to become pros at flying. The two hour flights seem only like fifteen minutes. The worst part of the day was once we got to Shanghai, Lane lost his phone and his IPod! Jackie has someone look for it, but they couldn’t find it. Lane was upset for most of the day. One of the best parts of the day was when we went on the fastest train in the the world and went to the second tallest building in the world! The train went 431 kph. We were flying! At the skyscraper, I was getting sick and my knees felt like they were going to give out. It was breath taking seeing the scenery from up there thought. The silk factory was pretty awe-
  
    
later that night. it was honestly the best show I have ever been to. The best part of the show was when Kaden got to go on stage for a scene. The people played a trick on him though. Kaden thought they were throwing knives at him. Actually they were only stabbing them right next to him. Kaden
was blind folded, so he didn’t know what was going on. We came back to the motel and ate dinner. About half of the meal was tofu. It was gross. Everyone left the dinner table still hungry. O well, breakfast should be good in the morning. Taran
                                     
Area News
Stockgrowers to host area meetings
The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association will be on the road at the end of November hosting a series of meetings in Union Center, Reva, Isabel and Lemmon. Everyone is invited to attend and participate in the discussion at these meetings. State Veterinarian Dr. Dustin Oedekoven will be speaking at the meetings in Isabel and Lemmon. Additionally, Stockgrower Animal ID Committee Chair Kenny Fox will be presenting information regarding the latest proposal by USDA to implement a national animal identification program. Of particular interest to ranchers will be information regarding the proposed child labor laws that would limit family corporations from hiring their own children and ban 14 and 15 year olds from doing most ranch work including riding horses to gather livestock. The rules propose other limits on young people to drive and operate tractors, working around livestock and children working in bad weather conditions. Coffee and bars will be served at 1pm on Tuesday, November 29 at the Union Center Community Room in Union Center, and supper will be served at 6:30pm at the Reva Hall in Reva. On Wednesday, November 30, Stockgrowers will serve lunch at 11am at Sparky's in Isabel, and supper will be served at 5:30pm at the RBar in Lemmon. For more information about this meeting, contact Gary Deering at 605-985-5343, Linda Gilbert at 605-375-3281 or Vaughn Meyer at 605-605-866-4426.
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Ruland Arena holds rifle roping
Social Security News
How and why social security calculates cost of living adjustments
Rifle roping winners. From left to right ... Rocky Lane Tibbs, Rocky Tibbs, Rowdy Curr, Troy Richter, Taylor Mohnen, Owner Ruland Arena, Larry Ruland. ~Courtesy Photo
                   
                                                                        
By Kathy Petersen Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in Rapid City Monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for more than 60 million Americans will increase 3.6 percent in 2012.The 3.6 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will begin with benefits that nearly 55 million Social Security beneficiaries receive in January 2012. Increased payments to more than 8 million SSI beneficiaries will begin on December 30, 2011. Because the normal SSI payment date is the first of the month and January 1 is a holiday, the SSI payments for January are always made at the end of the previous December. Most people are aware that there are annual increases in Social Security benefits to offset the corrosive effects of inflation on fixed incomes. These increases or COLAs are such an accepted feature of the program that it is difficult to imagine a time when there were no COLAs. But in fact, when Ida May Fuller received her first $22.54 benefit payment in January of 1940, this would be the same amount she would receive each month for the next 10 years. For Ida May Fuller, and the millions of other Social Security beneficiaries like her, the amount of that first benefit check was the amount they could expect to receive for life. Congress enacted the COLA provision as part of the 1972 Social Security Amendments, and automatic annual COLAs began in 1975. Before that, benefits were increased only when Congress enacted special legislation.
Social Security Act specifies a formula for determining each COLA. According to the formula, COLAs are based on increases in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). CPI-W’s are calculated on a monthly basis by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A COLA effective for December of the current year is equal to the percentage increase (if any) in the average CPI-W for the third quarter of the current year over the average for the third quarter of the last year in which a COLA became effective. Some other changes that take effect in January of each year are based on the increase in average wages. The earnings limit for workers who are younger than "full" retirement age (age 66 for people born in 1943 through 1954) will be $14,640. (We deduct $1 from benefits for each $2 earned over $14,640.) The earnings limit for people turning 66 in 2012 will be $38,880. (We deduct $1 from benefits for each $3 earned over $38,880 until the month the worker turns age 66.) There is no limit on earnings for workers who are "full" retirement age or older for the entire year. You can read more at www.socialsecurity.gov. Information about Medicare changes for 2012, when announced, will be available at www.Medicare.gov. Kathy Petersen is a public affairs specialist for Social Security, Denver Region. You can write her c/o Social Security Administration, 605 Main, Suite 201, Rapid City, SD, 57701 or via e-mail at kathy. petersen@ssa.gov.
Novice roping winners. From left to right ... Bodie Mattson, Riley Ruland, Cameron Richter. ~Courtesy Photo
Ruland Arena Team Roping Results from October 30th. Rifle Roping Results: 1.Taylor Mohnen - 36.12 on four steers. 2.Troy Richter - 47.74. 3.Rowdy Curr - 48.31. 4.Rocky Tibbs - 54.51. 5.Rocky Lane Tibbs - 58.48. Novice Results: 1.Bodie Mattson - 26.25 on two steers. 2.Bodie Mattson - 39.66. 3.Riley Ruland - 8.38 on one. 4.Cameron Richter - 9.74. Drawpot with Incentive Results: 1.Wyatt Treeby/Levi Hapney 17.94 on three steers. 2.Wyatt Treeby/Shaun Ruland 19.82. 3.Jade Schmidt/Bruce Berry 21.80. 4.Troy Richter/DaltonRichter 24.01. 5.Shaun Ruland/Taylor Mohnen - 24.38.
Prepare for holidays with flu vaccination
Holiday travel for family gatherings and intense shopping can mean increased influenza activity so now is a good time to get vaccinated, says a state health official. “We’ve had just five lab confirmed cases of influenza so far this season but we know virus activity often picks up as people travel for the holidays,” said Dr. Lon Kightlinger, State Epidemiologist for the South Dakota Department of Health. “Getting vaccinated now can help protect you and your loved ones from the flu.” During the 2010-2011 flu season, South Dakota reported 22 influenza-associated deaths, four of whom were children. While yearly flu vaccination is recommended for everyone, it is particularly important for those at higher risk of complications – very young children, pregnant women, people over 50 years and people with chronic medical conditions. Health-care workers and household contacts of high risk populations, especially those with young infants in the household, should also be vaccinated. People can check with their medical provider, retail pharmacy, or department Community Health Services offices for the vaccine. The vaccine is available free from the state for kids from age 6 months through 18 years. Some schools are offering school-based flu clinics or parents can check with their usual provider. While the vaccine is free, some providers may charge an administration fee. South Dakotans can also prevent the spread of the flu with these tips: •Wash hands often with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand gel; •Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze; • Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth; • Stay home if you're sick. Influenza is a viral respiratory illness marked by the sudden onset of fever, headache, extreme tiredness, dry cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose and muscle aches. It spreads when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks, sending the highly contagious virus into the air. Learn more at http://flu.sd.gov.
                           
Country Cupboard provides Thanksgiving dinner
 
                                        
Keep the Tow Truck away
Forty-seven families received a bountiful thanksgiving basket from the Country Cupboard. Donations for the baskets came from the Turkey Federation of SD who donated $200, Philip and Wall Churches and along with individuals who also donated to the baskets. Families received either a chicken or turkey, five pounds of potatoes, one pie, one container of whipped cream, bread, margine, two vegtables, two packets of gravy, two boxes of stuffing, milk and a pan to cook the turkey in. The Country Cupboard is an equal opportunity provider. ~Photo Laurie Hindman
It’s time to test your vehicle’s battery and replace it if necessary, to avoid being stranded this season. Sooner or later all batteries have to be replaced. To get the most life out of a battery, the Car Care Council suggests the following: •Be sure the electrical system is charging at the correct rate; overcharging can damage a battery as quickly as undercharging. •If your battery is the type that needs to be topped off, check it regularly. Add distilled water when necessary. •Always replace a battery with one that’s rated at least as high as the one originally specified. •Keep the battery top clean. Dirt becomes a conductor, draining power. Corrosion becomes an insulator, inhibiting current flow.
   
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Area News
Black Hills National Forest Christmas tree permits available
Cut your own fresh Christmas tree this year from the Black Hills National Forest. Christmas tree permits will be available at most Black Hills National Forest Service offices in western South Dakota and northeast Wyoming. White spruce, ponderosa pine and western juniper are available. Each permit is accompanied by a handout with guidance about appropriate tree removal. Trees may not be cut in developed recreation sites, Forest Service administrative sites, active timber sales, the Black Hills Experimental Forest near Rochford, the Black Elk Wilderness, the Beaver Park area near Sturgis, or within Spearfish Canyon. Individual permits cost $10, up to a maximum of five permits per individual, and the maximum allowable height of cut trees is 20 feet. Permits require that you cut the entire tree, leaving no more than six inches of stump, and that you cut unused branches so they lay flat on the ground. The adhesive permit tag must be attached before a tree is removed from the woods; a citation can be issued for possession of a cut-but-untagged tree, even if a tag is available in person or in your vehicle. Trees should be placed in water as soon as possible to help keep needles fresh. Once indoors, trees should be placed away from stoves, heaters, or heating ducts. After Christmas, used trees should be disposed of properly as yard waste. Do not dump used trees on national forest land. There are no refunds for uncut trees or unused permits, and all permits expire December 31st. Please note that Forest Service offices do not accept credit cards, and that all Forest Service offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. Friday, December 23rd is the last day permits will be sold at Forest Service offices. Permits are available at the following locations: •Black Hills National Forest, Forest Supervisor's Office, 1019 North 5th Street, Custer SD 57730. Phone: 605-673-9200. Permits Available now thru 12/23. Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. •Black Hills National Forest Hell Canyon District,1225 Washington Boulevard, Newcastle WY. Phone 307-746-2782. Permits Available now thru 12/23. Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. •Black Hills National Forest Mystic Ranger District, 8221 South Highway 16. Rapid City SD. Phone: 605-343-1567. Permits Available now thru 12/23. Office Hours: 11/26 thru 12/17: Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. •Black Hills National Forest Northern Hills Ranger District, 2014 North Main Street, Spearfish SD. Phone: 605-6424622. Permits Available now thru 12/23. Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. •Black Hills National Forest Bearlodge Ranger District, Highway 14 East, Sundance WY. Phone: 307-283-1361. Permits Available now thru 12/23. Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. •Nebraska National Forest Fall River Ranger District,1801 Highway 18 Truck Bypass, Hot Springs SD. Phone: 605745-4107. Permits Available now thru 12/23. Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Christmas tree permits will also be available from seven private vendors: •Minitman Too (formerly Buckstop), 611 East Jackson Boulevard, Spearfish SD. Phone: 605-642-4945. Monday thru Sunday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Accepts check or cash only. Permits Available now thru 12/20. •Cenex Convenience Store, 2030 Lazelle Street, Sturgis SD. Phone: 605-347-3305. Monday thru Saturday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Permits Available now thru 12/20. •Deadwood History & Information Center, 3 Siever Street, Deadwood SD. Phone: 605-5782507. Monday thru Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Permits Available now thru 12/20. •Rapid Stop Conoco, 20059 West Highway 14, exit 185 Junction of Highway 14 and I-90. Sundance WY. Phone: 307-283-2240. Monday thru Friday, 5:15 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Permits Available now thru 12/24. •Hardware Hank, 770 Mountain View Road. Rapid City, SD 57702. Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Permits Available now thru 12/19. •Mistletoe Ranch, 23835 Highway 385. Hill City, SD 57745. Office Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday, (Starting Nov. 25) 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Permits Available now thru 12/19. •Johnson Siding General Store, 12300 West Highway 44, Rapid City, SD 57702. Office Hours: Sunday through Thursday: 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday: 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Permits Available now thru 12/19.
Pennington County Courant • November  •
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State awards $200,000 2011 NAEP results: 4th grade reading scores to 15 rural hospitals
Fifteen rural hospitals in South Dakota will receive a total of $201,880 in grants for projects ranging from medication error reduction to telehealth. The grant funding comes to the Department of Health through the federal Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program. Over the last 11 years, South Dakota has awarded more than $3,800,000 to rural hospitals through the program. To be eligible, hospitals must have received a Medicare certification as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH). Hospitals certified as CAHs receive a higher Medicare reimbursement rate and are eligible for grant funding for such projects as enhanced information systems. South Dakota currently has 38 critical access hospitals. Sustaining essential healthcare services in rural and underserved areas is a key objective of the department’s Health 2020 Initiative. Hospitals receiving grants in 2011 include: Medication Error Reduction •Faulkton – Faulkton Area Medical Center – $22,000 •Huron – Huron Regional Medical Center – $22,000 •Sisseton – Coteau Des Prairie Hospital – $12,340 •Sturgis – Sturgis Regional Hospital – $6,806 Patient Safety •Clear Lake – Sanford Clear Lake Medical Center – $7,906 •DeSmet – Avera DeSmet Memorial Hospital – $22,000 •Philip – Hans P. Peterson Memorial Hospital – $5,035 •Platte – Platte Health Center Avera – $14,367 •Wagner – Wagner Community Memorial Hospital – $22,000 Clinical Health Information Technology •Burke – Community Memorial Hospital – $5,401 •Parkston – Avera St. Benedict Health Center – $9,675 Hospital Readmission Reduction •Dell Rapids – Avera Dells Health Center – $15,000 •Flandreau – Avera Flandreau Hospital – $15,000 •Mobridge – Mobridge Regional Hospital – $9,400 •Viborg – Pioneer Memorial Hospital – $14,120
sluggish, remaining scores above average
Christmas means decorating
South Dakota’s 4th grade reading scores on the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress were down two points from 2009. South Dakota was one of two states to see its scores for reading at the 4th grade level drop, while the national average stayed steady for the 3rd consecutive year. The National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP, is based on a scale of 0 to 500. It is administered nationwide every other year to students in grades 4 and 8. The test was most recently administered January through March 2011. South Dakota is now on par with the national average scale score of 220 for 4th grade reading. The state remains above the national average for reading at 8th grade and both grades for math. “This is a call to action for us,” said Dr. Melody Schopp, South Dakota’s secretary of education. “We are sliding to the middle, and that’s not where we want to be. These results are reflective of what we see on our own state test – that our scores have reached a plateau. It begs the question: Are we truly challenging our students?”
“The state has not engaged in a comprehensive effort to address student achievement in these areas for several years. We have begun with the Common Core training this year, and it might be time to consider additional meaningful training. We need to help our state’s outstanding teachers find new methods to challenge our students, and reward them for their efforts,” Schopp said. Schopp believes the adoption of the Common Core standards in English language arts and math should help to address the issue. The Common Core standards are more demanding, with a focus on higher-order thinking skills. “Not only will students have to possess the basic knowledge, but they will have to be able to apply that knowledge and justify their thought process,” she said. The state fared well in math, where only five states scored higher than South Dakota at the 8th grade level. The average 8th grade scale score in math was 291 in South Dakota, compared to 283 nationally. At 4th grade, South Dakota had an average scale score of 241 in math, compared to the national average of 240.
 
 
Wall FFA class helped decorate the South Boulevard along with members of the Beautification committee on Thursday, November 17. ~Photo Laurie Hindman
   
 
                 
 
   
   
   
 
 
       
   
 November 25-26-27-28:
  
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   
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        
1/2 Price Movie Night
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                                     
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Wall News
Gathered by Frances Poste Tucker Smith and Jessica Luedeman exchanged wedding vows in the Methodist Church on Saturday evening to a full house. A reception and dance followed at the Wall Community Building. Jessica’s parents are Rose and Michael Luedeman. Parents of Tucker are Debbie and Kieth Smith. Our congratulations and the best of wishes go out to the newlyweds! ‘Theme” meal was at Prairie Village last Tuesday with attendance up. Guess the Thanksgiving menu is enjoyed by everyone. Penny bingo was played after the meal with Veva Wernke calling the numbers. Viola Williams is home recuperating after having back surgery and spending time in a rehab center. She came in on a flight from Minneapolis, arriving at 3:30 a.m. Sunday at the Rapid City airport. Lyle had driven home earlier. We send along our “get well soon” wishes to Viola. The annual Thanksgiving supper hosted by the United Methodist Men drew quite a crowd, around 140. It was beautiful weather and that always helps. They are putting in some concrete in the north parking area of the church but there is a lot of parking available in the old school lot. See in the “Courant” that Mike and Rose Luedeman celebrated their 25th anniversary. Congratulations to them. Reports are that Bill Bielmaier got rid of his crutches, has been walking with a cane and is ready to toss that when his doctor gives his “OK”. Way to go, Bill. Bertie Schultz has a new address as he has moved into an apartment at Prairie Village. Rather hard to do the task of moving when you are on crutches but seems he had help. Hope you like your new home, Bertie, and that your knee heals soon. Construction is still “on-going” in town with the street project, the Lutheran Church and, now, the Methodist Church. It is a guessing game with the streets as to which one will be reopened or which one closed to traffic. They are even working some nights so as to finish the project. Maurice Thompson of Underwood, MO, (Jeanne Botz’s dad) hasn’t been feeling very well. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Kim and Dr. Dustin Smoot spent the weekend deer hunting out at the Paul Paulsen farm/ranch and time with mother/grandmother Violet Smoot and also John Smoot (both got their deer). Dr. D. Smoot is a surgeon now at the Spearfish Hospital. He, wife Vinnie and daughter Emmarie moved to Spearfish last summer. He really likes the hospital and this area. Says it’s the best move he’s made! His twin brother, Dr. Rory Smoot, is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He plans on going to Toronto Canada in Summer of 2012 to further his education with the liver. Our first measurable snow of the season came on Friday night and most all day on Saturday. Ended
Pennington County Courant • November   •
up with about six inches and colder temperatures. Streets are really ice — treacherous to walk, so do it with care. Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! Should have more news next week. planned a Craft Fair and Bake Sale for November 20, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., just two weeks and two days after the first event. As this is written, both happenings are in the past. The Activities Committee is extremely pleased and appreciative with the attendance and support from each and everyone participating! Because of the support, they have already shopped, selected and purchased a new rear door and screen for the building.
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Elm Springs News
Submitted by Jean Linn Mel and Dorothy Anderson spent the week in Branson, Missouri celebrating their 30th Anniversary. Byrona Burnette and her son Zach came out Saturday and spent the day at Andy Linns. Jamey Brunsch and his family were Sunday guests. Tucky, Linda, and Catherine Tifft attended a wedding reception for Jimmie Lynn Wulf and Alday on Friday. They had to come home in the snowstorm. Sunday they attended church and later the pancake supper at the Elm Springs Fire Hall. Freddie Ferguson had a busy Sunday but I bet he wasn't hungry when he got home. He took in the baked sale in Wasta, attended church at Elm Springs, and topped off the evening with the pancake supper. Jake Julson would like to quote his story of How Not to Hunt a Coyote. Yes, I am your new mail box smashing, cattle guard filling, takes up the entire road, grader operator. As I was going to work October 28, a coyote was running down the left shoulder of the road. Hunting instinct kicked in and common sense went out the window. I have run over two this year and eager to make it a third, maneuvred to the left side of the road entirely to far. I hit the brakes, over corrected and shot directly into the opposite ditch. Well, all is said and done, the car is gone, the fence is fixed and coyote got away. The community stands behind you Jake and keep up the good work as a grader just hone up on the coyote hunting skills. A small crowd attended the Elm Springs fire dept. pancake supper on Sunday night due to weather conditions. Linda and Catherine Tifft visited Myrna and Jim Smith one day last week and Connie and Monte Simon visited Saturday afternoon. Myrna is getting along better every day and hopes to be up and walking soon. Shannon and Terah Burke of St. George, Utah have been spending several days with Lawrence. When they came they brought a totally restored 1946 2N Ford Tractor that Lawrence had bought several months ago from a guy who lived fairly close to Shannon. I'm sure we will see him in the parades come next summer. Larry and Peggy Gravatt attended the swearing in of Heidi Linngren as magistrate judge. Afterwards, they celebrated Larry’s birthday by dining out in Rapid City.
A calendar of events is being compiled and will be published. It is also the Committee's desire to re-kindle Wasta Wanderings, perhaps not on a weekly basis at first. The organizers are excited and full of energy. We will all benefit! The next scheduled event is the annual Christmas potluck supper. Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 10, at 5 p.m. at the Community Hall. We will have great food and entertainment. See you there . . .
Interior News
Submitted by Jan Carlbom Asta Amiotte went to Kyle and Tricia Amiotte's last Sunday and stayed overnight. On Monday, she kept appointments in Rapid and left her pickup for repair work. Her daughter-in-law, Corinn, came to Rapid, Monday afternoon for some shopping and Asta rode home with her. Wayne and Marcia Huether attended their granddaughter, Kyla Sawvell's basketball games Monday and Tuesday evenings in Kadoka and Wall. Kyla is a sixth grader and plays on the Wall team. Beth Kruse's job as a substitute teacher's aide has now changed to a full time job. She works with students in kindergarten through third grade. She worked in this position some thirty years ago and here she is back, although it wasn't some thing she planned to do. Wanda Guptill attended a book party at Valerie Guptill's on Monday afternoon. Jan Sharp was the representative of the U.S. Borne Book Co. at the party. Chuck and Jan Carlbom were in Rapid City on Tuesday and Wednesday. They met Marilyn and Russ Stone from Aberdeen. They all spent time visiting Stella Carlbom and doing some work at her condo. Adam and Sara Kirsch are the proud parents of a baby son, Kellen Robert, who was born Friday, November 18, at Littleton Adventist Hospital in Denver, CO. Grandparents are Rich and Jeanne Kirsch who were former owners of the KOA Kampground. Eddie Amiotte and his daughters arrived at Norman and Jean Amiotte's, Friday evening, for the weekend. Norman and Jean's family had an early Thanksgiving dinner Saturday evening. Eddie's 13 year old daughter, Elizabeth prepared a stuffed pork loin for the meal. Tom and Mike Minten and boys from Perham, MN, spent the weekend deer hunting at the Perry Guptill ranch. They had good luck and went home with their deer. The Presbyterian Church of Interior is now having services at 11 o'clock on Sunday. After services on Sunday, coffee was served at Wanda Guptill's for the group. Wanda also hosted the Presbyterian Women's Club this week at her house. The first snowfall of the season for Interior measured about five inches, while south of the river there were less amounts of only about an inch or two.
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Pennington County Master Transportation Plan Connecting Hills and Plains Study (CHAPS)
Your feedback is vital to planning the future of the Pennington County transportation system! Please visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/STDHBNP to provide your thoughts about the highway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian needs in Pennington County. The survey pertains only to County roads outside of city limits. Thank you for your input! Questions? For further information visit http://www.sddot.com/pe/projdev/planning_ss_pennco.asp. or call Steve Gramm at (605)773-6641.
Wasta Wanderings
Submitted by Margee & Lloyd Willey As a last hurrah from the Wasta Senior Citizens, they exhausted their funds by purchasing new floor covering for the Wasta Community Building. Commercial grade 'flexible' linoleum was applied to the floor, replacing carpet they had installed almost 12 years ago. (Seems they got their money's worth from that carpet.) All involved are extremely happy with the results. The cleaning chores associated with carpeting will not be missed. Some new 'faces': A new group has been formed in Wasta. Calling themselves the "Wasta Activities Committee," it is spearheaded by Jamy Williams and Kari Kjerstad. They saw the need and filled it. The first organizational meeting was October 16. Discussions centered on bringing together friends, neighbors and the good folks from surrounding communities for funfilled events and fellowship. Of course, the need to use the Community Building brought up additional maintenance items. New front and rear doors are needed with emphasis on the rear exit. With assistance and support from the dwindling Senior Citizens group in attendance, they jumped right in and thought of events that may help. A pancake and sausage supper was scheduled for Wednesday, November 2, just two weeks and two days hence. They also
Motorists encouraged to watch for Bighorn Sheep in Black Hills
It’s rare to see impressive biggame animals exhibiting annual rights-of-passage and aggressive instincts, but motorists near Cleghorn Springs Fish Hatchery and in the Hill City area are being asked to slow down for sparring bighorn sheep. “Many of our bighorn sheep come down from higher elevations this time of year to breed, and sheep in the Hill City area can be along roads year-round” said John Kanta, Game Fish and Parks Department regional wildlife manager for western South Dakota. “Unfortunately, many of the animals congregate on or near roads. We have already lost one ram to a vehicle, and we’re reminding motorists to slow down when traveling near the hatchery and in the Hill City area.” Bighorn sheep tend to gather on a stretch of Highway 44, west from Cleghorn Canyon to the top of the hill, and on Highway 385 from Sheridan Lake to Hill City. Motorists are encouraged to travel slower than posted speed limits. Drivers in those areas also should be aware of stopped vehicles and pedestrians viewing the animals. “Seeing bighorn rams sparring in the wild is an amazing sight,” Kanta said. “Many people come to take photos or just watch. We get a lot of traffic through the area, and we would hate to have an injury to someone or one of these beautiful animals.” Bighorn sheep are native to western South Dakota, but they were wiped out in the state by unregulated hunting and disease in the early 1900s. Bighorns were reintroduced in the 1920s, there currently are about 450 of the animals in the Black Hills and Badlands National Park.
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Keith D. Moler
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Christmas Open House
Saturday, December 3rd
12 p.m. to 5 p.m. • Eisenbraun home 704 Hustead St., Wall, SD • Entertainment • Refreshments • Decorating Tours • • Gifts & baked goods available for free will offering.
Hosted by Phoebes of First Lutheran Church. All proceeds designated for missions. Accepting Food Pantry donations.
A A Meeting
Tuesday & Friday, 8 p.m.
Methodist Church Basement East Entrance
When anyone anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that I Am Responsible.
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Kenneth G. Goodsell, 63, Spearfish, died Monday, Nov. 14, 2011, at Hospice House of Rapid City after fighting a courageous battle with brain cancer. Ken was born April 10, 1948, in Philip. He was the oldest child of Carrol and Juanita (Snell) Goodsell's six children. Ken grew up in the Black Hills area and graduated from Hill City High School in 1966. He was a carpenter by trade and enjoyed restoring historical buildings, but what he enjoyed most was flower and vegetable gardens. Ken was the kind of person who
Pennington County Courant • November   •
More obituaries on page 8
Page 
Velma DeVries____________________________________
the end of the road saw many visitors throughout the years. Her husband, Wally, preceded her in death on December 6, 1998. Velma continued to make her home at the ranch south of Belvidere, until the past three years when she resided first in the Gateway Apartments in Kadoka and then in a cottage at the Presbyterian Manor in Sterling. Velma was an active member of the Belvidere Community Church, the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association and the South Dakota Cowbelles. She had a life-long love for horses, especially Arabians. She enjoyed identifying and watching the great variety of birds native to and migrating through this area, although her appreciation for wild turkeys diminished noticeably as they became more numerous and friendly. Through hobbies of painting and photography she found pleasure in artistic expression. Survivors include two sons, Jim DeVries and his wife, Lynn, of Sterling, Kan., and Tom DeVries of Midland; three daughters, Marjorie Kraushaar and her husband, Tom, of Warsaw, Ill., Barb Schroeder and her husband, Bob, of Blue Hill, Neb., and Norma Headlee and her husband, Bill, of Belvidere; 18 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren; one sister, Elsie Kunze of Tumwater, Wash.; and a host of other relatives and friends. Velma was preceded in death by her husband, Wallace “Wally” DeVries; her parents; three brothers, Max, Joel and Donald Rickenbach; and a daughter-in-law, Grace DeVries. Funeral services were held Monday, November 21, at the Belvidere Community Church with Pastor Gary McCubbin officiating. Music was provided by Syd Iwan, organist, with special music by John, Nicole and Isabelle DeVries. Ushers were Kenny Fox and Chuck Willard. Pallbearers were Brian Henderson, Mark and Dan Dorn, William Headlee, Jr., and Tim and Mark DeVries. Interment was be at the Standing Bear Cemetery south of Belvidere. A memorial has been established. Arrangements were with the Rush Funeral Home of Philip. Her online guestbook is available at www.rushfuneralhome.com
Kenneth G. Goodsell________________________________
had friends from all walks of life, and the Goodsell family has really appreciated their kindness and enjoyed getting better acquainted with them during Ken's battle with cancer. Ken is survived by his mother, Juanita Goodsell, Spearfish; brothers, Carrol Dean (Jan) Goodsell, Spearfish, and Gerald Goodsell, Arvada, CO; sisters, Jan (Gary) Kaberna, Nemo, Jeannette (John) Rebman, Sheridan, MT, and Carleen (Greg) Brownlow, Deadwood; and numerous nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his father; a nephew; and a greatnephew. Memorial Services were held Saturday, November 19, in the Chapel at Wall Drug, 510 Main St., Wall. Burial followed at the Wall Cemetery. Memorials may be sent in Ken's honor to: Hospice of the Hills, 224 Elk St., Rapid City, SD 57701. Arrangements are under the care of Fidler-Isburg Funeral Chapels and Crematory Service of Spearfish. Online condolences may be left at www.fidler-isburgfuneralchapels.com. Velma DeVries, age 87, of Sterling, Kan., formerly of Belvidere, S.D., died Wednesday, November 16, 2011, at the Promise Regional Medical Center in Hutchinson, Kan. Velma E. Rickenbach was born August 21, 1924, in Oelrichs, S.D., the daughter of L.O. “Levi” and Ada (Ott) Rickenbach. She grew up in Oelrichs, graduating from Oelrichs High School in 1941. She then attended Dakota Wesleyan University for four years and graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1945. She taught one year at Olive Hill, Ky., before returning to South Dakota. Velma was united in marriage to Wallace “Wally” DeVries on May 17, 1947, at her parents’ home near Oelrichs. After their marriage they made their home on a ranch south of Belvidere, where they remained all their married life. Wally and Velma took an active role in education, industry and government. Their home at
Velma Williams___________________________________
Lona, Charles and Virgil, all of whom preceded her in death, grew up on the family ranch some eight miles south of Quinn. She attended Big Foot School just a few miles north of Big Foot Pass, and later graduated from Wall High School in 1935. As a young girl, she loved the ride to and from school on horseback. In early 1944, she met Jesse Williams at a dance in Cottonwood. They were married in Rapid City in October 1944, after which time she moved to the Triangle Ranch south and west of Philip. One son, Virgil, was born to the union in April of 1946. During the many years that followed, she was very involved in activities at the Methodist church in Philip. More locally, she served on the Grandview School Board until its eventual dissolution in the late 1960s. She was an accomplished knitter, crocheter and seamstress, and always had a project or two or three going. She was also an excellent cook and was well known for her angel food cakes, fried chicken and potato salad. After Jesse’s retirement in the early 1990s, the two of them moved into Philip, where they lived until Jesse needed nursing home care due to Alzheimer’s disease. She continued to live in Philip for five years before going to be with Jesse in the Kadoka Nursing Home. Jesse preceded her in death on March 15, 2008. She is survived by one son and daughter-in-law, Virgil and Myra Williams, of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman; one sister-in-law in Wall, and numerous nieces and nephews on both sides of the family. Memorial services will be held at 2:00 p.m. Saturday, November 26, at the United Church in Philip, with Pastor Kathy Chesney and Pastor Gary McCubbin officiating. Interment will be at a later date at the Triangle Ranch Cemetery west of Philip. A memorial is established to the Kadoka Nursing Home Sprinkler System Fund. Arrangements are with the Rush Funeral Home of Philip. Her online guestbook is available at www.rushfuneralhome.com
in Wall
Velma Williams, age 97 of Kadoka, formerly of Philip, died Tuesday, November 15, 2011, at the Kadoka Nursing Home. Velma Williams, neé Horton, was born on October 29, 1914, in Interior, the daughter of Charles and Elza (McFarland) Horton. She, along with three siblings,
annc@ gwtc.net
Dowling Community Church Memorial Day through Labor Day Service 10:00 a.m. Badlands Cowboy Church Wall Rodeo Grounds Wednesdays, 7 p.m. Evangelical Free Bible Church Wall Ron Burtz, Pastor 279-2867 • www.wallfreechurch.com Wednesdays: Good News Club, 2:45 p.m., Awana 4:45 p.m., Youth Nite, 7:00 p.m.; Sundays: Sunday School & Adult Bible Fellowship, 9 a.m., Sunday Worship Service, 10:30 a.m., Women’s Bible Study, 6:30 p.m. Interior Community Church Highway 44 East Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Sunday Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Scenic Community Church Pastor Ken Toews Services - 2nd and 4th Sundays 9:00 a.m.; Sept. through May. First Baptist Church New Underwood Pastor James Harbert Bible Study, 9:00 a.m.; Sunday Services, 10:00 a.m. Wall United Methodist Church Pastor Darwin Kopfmann • 279-2359 Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m. Wasta Services Sundays at 8:30 a.m. New Underwood Community Church Pastor Ed Wyatt Sunday School 9 a.m.; Adult & Children Service 10 a.m.; Youth Fellowship: Wed. 7 - 8:30 p.m. St. John's Catholic Church New Underwood Father William Zandri Mass: Sundays at 11:00 a.m.; Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. at Good Samaritan Nursing Home; Reconciliation before Sun. Mass First Evangelical Lutheran Church Wall Pastor Curtis Garland Sunday Service, 9 a.m. Emmanuel Lutheran Church Creighton Services 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning.
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Helen G. Batchelder________________________________
Helen G. Batchelder, 93, New Underwood, passed away Saturday, November 19, 2011, at Rapid City Regional Hospital. Helen Batchelder was born December 19, 1917, in Rapid City to Peter F. and Hilda J. Strom of Scenic. She grew up on the family homestead on 71 Table north of Scenic. She attended rural schools near the farm and graduated from Scenic High School in 1935. She then enrolled in Black Hills Normal Teachers' College in Spearfish. After graduating with a two-year teaching certificate, she taught in several rural Pennington County schools, including her old country school. Her continuing education took her to Boulder, Colo., and back to Black Hills State College. She received her bachelor's degree in 1971. She taught in Sturgis and in New Underwood School systems prior to marriage. In June of 1944, she traveled to South Carolina to marry C. Forrest Batchelder where he was stationed in the U.S. Army Air Force. He, too, was from Scenic and they had graduated from high school together. After a couple of military moves and Helen taking on civil service jobs, they came home to South Dakota in 1946. In New Underwood they established a Standard Oil Bulk dealership. Here they raised their two daughters, were active members in the United Church of Christ, and participated in many civic endeavors. In 1957, Helen was asked if she could help the New Underwood School District by finishing the school year as elementary classrooms were over crowded. Twenty-six years later she retired. Upon the death of her husband, Helen moved to Rapid City and joined the Minneluzehan Senior Center where she loved participating in the music program. The South Park United Church of Christ was her choice of worship and within these two organizations she added many friends to her friendship fold. In 2010, Helen moved back to New Underwood as a resident of the Good Samaritan Home. Helen enjoyed crocheting, crafts, sewing, gardening, traveling, entertaining, playing the piano and singing in choirs. Wedding gifts were beautifully crocheted doilies and many times afghans were found under her family's Christmas trees. Her flower gardens were enjoyed by neighbors and Batch's backyard was a place for family and neighbors to enjoy. She loved her family and enjoyed being in her daughters' homes for weekend visits. Helen is survived by her daughter, Janet Fernau and husband Dennis, New Underwood, and daughter, Linda Walker and husband Patrick, Custer. She is also survived by three granddaughters, Stephanie and husband David Asman and sons Kyle and Brigham; Rachelle and husband Haskell Scotty Roberts and children, Savannah, Cade Forrest, and Easton; and Angela and husband Josh Herreman and daughters, Alexis and Lilly. Survivors also include numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; one sister, Ruth Roose; and her husband, Charles Forrest Batchelder. Services were held Tuesday, November 22, at the New Underwood School Gymnasium, with the Rev. Bruce Herrboldt officiating. A luncheon followed at the New Underwood Community Center with interment in at Black Hills National Cemetery near Sturgis. Memorials have been established to the South Park United Church of Christ, Rapid City, and New Underwood School Elementary Library. An online guestbook is available at www.kirkfuneralhome.com.
by Cornelius R. Stam Centuries before Christ, the Psalmist said: "If thou, Lord, shouldst mark iniquities... who shall stand? But there is forgiveness with Thee..." (Psa. 130:3,4). It is doubtful whether the Psalmist understood the basis upon which a just God, through the ages, has so graciously forgiven sins, but this has since been revealed in the Epistles of Paul. There we read: "God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you" (Eph. 4:32). But this is only part of the truth, for God forgives sinners, not merely because Christ desires this, but because Christ paid for their sins and purchased their redemption. Thus Eph. 1:7 declares: "In [Christ] we have redemption, through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace." And thus Paul could proclaim to his hearers in the synagogue at Pisidian Antioch: "Be it known unto you, therefore, men and brethren, that through this Man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: "And by Him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses" (Acts 13:38,39). Obviously such forgiveness can never be rescinded or revoked, for it is based upon the full and complete payment of our whole debt of sin by "the precious blood of Christ." Sad to say, many people do not feel they need forgiveness, for they have not seen themselves as they truly are in the sight of a holy God, but those who are conscious of their sins and are willing to say with the prodigal son: "I have sinned," may experience the peace and joy of sins forgiven by faith in Christ who paid sin's penalty for us. Here is forgiveness that can never be revoked because it is based on the "one offering [of Christ at Calvary]" by which our Lord "hath perfected forever them that are sanctified [i.e., set apart as His own]" (Heb. 10:14).
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School & Sports
Pennington County Courant • November  •
Page 
Wall FFA win district ag issue contest
Eagle cheerleaders to participate in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
Nine students from the Wall FFA chapter traveled to Lemmon, SD on November 14, 2011. Pictured back row left to right ... Bailey Lytle,, Clancy Lytle, Kaden Eisenbraun, Rolly Fortune and Cheyenne Deering. Front row from left to right ... Kailey Rae Sawvell, Elsie Fortune and Jennifer Emery. They were competing on the Ag issues team. The Ag Issues team placed first at the district contest. The Ag issues team will be traveling to Pierre for the state contest on December 4th and 5th. ~Courtesy Photo
Wall FFA state officers pictured from left to right ... Kailey Rae Sawvell, Kaden Eisenbraun and Jennifer Emery applied for and received District 5 officer positions. Eisenbraun received the honor of Vice-President, Sawvell received the honor of Reporter and Emery received the honor of Secretary. These students also competed in individual contests. Elsie Fortune received seventh place in Ag Sales, Sawvell and Emery both competed in Job interview, Emery receiving fourth, and Sawvell receiving eighth. Logan Bowers competed in creed speaking. ~Courtesy Photo
 
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Alyssa Ermish pictured left and Jennifer Emery pictured right will be flying out of Rapid City airport on Saturday, November 19, weather permitting to begin practice with 400 other cheerleaders for a two and half mile walk in the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade. Ermish was selected as one of three SD cheerleaders through the “Spirit of America” productions which held a camp in Wall earlier this year. Ermish invited Emery to accompany her to New York but since she was to young to travel with Ermish, she was then selected to participate with the other cheerleaders. In preperation for the parade there will be a live rehearsal the night before and the cheerleaders will return to Wall on Friday, November 25. ~Photo Laurie Hindman
2011 Veterans Day program
The Veterans Day program at the Wall School was honored to have the National Anthem sung by Larae Elwood.
Eagles stats from the Dome
Wall Eagels traveled to the Dome in Vermillion on Friday, November 11 to play in the 9A football championship. Eagles fell to Canistota 66-6 to bring home the runner-up trophy. Wall: 0 0 0 6 6 Canistota: 8 22 28 8 66 Stats for the Eagles: Passing: Completions - Lane Blasius - 4; Attempts - Blasius 10, Carson Johnston - 1, Chavis Shull - 1; Yards - Blasius - 40; Long - Blasius - 17; Interceptions - Blasius - 3; Rushing: Numbers - Blasius 5, Johnston - 2, Tyler Trask - 6, Taran Eisenbraun - 2, Shull - 18, Jess Williams - 4, Cade Kjerstad 4, Les Williams - 1. Yards - Blasius - 8, Johnston - (-5), Trask - 16, Eisenbraun - 1, Shull - 27, J. Williams - 18, Kjerstad - 2, L. Williams - 41. Long - Blasius - 5, Johnston - (-2), Trask - 14, Eisenbraun - 1, Shull - 19, J. Williams 15, Kjerstad - 3, L. Williams - 41. Receiving: Numbers - Trask 1, Shull - 1, Ben Linn - 2. Yards Trask - 17, Linn - 23. Long - Trask - 17, Linn - 14. Tackles: Johnston - 1, Trask - 7, Eisenbraun - 2, Ryder Wilson - 2, Linn - 1, J. Williams - 5, Kjerstad 1, Tyler Peterson - 3, Jesse Willis 2, Cody Harris - 1. Assists - Blasius - 1, Trask - 1, Eisenbraun - 2, Shull - 1, Wilson - 1, J. Williams 4, Kjerstad - 1, Peterson - 5, L. Williams - 1, Ridge Sandal - 1, Clancy Lytle - 1. Punts: L. Williams - 8, Yards L. Williams - 261, Average - L. Williams - 32.63, Long - L. Williams - 48, In 20 - L. Williams 2. Kickoffs: Peterson - 1, Laketon McLaughlin - 1. Yards - Peterson - 45, McLaughlin - 40. Long - Peterson - 45, McLaughlin - 40. Kickoff Returns: Johnston - 1, Shull - 5, Kjerstad - 2. Yards Johnston - 6, Shull - 65, Kjerstad 21. Touchdowns: Runs - Blasius1. Total: Points - Blasius - 6.
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
 
                      
 
 
    
  
    
  
 

 
    
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School & Sports
High School honor roll
Wall High School Honor Roll - 1st Quarter Gold (3.75 - 4.0): Ninth grade: Austin L. Huether, 4.000; Tayah N. Huether, 4.000; Carlee K. Johnston, 4.000; Carson C. Johnston, 4.000; Emily J. Linn, 3.857; Daniel D. Muzik, 4.000 and Celine U. Trask, 3.857. Tenth grade: Lane A. Blasius, 4.000; Nicole M. Eisenbraun, 4.000; Benjamin R. Linn, 3.857; Clancy J. Lytle, 4.000 and Les A. Williams, 4.000. Eleventh grade: Taran S. Eisenbraun, 4.000; Elsie L. Fortune, 4.143; Analise N. Garland, 4.000; Bailey J. Hapney, 4.000; Lane P. Hustead, 4.143; Laketon D. McLaughlin, 4.000; Nathan Patterson, 3.833; Kailey R. Sawvell, 4.000; Elizabeth J. Sykora, 4.143; Tyler M. Trask, 3.857 and Ryder A. Wilson, 3.875. Twelfth grade: Cheyenne S. Deeming, 4.143; Aleshia M. Feldman, 3.857; Rolly G. Fortune, 4.000; Kyle D. Harris, 4.000; Heidi J. Huether, 4.000; Krysta J. Kjerstad, 4.167; Mikala A. Kraut, 4.000; Kale J. Lytle, 4.167; John L. McGriff, 4.000; Chavis C. Shull, 4.000; Jess P. Williams, 4.000 and Jesse C. Willis, 3.857. Silver (3.37 - 3.749): Ninth grade: Logan A. Bowers, 3.714 and William J. Housman, 3.429. Tenth grade: Kaden J. Eisenbraun, 3.429; Dusty J. Leach, 3.714; Tyler D. Peterson, 3.429; Ridge R. Sandal, 3.714 and Maria C. Trask, 3.500. Eleventh grade: Bailey J. Lytle, 3.500; Trey J. Richter, 3.667 and Autumn L. Schulz, 3.714. Twelfth grade: Alexis M. Billings, 3.714; Anna N. Kitterman, 3.714 and Jessica L. Schulz, 3.714. Bronze (3.0 - 3.369): Ninth grade: Audrina S. Harper, 3.000 and Mattee A. Pauley, 3.000. Tenth grade: Duston L. Dartt, 3.333; Brett R. Gartner, 3.000; Leighah F. Hertel, 3.000; Sadie R. O'Rourke, 3.286; Tucker L. O'Rourke, 3.286; Michaela M. Schaefer, 3.143; Kaitlin J. Schreiber, 3.143 and Charles J. Schulz, 3.167. Eleventh grade: Tyrel J. Clark, 3.000; Shanda - Rae Enriquez, 3.286; Cody Harris, 3.000 and Mazee M. Pauley, 3.167. Twelfth grade: Alyssa N. Ermish, 3.333.
Pennington County Courant • November  •
Page 
Elementary first quarter honor roll
Principal Honor Roll (GPA 3.754.0 – No C, D, or F) •Fourth Grade – Abby Moon. Abby’s name was inadvertently left out of last week’s honor roll. Congratulations to Abby and the rest of the students for making first quarter honor roll.
2011 Western Great Plains All-Conference football selections
Selections for the 2011 Westerm Great Plains All-Conference football have been made. •Wall- 6-0, with six selections. •Lyman - 4-2, with five selections. •White River - 4-2, with five selections. •New Underwood - 3-3, with three selections. •Jones County - 3-3, with three selections. •Philip - 1-5, with one selection. •Kadoka - 0-6, with one selection. All Conference •Jones County: Philip Mattews, Gus Volmer and Skyler Miller. •Kadoka Area: Brady Sudbeck. •Lyman: Charlie LaRoche, Jaylen LaRoche, Evan Smith, dillon DeJong and Ryder Schweitzer. •New Underwood: Travis Smith, Dalton Benter and Cameron Koch. •Philip: Cody Reder. •Wall: Chavis Shull, Laketon McLaughlin, Jess Williams, Jesse Willis, Tyler Trask and Taran Eisenbraun. •White River: Wyatt Krogman, Eliot Hight, Nic Waln, Matt Gillen and Gilbert Morrison. Honorable Mention •Jones County: Kyle Manke and Chad Johnston. •Kadoka Area: Clint Stout, Chance Knutson and Chandlier Sudbeck. •Lyman: Jaelani Uthe, Tanner Langdeau and Ben Authier. •New Underwood: Aaron Boerlander, Lucas Hall and Colt Kinsella. •Philip: Tate DeJong, Reed Johnson and Cassidy Schnabel. •Wall: Lane Blasius, Clancy Lytle and Ridge Sandal. •White River: Logan Tucker, Patrick Lehman and Michael Grass. Chavis Shull was also named the Most Valuable Player of the conference.
High School perfect attendance
Wall High School Perfect Attendance. First Quarter Ninth Grade: Dylan Carter and Austin Huether. Tenth Grade: Lane Blasius, Nicole Eisenbraun, Cade Kjerstad, Clancy Lytle and Tyler Peterson. Eleventh Grade: Tyrel Clark, Taran Eisenbraun, Elsie Fortune, Analise Garland, Lane Hustead, Nathan Patterson, Kailey Sawvell, Autumn Schulz, Elizabeth Sykora, Tyler Trask and Ryder Wilson. Twelfth Grade: Alyssa Ermish, Mikala Kraut and Jessica Schulz
Davis-Bahcall Scholarship offers opportunities to young scientists
High school seniors and college freshmen may now apply for Davis-Bahcall Scholarships and the chance to study next summer at the Sanford Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory in Lead, Princeton University in New Jersey, and overseas – if funding allows. Applications are available on the South Dakota Department of Education’s website. Up to 12 South Dakota students will receive scholarships. The deadline to apply is Dec. 22. Select students will be invited to interview for the program at various locations in the state, and scholarship recipients will be announced by early March. Learning from distinguished professors from around the world, Davis-Bahcall Scholarship recipients spend one month in the summer studying fields such as physics, engineering and geology. In addition to the one-month summer study, the students have an opportunity to apply for pre-selected summer internships. To be eligible for the scholarships, high school seniors or college freshmen must attend public or private high schools or colleges in South Dakota. Home-school students also are eligible. Students must have a demonstrated interest in science and intend to pursue advanced degrees in math, science, engineering or technology. The scholarships, which are funded by the 3M company and the South Dakota Space Grant Consortium, are named for renowned physicists Dr. Ray Davis and Dr. John Bahcall. For more information, including details about the application procedure, visit the South Dakota Department of Education’s scholarships page at http://www.doe.sd.gov/secretary/s cholarships.asp.
Middle School honor roll
Wall Middle School honor roll for the first quarter. Gold (3.75- 4.0) Sixth grade: Paisley Godfrey, Grenstiner, Emma Madisen Michael, Aaron Moschell and Emilee Pauley. Seventh Grade: Katy Bielmaier, Sidney Dunker, Elle Moon and Christine Womack. Eighth grade: Monica Bielmaier, Josie Blasius, Catriona Brunnemann, Autumn Deering, Anika Eisenbraun, Larae Elwood, Gabel Sandal and David Sykora. Silver (3.37 - 3.749) Sixth grade: Damion Eisenbraun, Preston Eisenbraun, Trista Reinert, Mason Sandal, Kyla Sawvell, Brianna Schreiber and Sierra Wilson. Seventh grade: Jessica Casjens, Heather Dauksavage, Savanna Deutscher, Winter Godrey, Allan McDonnell, Cameron Richter, Taylor Richter and Elyssa Westby. Eighth grade: Jade Hertel, Reed Hertel, July Kammerer, Rylee Schreiber, Christopher Schulz and Alex Tysdal. Bronze (3.0 - 3.369) Sixth grade: Ruth Byran, Austin Carter, Tate Eisenbraun and Trey Elshere. Seventh grade: Branden Hamann, Cass Lytle and Riley Rulad. Eighth grade: Riley Fortune and Camden Sawvell.
Middle School perfect attendance
Wall Elementary is pleased to announce perfect attendance for the period of September 6 through November 4. Sixth grade: Ruth Bryan, Tate Eisenbraun, Trey Elshere, Paisley Godfrey, Emma Michael, Aaron Moschell and Siera Wilson. Seventh grade: Jessica Casjens, Heather Dauksavage, Cameron Richter, Taylor Richter, Jesse Sawvell, Elyssa Westby and Christine Womack. Eighth grade: Raedon Anderson, Monica Bielmaier, Gabel Sandal, Christopher Schulz and David Sykora.
 
     
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       
              
 
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Turn In Poachers 2010 statistics
Fall hunting is now in full swing, and the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks is reminding hunters who see illegal activities to call the Turn In Poachers (TIPS) hotline at 888-OVERBAG (683-7226). The hotline, which is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allows people to report information about wildlife violations – and if they choose – remain anonymous. Those who would prefer to email TIPs reports may do so on the GFP website: http://gfp.sd.gov/agency/ law-enforcement/turn-in-poachers.aspx From July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2011, a total of 394 TIPs cases were investigated. Those investigations led to 146 arrests or citations. As a result of successful cases closed during that period, poachers were assessed more than $27,000 in fines and were sentenced to 1,730 days in jail. Offenders were also assessed almost $50,000 in civil damages. Wildlife Protection, Inc., the nonprofit agency handling TIPS rewards, paid $8,725 to those who took the initiative to report wildlife violations. Since the beginning of the South Dakota TIPs Program in 1984, there have been more than 10,000 investigations, leading to more than 3,000 arrests or citations. Violators have been required to pay $650,000 in fines and more than $500,000 in civil damages. During the same 28-year period, nearly $130,000 in TIPS rewards have gone to witnesses who provided information on violations. “These numbers are proof that South Dakotans are serious about protecting our natural resources,” said Charlie Wharton, TIPs coordinator for GFP. “As caretakers of nature, we all have a vested interest in the public trust of preserving wildlife for future generations. It’s heartening to have people take an active interest in reporting violators and protecting our resources.” Wharton reminds those who witness wildlife violations, and even those who learn of them later, to call their local conservation officers or use the TIPs hotline. While any information can be useful, those things that can be most beneficial are accurate physical descriptions of people committing hunting and fishing violations, specific geographical information and vehicle information. The most helpful vehicle information is a license plate number, along with the general make, model, color or any unique markings and graphics that might improve the chances of officers locating them. “South Dakota has a limited number of law enforcement officers patrolling our state,” Wharton said. “The good people of South Dakota can make a real difference in stopping poaching.”
Elsie A. Hultenschmidt______________________________
ating. Visitation will be 8:00 a.m. until time of services on Friday, November 25, at the Kinkade Funeral Chapel in Sturgis. Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Friday, November 25, 2011, at the Kinkade Funeral Chapel in Sturgis with Pastor Skip Smith officiating. Burial will follow at the Black Hills National Cemetery near Sturgis. Elsie was born March 11, 1917, at Orient, IL, to Sam and Hattie (Southerland) Biggs. She grew up in Orient and married Lloyd Hultenschmidt at Marian, IL, on April 12, 1937. The couple made their home on the Hultenschmidt ranch near Belle Fourche. In 1947, they moved to a ranch northeast of Alzada, MT, and later moved onto a ranch near White Owl, SD. In 1960, they purchased a ranch west of Quinn, SD, which they continued to operate until health reasons forced Lloyd into the Philip Nursing Home in 1996. Lloyd died November 23, 2002, and Elsie stayed on the ranch until May of 2010 when she moved into the Philip Nursing Home. Elsie liked to visit and socialize. She enjoyed reading, quilting, cooking, and baking, and was an avid bird watcher. She is survived by a sister, Sible Hall of Orville, CA; numerous nieces and nephews; and very special friends, Mary and Ron Berger of Whitewood, SD, and their family. She was preceded in death by her parents; four sisters; and five brothers. Memorials have been established to the Country Cupboard in Wall and the Quinn Fire Department. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.kinkadefunerals.com
Elsie A. Hultenschmidt, 94, Philip, SD, died Saturday, November 19, 2011, at the Philip Hospital. A memorial service was held Wednesday, November 23, 2011, at the Quinn Community Hall with Pastor Kathy Chesney offici-
with Dr James Dobson
QUESTION: My spouse and I both lead extremely busy lives. My husband's workload should ease up soon, but in the meantime I sense that he's growing increasingly distant emotionally. How can we regain the closeness we had in the early days of our marriage? ANSWER: We suggest you take the direct, honest approach. Look for an opportunity to discuss the situation with your husband in a relaxed setting. It might be a good idea to suggest that the two of you spend a day engaging in some kind of shared activity that you both enjoy. Then, when you're both having a good time, tell him you've got something on your mind and ask him if he wouldn't mind talking about it. If for some reason you're uncomfortable about broaching the subject with him face-to-face, you might consider putting your concerns into a letter. This can be beneficial in a number of ways. Writing involves careful thought and deliberation and helps us avoid the communication ruts we tend to fall into when talking with our spouses. It also gives the other party time to think about his response and provides both of you with a written record of the thoughts that have been communicated. That can be helpful a week from now when memories of verbal conversations have begun to fade. You'll want to do all this in a caring, non-threatening way, of course. Resist the temptation to tell your spouse what you think is wrong with your relationship. Without lecturing or interrogating, let him
TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN (AND PARENTS) ABOUT SHARED FINANCIAL PICTURE Richard Wahlstrom www.edwardjones.com It’s Thanksgiving week. And if you’re fortunate, you can look around your Thanksgiving table and see several generations of your family. Of course, as you know, many types of cohesiveness are involved in knitting a family together. But one connection that frequently gets ignored, at least in terms of family dialogue, is the financial linkage between parents and their children on one hand, and these same parents and their parents on the other. So if you find yourself in this “sandwich” group, it may be worth considering your financial position. If your children are very young, you might want to start by emphasizing the importance of three separate concepts: saving, spending and sharing. If you give them an allowance, or if you pay them to do some minor tasks around the household, you can encourage them to put the money in three separate containers. The “spending” jar is for them to use as they choose, the “saving” jar is to be put in some type of savings or investment account and the “sharing” jar is to be used for contributions to charitable causes. You can extend the spending, saving and sharing themes by encouraging your kids to spend wisely, watch how their savings grow and feel pride in the work done by the charitable groups their dollars support. Later, when your kids are older, and can earn money by babysitting, mowing lawns or working part-time, you can further encourage good financial habits by offering to match their contributions to a Roth IRA. And be sure to discuss the different types of investments available; they may enjoy learning about the ways in which they can participate in the financial markets. Above all else, talk to them about the importance of developing good financial skills and how these skills will play a part in your family’s overall well being. Now, let’s turn to your parents. If they’re elderly, you may find that talking to them about financial issues may be considerably more challenging than talking about these issues with your children. It’s unfortunate, but true: People are sensitive about money and often don’t want to talk about it. You may find that you need to be persistent, especially if your parents are getting on in years. Perhaps you encourage them to consider their current position, and what planning might need to be considered. Do they have accounts in a local bank? Where are their investments held? Do they have a financial advisor? Have they worked with legal professionals on any arrangements? If your parents have expressed interest in leaving a legacy or passing assets to family members, you might consider encouraging them to seek assistance from the appropriate professionals. After all, if something were to happen to your parents without them having made the proper arrangements, their wishes may not be carried out. So this Thanksgiving, as you think about the value of your family, you might take some time to consider issues that need to be addressed. It may take time and diligence — but when it comes to your loved one's wishes and wellbeing, it’s probably worth the effort.
The proposed Vacation Home Rental Ordinance will be presented at a public meeting which has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 7, 2011, in the Hill City Council Chamber Room located at the City Hall in Hill City, 243 Deerfield Road, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend. ADA Compliance: Pennington County fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the Pennington County Planning Department at 394-2186 so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available.
Published November 24, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $26.87.
know that you'd really like to know how he's been feeling about life lately and how he views your marriage. Then tell him — in a positive way — how crucial it is for you to get your feelings out in the open. Try saying something like, "I'm afraid that if I don't address this situation, I'm going to become resentful, and I don't want to do that." Then ask him, "How can I voice my concerns in a way that you are able to hear and respond to even if you disagree with me?" At that point, he has a choice: 1) He can be unreasonable and say, "I don't want to hear about your concerns;" or 2) He can give you some suggestions as to how you might confront him constructively. If he takes the second option, you've made an important first step in the right direction. If he's unwilling to cooperate, you might ask him if he'd be open to talking with someone you both respect, like a pastor or a mature Christian friend. You may even want to consider the option of making an appointment with a professional marriage counselor. If your husband won't go along with any of these possibilities, you can still opt to see a counselor on your own. That will give you an opportunity to make some important decisions about the changes you need to make and how you need to handle your side of the relationship. This could be a very important part of the solution to your problem, especially if the two of you are as busy as you claim to be. The Bible tells us clearly how believers are supposed to order their lives: God first, spouse second, children third, and then our work, education, hobbies, etc. At some point both you and your husband will need to adjust your priorities accordingly and make some serious changes if you want your marriage to thrive. QUESTION: I married my husband because, as a single mom, I believed he would make a great father to my child. Now I realize that I never really loved him. Is it still possible for me to fall in love with him, or do I have to live with these feelings for the rest of my life? ANSWER: The short answer to your question is yes: you can learn to love your husband with the only kind of love that really lasts — the agape love that we read about in the
13th chapter of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians. This is the love that is patient and kind and does not envy; the love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. It's the love that never fails. Why do we say this? For two reasons. First, in cultures where marriages are arranged, we know that couples often learn to love one another deeply despite the fact that their relationships were not originally based on romantic feelings. In the second place, the agape love of the New Testament, unlike philia (friendship) or eros (sexual passion), is not primarily a matter of the emotions. It's an act of the will. This is not to say that feelings have no place in agape. They most certainly do. But in this case the feelings generally follow in the wake of intentional, deliberate actions. They grow out of commitment, perseverance and hard work. In your situation there's even more cause for hope. Though you're not sure how to make it happen, you want to fall in love with your husband — otherwise, you wouldn't have asked your question in the first place. To put it another way, you're dissatisfied with the status quo and willing to make a change. In a very real sense, then, you've already taken an important step in the right direction. You can build on this foundation by asking yourself what it was that attracted you to your husband at the beginning of your relationship. At some level, the two of you felt an emotional connection, even if it was only because of the kindness he displayed toward your child. There was something about this man that led you to suppose that life with him would be better than life without him. That spark may have diminished with the passage of time, but it can still be found and fanned into flame if you're willing to put forth the effort. You just have to take the time to dig down beneath the ashes. A resource that may help you accomplish this is Emerson Eggerich's book and CD series Love and Respect (both of which are available through the ministry of Focus on the Family). Its message is based on Ephesians 5:33: "Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband." This is the key to the growth of agape love in marriage. Even if you don't have any romantic feelings for your husband, you can still treat him with the respect he deserves. If you do this, you may be surprised by the results. It's always possible, of course, that there are other factors complicating your situation — unfinished business from the past, unresolved bitterness, unforgiveness, woundedness, resentment or guilt. Without knowing more about your story we can't even hazard a guess as to how issues of this kind might be holding you back from loving your husband sincerely and unreservedly.
     
 
 
Classified Advertising
CLASSIFIED RATE: $6.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ per word thereafter; included in the Pennington County Courant, the Profit, & The Pioneer Review, as well as on our website: www.pioneerreview.com. CARD OF THANKS: Poems, Tributes, Etc. … $6.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ per word thereafter. Each name and initial must be counted separately. Included in the Pennington County Courant and the Profit. NOTE: $2.00 added charge for bookkeeping and billing on all charges. DISPLAY AD RATE: $7.80 per column inch, included in the Pennington County Courant and the Profit. $5.55 per column inch for the Pennington County Courant only. PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, or discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, or any intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is a violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.
Pennington County Courant • November   •
ADVERTISE IN NEWSPAPERS statewide for only $150.00. Put the South Dakota Statewide Classifieds Network to work for you today! (25 words for $150. Each additional word $5.) Call this newspaper or 800-658-3697 for details. WANTED ANTLERS/PORCUPINES $5.00 lb. good brown, $8.00 exlarge / $3.00 lb. damaged / $2.00 lb. white / $.50 cracked / trophy negotiable. Porcupines $10.00. (605) 517-0397, clawantlerhide@hotmail.com.
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LOST: (1) trailer ramp. Been lost for a few weeks. Made out of 2x6 tubing with mesh. Call Larry at 754-6421 or 754-6969 or 381-8411. REWARD! NU50-2tc
FOR SALE: (8) Virgin 11-24.5 traction truck tires. Call 3862635 or 515-3585. PR13-2tp
HUGE SALE at West Motel, Kadoka, Saturday, Dec. 3, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (weather permitting). Commercial display of Santas and Mrs. Claus, collection of animated Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Collectable dolls, lighted deer and misc. Priced low, everything goes. K50-2tp
CUSTOMER SERVICE REP for small S.D. company. $7.50 to $10.00/hour with Growth Potential. 40 hrs/week. Requirements: Quiet homebased work environment, available weekends, high speed Internet, Spanish speaking a plus. 605/206-0323. Email resumé or questions: ryanp@ smartsalesandlease.com P50-2tp
APARTMENTS FOR RENT IN PHILIP: Philip Plaza 1 & 2 bedrooms available. Riverview Apts. 2 bedrooms available, laundry hook-ups in apts. Senechal Apts. 1 bedroom, utilities included. For more information call PRO/Rental Management at 1-605-347-3077 or 1-800-2442826. Equal Housing Opportunty. PR39-tfn APARTMENTS: Spacious one bedroom units, all utilities included. Young or old. Need rental assistance or not, we can house you. Just call 1-800-4816904 or stop in the lobby and pick up an application. Gateway Apartments, Kadoka. WP32-tfn
THE CITY OF Hosmer is seeking a full time Liquor Store Manager. Benefit package. Resume to: Finance Officer, PO Box 1, Hosmer, SD 57448. THE CITY OF Whitewood, SD (population 927) is accepting applications for Police Chief. Minimum of five years experience as a full time and currently certified law enforcement officer, of which two years must be in a supervisory position. Must be able to pass background investigation, psychological and physiApplicants should cal exam. submit an application and resume, with a minimum of three professional references, to the City of Whitewood, 1025 Meade Street, Whitewood, SD 57793. Salary is DOQ w/full benefits. EOE. Application Deadline December 12, 2011. THE MOODY COUNTY Enterprise, located in Flandreau, is seeking an ambitious and talented team player to fill a news reporter position. This position requires the ability to work some nights and weekends, strong writing skills and solid photography skills. Full benefit package available. Applicants should send cover letter, resume and writing samples to: The Brookings Register, attn: William McMacken, PO Box 177, Brookings, SD 57006 or email to bmcmacken@brookingsregister.com. MCCOOK CENTRAL SCHOOL District. Position: School Superintendent, Must be Highly Qualified, Start Date: 2012/2013 School Year, Send cover letter, resume, transcripts, teaching certificate and references to: Carol Pistulka, 200 E Essex Ave, Salem, SD 57058. 605-4252264, Closing Date: 12/31/11. EDUCATION ALLIED HEALTH CAREER training ñ Attend college 100% online. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call (800) 4819409. www.CenturaOnline.com. FOR SALE HOME FOR SALE in Tyndall, SD ñ 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, main floor laundry. Also 3 additional lots, 10 acres farmground. Call Ron at 605-464-1085. www.yankton.net/forsalebyowner/index.h tml. AUSTRALIAN SHEPARD PUPPIES for sale. Call (605)3843373. LAND AUCTION 160+/- ACRES BUFFALO County, Cropland, 12 miles Northwest of Gann Valley, SD, November 29th, 2011 Call Dakota Properties, Todd Schuetzle, Auctioneer, 605-280-3115, www.DakotaProperties.com. NOTICES LOOKING FOR MY granddaughter. Born October 6, 1980, Huron, S.D. Saw her once then adopted by unknown. Contact Box 668, Skagway, Alaska 99840.
HILDEBRAND STEEL & CONCRETE: ALL types of concrete work. Rich, Colleen and Haven Hildebrand. Toll-free: 1-877867-4185; Office: 837-2621; Rich, cell: 431-2226; Haven, cell: 490-2926; Jerry, cell: 4880291. K36-tfn TETON RIVER TRENCHING: For all your rural water hookups, waterline and tank installation and any kind of backhoe work, call Jon Jones, 843-2888, Midland. PR20-52tp BACKHOE AND TRENCHING: Peters Excavation, Inc. Excavation work of all types. Call Brent Peters, 837-2945 or 381-5568 (cell). K3-tfn DIEDRICHS CONSTRUCTION Post & Stick Frame Buildings, grain bins, custom made homes, general contracting, siding and roofing. Call John at 441-1779. P47-tfn GRAVEL: Screened or rock. Call O'Connell Construction Inc., 859-2020, Philip. P51-tfn WEST RIVER EXCAVATION will do all types of trenching, ditching and directional boring work. See Craig, Diana, Sauntee or Heidi Coller, Kadoka, SD, or call 837-2690. Craig cell: 3908087, Sauntee cell: 390-8604; wrex@gwtc.net K50-tfn
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY BAR IN SALEM, SD. Turn-key operation, city owned license. Sale by sealed bids due 7:00 p.m. December 5, 2011. Contact (605) 425-2301 or citysalem@triotel.net for info and bid details. EMPLOYMENT AVON REPRESENTATIVES NEEDED! Never be laid off or fired! Earn up to 50% plus bonuses. Medical insurance/retirement plans available. No parties, quotas or inventory required. 877-4549658. PUBLIC WORKS FOR the City of Onida, SD. Full Time. Employment contingent upon preemployment physical. Open until filled. For more information call 605-258-2441. FULL TIME POSITION available. An aggressive weekly agricultural newspaper based out of Philip, SD, is looking to fill a full time graphic artist position. Be creative and work in a relaxed environment of Western South Dakota. Send resume to The Cattle Business Weekly Box 700 Philip, SD 57567: Contact the owners: Don Ravellette (605) 685-5147 dravellette@cattlebusinessweekly.com and Donnie Leddy, dleddy@cattlebusinessweekly.com (605) 695-0113. CUSTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL has an excellent opportunity for a full time Advanced Practice Clinician. Located in the beautiful Black Hills of Western South Dakota, our practice settings are surrounded by natureís beauty including Mt. Rushmore, Wind Cave Natíl Park & Crazy Horse. Enjoy a mild climate and many outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, hunting and skiing. Custer Regional Hospital offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package. Itís a great place to work and a beautiful place to live. Visit our website for more information at www.regionalhealth.com and apply on-line. This website offers much more information about our facilities, benefits, and the area. EEOC/AA. CUSTOMER SERVICE REP for small SD company. $7.50 to $10.00/hr. 40hrs/week. Growth Potential. Requirements: Quiet home based work environment, Available weekends, High Speed Internet, Spanish Speaking a plus. 605-206-0323 Email resume or questions: ryanp@smartsalesandlease.com. CITY OF NEW town seeking Water Plant Operator. Mandatory Water/Sewer Operator License. Benefits package. Submit resume: Auditor, PO Box 309, New Town, ND 587630309. DIRECTOR OF NURSING for Bethesda of Beresford, a skilled nursing facility. Send resume to Human Resources, 606 West Cedar, Beresford, SD 57004 or call (605)763-2050. MATH TUTOR TO work with small group of high school students. Flexible hours. For more information contact Mike Tschetter, (605) 928-3672, (605) 770-3672.
POSITION OPEN: The Jackson Co. Sheriff’s office will be accepting applications for the position of Deputy Sheriff. Applicants must be 21 years of age, be willing to work extra hours and in all types of weather. Certification preferred and if not, must be willing to attend 12-week certification in Pierre. This is a salaried position plus benefits. For more information contact Sheriff Ray Clements, Jr. at 605/488-0059. Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. (MT) December 2, 2011. Applications may be a resumé or standard LES applications. K50-2tc FULL-TIME POSITION AVAILABLE: An aggressive weekly agricultural newspaper based out of Philip, SD, is looking to fill a full-time graphic artist position. Be creative and work in a relaxed environment of Western South Dakota. Send resumé to: The Cattle Business Weekly, Box 700, Philip, SD 57567: Contact the owners: Don Ravellette, (605) 685-5147, dravellette@cattlebusinessweekly.com or Donnie Leddy, dleddy@cattlebusinessweekly. com, (605) 695-0113 PR13-2tc HELP WANTED: Clerical/office type, part time position available at The Cattle Business Weekly, Philip, SD. Send resumé to The Cattle Business Weekly, Box 700, Philip, SD 57567. For information contact the owners, Don Ravellette (605) 685-5147, dravellette@ cattlebusinessweekly.com, or Donnie Leddy, dleddy@cattlebusinessweekly.com, (605) 695-0113. PR13-2tc VETERAN SERVICE OFFICER / EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR MEADE COUNTY, SD (STURGIS) is responsible for performing professional administrative and managerial duties to assist veterans with eligible benefits. Additionally, the development and maintenance of an Emergency Management Program for Meade County. Position includes a generous benefits program. See: www.meadecounty.org for application instructions. Contact: Jerry Derr at 605/720-1625; jderr@ meadecounty.org. Closes December 1, 2011. P49-3tc
FOR SALE: (2) 4-drawer pine dressers, good shape, $20; (1) 2door pantry/cupboard, $20; plastic bench with hinged seat, $30; Keeton wall-mounted glass cutter, make an offer. FREE: round end table, Airstrider exerciser (like a Gazelle), wooden storm door. Call 859-2888 or (cell) 515-1043. P50-2tc FOR SALE: Electric corner fireplace, oak finish mantel, 45”h x 56”w x 31”d, thermostat control, plugs into a 110 outlet. Asking $400 OBO. Remodeling, don’t have room. Call 279-2819. WP13-2tc FOR SALE: Gifts for that hardto-buy-for person, as well as everyone else on your X-mas list! Del’s, Exit 63, Box Elder. 390-9810. PR12-6tp FOR SALE: Heavy duty lumber or ladder rack for a short box, 4door pickup. Black in color. Asking $225. Call Nathan at 685-3186. P47-tfn FOR SALE: Rope horse halters with 10’ lead rope, $15 each. Call 685-3317 or 837-2917. K44-tfn
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A sincere thank you goes out to all of you who delivered a meal while I have been a little laid up with my broken ankle. Thank you all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers. I truly feel blessed. Thank you! Stacy Stewart I would like to thank all of the Eagle fans that donated their time and money to help our team and fans comfortably travel to the Dome. I would also like to thanks Coach Rieckman, Coach Shull, Coach Dinger and Coach Ermish for believing in us “scrubs” and for a great season. Can’t wait for next season! Thanks again, Dusty Dartt
WANTED: Firewood, delivered to Wall. Call 279-2913. WP14-1tc WANTED TO BUY: Old snowmobiles, running or not. Call 763/478-7938 or 605/3911839. PR14-2tc JACKOPAK HORSESHOEING will be West River the week of December 5th. 359-7927. PW50-2tc RULAND ARENA: 386-2164. Practice team roping every Wednesday evening or by appointment anytime. Roping lessons? PW50-4tp WANTED TO BUY: Scrap iron, old machinery and cars. Call Chris, 605/999-9614. M50-4tc WANTED: Looking for used oil. Taking any type and weight. Call Mike at 685-3068. P42-tfn
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FOR SALE: (8) blue heeler pups, six weeks old, good working parents. Call 685-5856. P49-2tp
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Public Notices
NOVEMBER 8, 2011 The Wall City Council met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 6:30 pm in the Wall Community Center meeting room. Members present: Dave Hahn, Mayor; Rick Hustead, Councilman; Jerry Morgan, Councilman; Bill Leonard, Councilman; Mike Anderson, Councilman; Pete Dunker, Councilman; Stan Anderson, Councilman Others present: Carolynn Anderson, Finance Officer; Jeff Clark, Public Works Director; Mattee Pauley, Teen 19; Pandi Pittman, Teen 19 Advisor; Sgt. Dustin Morrison, Penn. Co. Sheriff’s Department; Anne Clark and Laurie Hindman, Pennington Co. Courant; Jennifer Emery, Elsie and Rolly Fortune, Cheyenne Deering, Bailey and Clancy Lytle, Kailey Rae Sawvell, Kaden Eisenbraun w/Wall FFA Ag Issues Team; Jim Coates and Ray Livermont, Cactus Café and Lounge; and John Kinney w/Forest Service Motion by S. Anderson, second by Dunker to approve the agenda. Motion carried. Sgt. Dustin Morrison presented the police report. He commented the new deputy should be working in town the week of the 20th. He also wanted to wish the Wall Eagles High School Football team ‘good luck’ at the Dome on behalf of the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. Ted Schultz w/Cetec Engineering gave an update on the progression of the Main Street project. All the water line should be in before Thanksgiving. There will be some nights next week that Main Street will be closed due to ‘tie-ins’ for the water main to prevent extended water interruptions during business hours. The concrete at the corner of Sixth Street will be poured and conduit installed in the Fourth Avenue block for the pedestals and lighting before December. Schultz explained there was a Change Order #1 for some additional valves, caps and a variety of other items that were needed for an amount of six thousand five hundred forty-seven dollars and sixty cents ($6,547.60). Motion by Dunker, second by Leonard to approve Change Order #1. Motion carried. At this time the Wall FFA Ag Issues Team gave a practice presentation on the Conota Basin prairie dog Supreme Court case. They will be presenting it at the district competition in Lemmon, South Dakota on November 14th. Jim Coates addressed the council about the Sign Ordinance section on banners. At present only banners advertising the Celebration or the Rally are allowed with approval from the finance officer. Coates explained with the construction on Main Street they have hung a banner to advertise parking in the back for their customers. Other businesses have hung banners to let customers know they are still open with all the construction going on. Businesses would also like to adver-
Public Notice Advertising Protects Your Right To Know
Motion by S. Anderson, second by M. Anderson to approve a special liquor license for the Two Bit Saloon to serve alcohol for a wedding reception/dance on November 19th in the community center. Motion carried. Motion by S. Anderson, second by Dunker to approve not publishing hearings for liquor license renewals according to a new law change. Motion carried. Motion by Dunker, second by Hustead to approve the following 2012 On-Sale liquor licenses at the cost set by ordinance: RETAIL (ON-SALE) LIQUOR Wall Golf Course, P.O. Box 383, Wall, SD 57790; Badlands Bar, Inc., Badlands Bar, 509 Main Street, Wall, SD 57790; Cactus Café, Inc., P.O. Box 306, Wall, SD 57790; Wall Drug Store, Inc., 510 Main Street, Wall, SD 57790. Motion carried. Motion by Morgan, second by S. Anderson to approve the following 2012 OffSale liquor licenses at the cost set by ordinance: PACKAGE (OFF-SALE) LIQUOR Schulz Food of Wall Inc., Wall Food Center, P.O. Box 409, Wall, SD 57790; Jody Gallino, Corner Pantry, 218 South Boulevard, Wall, SD 57790. Motion carried. Motion by Hustead, second by Dunker to approve the following 2012 On-Sale Wine licenses at the cost set by ordinance: RETAIL (ON-SALE) WINE Fat Boy’s BBQ, P.O. Box 306, Wall, SD 57790; D & W Properties, Inc., Red Rock Restaurant, 506 Glenn St, Wall, SD 57790. Motion carried. Mayor Hahn addressed the issue of compensatory (comp) time that is accrued by the finance officer. Hahn asked the council if they wanted the finance office work done on time and allow the comp time to accrue; or if they wanted to consider hiring an assistant to help. Hahn stated this issue needs to be settled and dropped and not continue to be discussed every few months. Motion by Hustead, second by M. Anderson to allow the finance officer to accrue comp time as necessary to complete the work as needed. Motion carried. The city provided cell phones for the public works employees was discussed. Options that were discussed were upgrade phones with the present provider, switching to a different provider, or reimburse a set amount for the employee to use their own personal phones. Councilmen Mike Anderson and Bill Leonard volunteered to set on the committee to review the options and bring back a recommendation to the December meeting. FO Anderson gave an update on the Library. The librarian, Wendy Brunnemann attended a training session in Rapid City for the Knowledge Network. She will continue with training as it becomes available. Anderson commented the library board, school district, the South Dakota Library and the city met to discuss the advantages on combining the school library and the public library. The issue will be discussed at the next school board meeting and then brought back to the December meeting. FO Anderson explained the water meters were read earlier than usual the last three months. They were previously read within the last four days of the month and with payroll due around the same time tended to be hectic. By moving the day for reading meters between the 20th and the 27th of the month would spread the workload out. The consensus of the
Pennington County Courant • November   •
council was to amend the ordinance and bring back for approval at the December meeting. Motion by S. Anderson, second by Hustead to approve Resolution 11-10; Contingency transfers. Motion carried. RESOLUTION 11-10 SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS CONTINGENCY TRANSFERS WHEREAS, it appears that there will be insufficient funds in the 2011 General Fund Budget to carry out the indispensable functions of government. It is proposed that the following Supplemental Appropriations be adopted. FROM: 101-0411-4115 Contingency - $50,000.00 TO: 101-04314222 Engineering $28,500.00 TO: 101-04314250 Repairs - $15,000.00 TO: 4150Group $2,500.00 TO: 4290Other $4,000.00 101-0456Insurance 101-0456Expense Motion by S. Anderson, second by Dunker to approve the remaining November City of Wall bills. Motion carried. NOVEMBER 8, 2011 CITY BILLS SAFETY BENEFITS, safety conference fees, 65.00; AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOC, 2012 membership dues, 295.00; ANDERSON, CAROLYNN, mileage and meal for SDML Conference, 251.38; APWA, 2012 membership dues, 145.00; ASSOCIATED POOL BUILDERS, INC, Pay Request #1 on pool renovation, 87,200.00; AT & T, Jeff-Garrett cell phone, 67.58; BADLANDS AUTOMOTIVE, battery for backhoe, 139.95; BLACK HILLS CHEMICAL, CC supplies, 143.89; BROSZ ENGINEERING, INC, airport terminal project, 3,899.25; CETEC, engineering on street improvement projects, 17,195.31; CROWN OIL, gas and diesel, 4,788.60; DAKOTA BACKUP, computer backup servicem, 142.35; DAKOTA BUSINESS CENTER, contact service on printer, 85.69; DE'S OIL & PROPANE, tire repair on tan pickup, 19.25; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK - LOAN, fire truck loan, 31,018.21; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK, sales tax, 441.92; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK, ach fees, 12.15; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK, lodging for SDML conference, 168.39; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES, security monitoring for police station, 188.93; GOLDEN WEST TELE, CC phone, 481.17; HAMANN BOB, CC deposit refund, 30.00; HAWKINS, INC, water treatment, 428.34; HD SUPPLY WATERWORKS, water meter, 103.14; KENS REFRIGERATION, INC, change bearings on blower at police station, 220.40; JEFF KITTERMAN, reimburse for mirror repair on pickup, 25.00; NORTHWEST PIPE FITTINGS INC, fittings for pool renovation, 251.60; ONE CALL STYSTEMS, INC., locate requests, 51.06; PAUL SOLUM, meter deposit refund, 84.50; PENN. COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, 4th Qrt payment, 24,539.50 ; PENNINGTON COUNTY COURANT, publishings, 156.77; S.D. AIRPORT MANAGERS ASSN., 2012 membership, 25.00; SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE, water testing, 12.00; GOVERNMENT FINANCE OFFICERS, 2012 membership, 40.00; S.D. HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOC, 2012 membership, 25.00; S.D. PUBLIC ASSURANCE ALLIANCE, insurance 15,020.00; SANITATION PROD., nozzle for sewer machine, 156.40; SD ASSOC. OF CODE ENFORCEMENT, 2012 membership, 40.00; SD MUNICIPAL STREET MAINTENANC, 2012 membership, 35.00; SDML, 2012 dues, 900.62; SERVALL UNIFORM, CC rugs, 106.98; SITE WORK SPECIALISTS, Pay request #2 for Main St project, 121,046.22; STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA, unclaimed property, 45.63; SUMMIT SIGNS, hardware for signage at airport, 212.80; VFW EMBLEM & SUPPLY, truck assembly for flag pole, 379.00; WALKER NAPA, oil filter/oil, 7,508.34; WALL BADLANDS AREA CHAMBER, BBB funds, 790.55; WALL BUILDING CENTER, animal control, 205.91; WALL DRUG STORE, picture for drainage issues, 6.24; WEST RIVER ELEC, well pumping electricity, 10,570.20; WEST RIVER/LYMANJONES RURAL, water purchases, 3,500.00. TOTAL: 333,265.22 Gross Salaries – October 31, 2011: Gross Salaries: Adm. - $5,236.25; PWD - $9,578.02 AFLAC, Employee Supplemental Ins., $308.09; HEALTH POOL, Health/Life Insurance, $4,086.42; METLIFE, Employee Supplemental, $25.00; SDRS, Employee Retirement, $1,729.18; SDRS-SRP, Employee Supp Retirement plan, $75.00; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK, Employee payroll tax, $3,094.20 . Motion by Hustead, second by M. Anderson to approve the November Fire Department bills. Motion carried. NOVEMBER 8, 2011 FIRE DEPT BILLS BADLANDS AUTOMOTIVE, 2 batteries for Engine #1, 225.90; CORNER PANTRY, fuel, 186.58; CREDIT COLLECTIONS BUREAU, bill collection fee 13.54; DE'S OIL & PROPANE, diesel fuel additive, 100.00; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK, fuel on Jim's CC, 1,695.01; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES, security monitoring, 107.96; GOLDEN WEST TELE, phone-internet, 127.07; HEIMAN INC, fire pants for Garrett, 600.00; MOYLE PETROLEUM, fuel, 221.96; PATRICK OIL, fuel for Okreek fire, 61.92; PENN CO FIREFIGHTERS ASSOC, banquet fees, 16.00; S.D. PUBLIC ASSURANCE ALLIANCE, insurance, 10,090.00; WALL BUILDING CENTER, supplies, 37.97; WALL DRUG STORE, donuts for meeting, 32.51; WALL FOOD CENTER, food for meetings, 74.57; WEST RIVER ELEC, electricity, 110.23. TOTAL: 13,701.22
Page 
tise for the Hunting and Football seasons. Motion by Dunker, second by Leonard to approve the sign committee reviewing the existing banners for approval and review amending the ordinance for the future. Motion carried. Motion by Leonard, second by M. Anderson to approve waiving the rubble site fees for Wall Drug on the demolition of the “old grocery store” at 508 Main Street. Motion carried with Hustead abstaining from the vote. Motion by S. Anderson, second by M. Anderson to approve the building permit for the Plain’s Motel house at 710 Glenn Street to build a fence. Motion carried. Motion by Dunker, second by S. Anderson to approve the building permit for Larry Eisenbraun at 605 Dorothy Street to change roofing material on his house and garage. Motion carried. Motion by S. Anderson, second by Morgan to approve a building permit for Wall Drug to replace concrete after removing a diesel fuel tank. Motion carried with Hustead abstaining from the vote. Motion by Leonard, second by Morgan to approve a building permit for Marjorie Hustead to replace concrete at the Post Office at 529 Main Street. Motion carried. Joseph Leach, owner of America’s Best Value Inn at 201 South Boulevard addressed the council on his remodeling plans for the motel after the wind damage. Windows will be replaced with the same size but the siding will be replaced with different material. The roof will be changed but the exact height is undetermined at this time. Motion by S. Anderson, second by Morgan to approve the building permit and grant a variance on the roof height over 24’ pending the Public Works Department review of the final plans. Motion carried. Finance Officer (FO) Anderson explained the Common Cents gas price sign was damaged from wind. A temporary one was hung while a new one is on order. The building permit ordinance was amended with a clause to address emergency repair on damages but the sign ordinance had not been amended. The consensus of the council was to revise the sign permit and bring back for approval next month. The following building permits were reviewed. Chad Cerney at 708 Hustead Street, changing roof material; Edith Paulsen at 703 Hustead Street, changing roof material; Twila Trask at 216 W. Fourth Avenue, building a deck/ramp; Kent Jordan at 203 Creighton Road, changing roof material; Mike Erz at 34 Stone Drive, changing roof material; Martha Johnston at 705 Hustead Street, enclosing a carport and replacing garage door. Mayor Hahn stated the airport terminal building project would need water access and possibly a fire hydrant should also be installed for aerial fire suppression in the future. The estimated cost would be twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00) and this expense was not included in the 2012 budget. After some discussion the issue was tabled until the December meeting.
Motion by Dunker, second by Hustead to approve the November Ambulance Department bills. Motion carried. NOVEMBER 8, 2011 AMBULANCE BILLS AT & T, cell phone, 45.84; CROWN OIL, fuel, 828.00; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK, copy paper on Dawn's CC, 17.83; GOLDEN WEST, phone-internet, 171.49; Matheson Tri-Gas Inc, oxygen supplies, 79.54; PENNINGTON COUNTY COURANT, publishings, 78.00; PETTY CASH, food for RC runs, 54.63; POSTMASTER, stamps, 44.00; S.D. PUBLIC ASSURANCE ALLIANCE, insurance, 3,853.00; SDEMTA STATE TREASURER, membership dues, 320.00; WALL BUILDING CENTER, supplies, 148.70; WALL DRUG STORE, office supplies, 11.32; WALL FOOD CENTER, supplies, 89.90; WALL HEALTH SERVICES, TB tests, 36.00; WEST RIVER ELEC, electricity, 120.27. TOTAL: 5,898.52 Gross Salaries – October 31, 2011: Gross Salaries: $5,626.34 FIRST WESTERN BANK, Employee payroll tax, $1,040.58 Motion by S. Anderson, second by Morgan to approve the November Library bills. Motion carried. NOVEMBER 8, 2011 LIBRARY BILLS FIRST INTERSTATE BANK, books from Amazon-supplies at Office Max, 374.90; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES, security monitoring, 107.96; GOLDEN WEST TELE, phone bill, 42.65; PENWORTHY, Books, 541.26; S.D. PUBLIC ASSURANCE ALLIANCE, insurance, 540.00; WALL BUILDING CENTER, AC cover-carpet cleaner rental, 58.46; WALL FOOD CENTER, supplies, 6.37; WEST RIVER ELEC, electricity, 36.27. TOTAL: 1,707.87 Gross Salaries – October 31, 2011: Gross Salaries: $488.00 FIRST WESTERN BANK, Employee payroll tax, $64.92 Motion by Hustead, second by Morgan to approve the November Cemetery bills. Motion carried. NOVEMBER 8, 2011 CEMETERY BILLS S.D. PUBLIC ASSURANCE ALLIANCE, insurance, 126.00. TOTAL: 126.00 The on-call schedule, compensatory report, community center report and Wall Health Service report were reviewed at this time. FO Anderson explained the 1974 Chevrolet Fire Truck was sold and was unsure where the funds should be deposited. Motion by Leonard, second by M. Anderson to approve applying the funds toward the 2009 International Fire Truck loan. Motion carried. FO Anderson commented Waste Connections will be picking up all garbage on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving Day. Public Works Director (PWD) Clark commented Christmas decorations will be put up around town the Monday after Thanksgiving. The quote for repairing the Fifth Avenue and Norris Street intersection was over twenty-seven thousand dollars ($27,000.00) and was tabled at this time. PWD Clark stated the renovation on the pool has stopped for the winter. Some of the work that was completed is the walls sprayed and the steps into the pool built, the piping done and the floor poured in the equipment room. Clark explained the pedestal for the diving board was damaged during demolition so there is a change order to the original bid. Motion by S. Anderson, second by M. Anderson to approve Change Order #1 for the pool project in the amount of two thousand four hundred ninety dollars ($2,490.00). Motion carried. PWD Clark explained inline vacuum systems are no longer allowed for pools and a portable vacuum system will need to be purchased. He received an estimate on an electric model for two thousand one hundred forty-seven dollars ($2,147.00). Mayor Hahn commented an electrical cord and water did not seem like a good combination and wondered if other models were available. Clark will check for other sources and bring back information to the December meeting. PWD Clark said electrical rates will be increasing in 2012 and therefore water rate increases may need to be considered. The water committee will meet and bring a recommendation back to the December meeting. Continued on page 11
Dated this 8th day of November, 2011. ____________ David L. Hahn, Mayor ATTEST: ___________________ Carolynn M. Anderson, Finance Officer Motion by S. Anderson, second by Dunker to approve the 1st reading of Ordinance 11-12; Supplemental Appropriation to 2011 Budget. Motion carried. Motion by Hustead, second by M. Anderson to approve the 1st reading of Ordinance 11-13; amend vendor’s ordinance. Motion carried. Motion by Leonard, second by Dunker to approve the City minutes from the October 4th meeting. Motion carried. Motion by S. Anderson, second by M. Anderson to approve the Ambulance minutes from the July 18th and August 15th meetings. Motion carried. Motion by Dunker, second by Hustead to approve the Library minutes from the October 19th meeting. Motion carried. Mayor Hahn questioned whether the reel for the swimming pool tarp could be cleaned and repainted rather than purchasing a new one. Motion by S. Anderson, second by Morgan to clean, repair, and paint the reel rather than purchasing a new one. Motion carried. Motion by S. Anderson, second by Dunker to approve paying the 2nd pay request from Site Work Specialists for one hundred twenty-one thousand fortysix dollars and twenty-two cents ($121,046.22). Motion carried. Motion by M. Anderson, second by Hustead to approve paying the 1st pay request from Associated Pool Builders for eighty-seven thousand two hundred dollars ($87,200.00). Motion carried.
It is the policy of the City of Wall to conduct snow removal upon accumulations of 2 inches or more of snowfall. Parking on any public street of the City will be completely prohibited during the existence of a snow removal alert from two a.m. and until the street has been plowed. Cars will be ticketed. The City of Wall will plow the snow to the curb, and will not remove snow from driveways.
Thank you, City of Wall
Published November 24, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $46.80.
Per Ordinance 12.16, residents and businesses are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks within 12 hours of daylight after the ice and snow have accumulated. If the ice and snow is not removed in the time indicated, the city will do so and bill the property owner or resident at a rate of $50 service fee, plus current hourly rate multiplied by 150% and a $50 fine.
Thank you, City of Wall
Published November 24, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $46.80.
301 1st AVE. SW • KADOKA, SD
Spacious 1 bedroom units are available for immedidate occupancy by elderly (62 years or older) and/or disabled/handicapped adults (18 years or older)
CALL 1-800-481-6904 TDD-Relay 1-800-877-1113
or visit on-site with JODY BAY • APT. #11 • 837-2160
Public Notices
Wall City Council Minutes (continued from previous page) PWD Clark stated the sewer mains have all been cleaned and treated plus may need to camera some of the sewer lines to determine the issues. Some of the valves and hydrants have been exercised but will need to continue working on them. Motion by S. Anderson, second by Dunker to approve the special year end meeting for Thursday, December 29th at 12:00 noon. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:34pm. The next regular city council meeting will be Thursday, December 8th at 6:30pm. _____________ David L. Hahn, Mayor ___________________ Carolynn M. Anderson, Finance Officer Published November 24, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $218.98.
Public Notice Advertising Protects Your Right To Know
States Fair, Inc., 800 San Francisco St., Rapid City, SD 57701; N 1080’ of E 30 Acres if SE  of NE 14, 1N-080 Sec 6, unplatted BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota, and SW  NE , IN-08E, Sec 6 Unplatted BHM, Rapid City, Pennington County, South Dakota. COUNTRY INN BAR & CASINO, The Covington Consulting Group, Inc, 23820 Highway 385, Rapid City, SD 57702, Lot 1 of Section 22 of Three Forks Store Addition, T1S, R5E, Pennington County, South Dakota. THE GASLIGHT, Vengeance LLC, 13490 Main Street, Rockerville, SD 57702, Lot 1, Rockerville Ghost Town Subdivision, Section 13, T1S, R6E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota. HOLY SMOKE RESORT, Holy Smoke Resort, Inc., 24105 Hwy 16A, Keystone, SD 57751, GL 16, Less ROW; unplatted balance of GL21 Less ROW; Lot A, T1S, R6E, Section 31, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota. HORSE CREEK INN, Castle Creek Enterprises Inc., 23570 Hwy 385, Rapid City, SD 57702, Lot 17, T1S, R5E, Section 2, Saxon Placer MS 1250, Less Outlot 1 & RTY (Also in Section 3), BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota. MOONSHINE GULCH SALOON, Betty Harn, 22635 N Rochford Rd., Rochford, SD 57778, Lot 1 & 2, Block 2, Section 23 of Rochford Subdivision of Dakota Lode M.S. 2109, T2N, R3E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota MOUNT RUSHMORE NATIONAL MEMORIAL, Xanterra Parks & Resorts Inc., 1300 Highway 244, Keystone, SD 57751, 2 South, 6 East, Section 18, Pennington County, South Dakota. PONDEROSA RESTAURANT & LOUNGE, Melrose Enterprises Inc., Palmer Gulch, PO Box 725, Hill City, SD 57745, Tract 1 of Tract B, Home Sweet Home Placer, Section 4, T2S, R5E, Pennington County, South Dakota. POWDER HOUSE RESTAURANT, Little Guys LLC, 24125 Hwy 16A, Keystone, SD 57751, West State Mining LODMS, Section 5, Less Lot H1, H2, H3, T2S, R6E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota. RIMROCK TAVERN, Harley R. Scovel, 12300 W Hwy 44, Rapid City, SD 57702, 2N, 06E, Section 31, Johnson Siding Townsite Lot SR, Pennington County, South Dakota. SALLY O’MALLEYS PUB & CASINO, KJL, Inc., 3064 Covington St., Ste 206, Rapid City, SD 57703, Lot 2, of Lot B in Block 16 of Trailwood Village Subdivision, Pennington County, South Dakota. SHIPWRECKED LEE’S SALOON & CASINO, Calvin Lee Havorka and Sharon Rose, 9356 Neck Yoke Rd., Rapid City, SD 57702, 18611-N, 18611-0 Lot A of Weber Division, Penning County, South Dakota.
Pennington County Courant • November   •
RENEWAL OF PACKAGE (OFF-SALE) LIQUOR LICENSE FOR 2012 JOHNSON SIDING, Patrick Shannon, 12300 W Hwy 44, Rapid City, SD 57701, Lot RR, Section 31, T2N, R6E, Johnson Siding Townsite, Pennington County, South Dakota RENEWAL OF RETAIL (ON-OFF SALE) WINE LICENSE FOR 2012 BLACK HILLS RECEPTIONS & RENTALS, Black Hills Receptions & Rentals LLC, 10400 W Hwy 44, Rapid City, SD 57702, Lot 1 CL Subdivision, T1N, R6E, Pennington County, South Dakota. COUNTRY STORE AT THE FORK, The Covington Consulting Group, Inc, 23820 Highway 385, Rapid City, SD 57702, Lot 1 of Section 22 of Three Forks Store Addition, T1S, R5E, Pennington County, South Dakota. DALCAM EZ MART, Dalcam Oil Company Inc., 3229 Teewinot Dr., Lot A, Block 2, Section 10 of Ridgeview Place Subdivision, T1N, R8E, Pennington County, South HART RANCH GOLF COURSE, Hart Ranch Development Company, 23645 Clubhouse Rd., Rapid City, SD, 1S-07E Section 11 Hart Ranch Development Ranch Golf Course, Parcel Village on the Green Sub, Less Village on the Green # 2 Sub (also in Section 12 & 13), Pennington County, South Dakota. NAKED WINERY HILL CITY LLC, Naked Winery Hill City LLC, Lot 1, Candee Springs Creek Subdivision, 15,05E, 21,
Page 
minimum required Section Line right-ofway setback from 25 feet to 6 feet in a General Agriculture District in order to bring into compliance an existing barn located on the Part of NE1/4 lying North and East of Highway, Section 30, T2S, R13E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota, 17280 E. Highway 44, in accordance with Sections 205 and 509 of the Pennington County Zoning Ordinance. Davis Engineering has applied for a Setback Variance to reduce the minimum required front yard setback from 25 feet to 15 feet in order to increase the buildable area on each lot in a Suburban Residential District located on Lots 9, 10, and 11, Block 8, Murphy Ranch Estates Subdivision, Section 14, T1N, R8E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota, approximately 100 feet east of the intersection of Springfield Road and Wesson Road, on the north side of Wesson Road, in accordance with Sections 208 and 509 of the Pennington County Zoning Ordinance. Kenneth and Candice Bruns has applied for a Lot Size Variance to reduce the minimum required lot size from 40 acres to 10 acres and 30 acres in a General Agriculture District located on the SE1/4SW1/4, Section 29, T1S, R7E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota, one mile east of the intersection of Ruthies Trail and Pine Grove Road, in accordance with Sections 205 and 509 of the Pennington County Zoning Ordinance. Notice is further given that said applications will be heard by the Pennington County Board of Commissioners in the County Courthouse at 10:30 a.m. on the 6th day of December 2011. At this time, any person interested may appear and show cause, if there be any, why such requests should or should not be granted. ADA Compliance: Pennington County fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the Planning Department so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available. Julie A. Pearson Pennington County Auditor Published November 24, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $43.21.
Pennington County, South Dakota. POWDER HOUSE RESTAURANT, Little Guys LLC, 24125 Hwy 16A, Keystone, SD 57751, West State Mining LODMS, Section 5, Less Lot H1, H2, H3, T2S, R6E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota. SUMMER CREEK INN, Summer Creek Inn LLC., 23204 Summer Creek Dr., Rapid City, SD 57702; IN-05E Sec 22, Custer Trails Subdivision Lot 3 & 4; that part of platted private road adjacent to said lots, Pennington County, South Dakota. Julie A. Pearson, Auditor Pennington County Published November 24, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $55.92.
Club Notes
BADLANDS QUILTERS The meeting of the Badlands Quilters was called to order by President Judy Yocum. The following members were present: Wendy Brunnemann, Tammy Burtz, Carol Hodge, Marlene McMillan, Sue Michels, Rita Patterson, Cathy Simpfenderfer, Veva Wernke and Judy Yocum. December 13th, the second Tuesday in December, will be the Badlands Quilters Christmas Party starting at 1 p.m. Members of the Badlands Quilters are to bring two and half dozen cookies for the Christmas Party. Each of us will bring a $10 gift to exchange during the morning before the party. We can invite guest(s) to attend the Christmas Party at 1 p.m. and everyone who want to play a game needs to bring three or four fat quarters. Rita is in charge of getting prizes for the winners of the games. Judy estimated Rita would need to get sixteen to twenty prizes. Cathy will be responsible for taking pictures and getting an article in the paper about the Christmas Party. The Badlands Quilters Weekend Get Away will be March 9 and 10, 2012. We will have most of the activities at the Wall Community Center. On Friday night, March 9, we will have the dessert sampler in the small meeting room of the Wall Community Center. Instead of a trunk show/speaker we will do a simple sewing project after the dessert sampler in the big meeting room of the Wall Community Center. We all need to be thinking of some simple project for people to sew and complete before they leave (like make a coaster). Saturday, March 10, we plan to have activities during the day. We will have the mystery quilts (soldier quilt) and a beginners sewing project in the big meeting room of the Wall Community Center. Possible people to teach a class for beginners: LuAnn Garland, Marlene McMillan, Judy Yocum. We will not use the stage, it gets to hot up there. We will have any vendors along the outside walls with the rest of the room divided in half somehow. Half the room wil be setup for the mystery quilts and the other half the beginners class. We will display items made during the year by the club members on the carpet walls of the Wall Community Center. We will ask the following vendors if they would be interested in coming to the Weekend Get Away: Badlands Quilts from Martin, Fabric City from Rapid City and The Fabric Addict from Pierre. The bargain table will be setup in the big meeting room Friday and Saturday. Possible Saturday night speakers: Peggy Lurz, Creighton Quilters Ladies, or Presho Quilting Ladies. Committees: Tickets, Rita; Brochure, Judy; Advertising/Publicity, Marlene, Subby and Sue (Wall Chamber website, radio, WRE monthly magazine, Wall stores, Philip stores, Pennington County Courant, Profit, school channel, bank marque, Rapid City quilt stores); Poster for raffle quilt, Sue; Move raffle quilt, Cathy; Door prizes, everyone make one items; Table favors, everyone bring items to December meeting; Getting group to do banquet, Carol Hahn and Donna (We average 60 people for the banquet); Decorate tables Friday, everyone; Friday night door, Carol Hodge; Friday night dessert setup, Veva, Donna and Carol Hahn (See if we can barrow dessert/tea plates); Saturday night door, Carol Hodge; Decorate tables Saturday, everyone; Handing out door prizes, Rita; Labels and folding brochure, everyone; making labels for mailing, Rita; Bargain table Friday night, Cathy and Wendy; Bargain table Saturday, Cathy and Wendy; MC, Tammy; Picture taker, Cathy. Badlands Quilters will meet on the following dates: October 24, 2011; November 15, 2011; November 29, 2011 (work on quilts to gibe to homeless shelter); December 13 with Christmas Party starting at 1 p.m.; January 10, 2012; January 24, 2012; February 14, 2012; February 28, 2012; March 9 and 10 Weekend Get Away; March 13, 2012; March 27, 2012. Minutes submitted by Cathy Simpfenderfer.
BEFORE THE PENNINGTON COUNTY PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION AND THE PENNINGTON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Pennington County Planning Commission and the Pennington County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing to consider the following proposed ordinance amendments to the Pennington County Zoning Ordinance adopted as an adjunct to the Pennington County Comprehensive Plan: OA 11-09 – Amendments to Section 512, Section 513, Section 514, and Section 515 to include Sections 213, 312, 507, and 511. Said hearing will be held by the Planning Commission on Monday, November 28, 2011, at 9:00 a.m. and the Pennington County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, December 6, 2011, at 10:30 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room at the Pennington County Courthouse, Rapid City, South Dakota. Any interested party may appear and be heard. Copies of the proposed amendments may be viewed at the Planning Department located at 315 St. Joseph Street, Suite 118, Rapid City, South Dakota, during regular business hours. ADA Compliance: Pennington County fully subscribes to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you desire to attend this public meeting and are in need of special accommodations, please notify the Planning Director so that appropriate auxiliary aids and services are available. DAN JENNISSEN, PLANNING DIRECTOR JULIE A. PEARSON, PENNINGTON COUNTY AUDITOR Published November 24, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $17.79.
REGULAR MEETING NOVEMBER 14, 2011 The Quinn Town Board met at 7 pm on Monday, November 14, 2011, at the Quinn Community Center with the following members present Patty Coleman, Kevin Wenzel and Juston Eisenbraun. Also present Lorna Moore, and Finance Officer Deborah Bryan. Motion by Juston, seconded by Patty to approve the agenda, motion carried. Motion by Juston, seconded by Kevin to approve the minutes of the last meeting, with one correction, Juston was present, motion carried. Motion by Kevin seconded by Patty to approve the financial statement, motion carried. Deborah will call Quinn Township about the bill for the culvert and dirt work done on the cemetery road. Kevin and Juston will get estimates to finish the windows on the Quinn Community Center. Patty will contact WRLJ Rural Water about flushing the fire hydrants in the town. Motion by Kevin, seconded by Patty to purchase a handbook for municipal officials from the Municipal League, motion carried. Deborah will talk to Kelly about attending all regular meetings for the Town of Quinn. Motion by Kevin, seconded by Juston to approve the vouchers, motion carried. The following vouchers were paid: WREA, $203.00; Pennington County Courant, $14.30; WRLJ Rural Water, $22.50; Kevin Wenzel, $25.00; Patty Coleman, $25.00; Juston Eisenbraun, $25.00; Deborah Bryan, $200.00; Insurance Benefits, $572.00; Ingram Hardware, $170.98; Wall Building Center, $38.97; De’s Oil, $49.00; SD Association of Code Enforcement, $40.00; South Dakota Gov, Finance Officers Association, $40.00. With all business complete, the meeting was adjourned. Deborah Bryan Finance Officer Town of Quinn Published November 24, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $19.17.
Legal Publication Deadline is 11:00 a.m. on FRIDAY
BEFORE THE PENNINGTON COUNTY BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTS Notice is hereby given that the following petitioners have applied to the Pennington County Board of Commissioners under the provisions of the Pennington County Zoning Ordinance as follows: Patricia Vaughn has applied for a Lot Size Variance to reduce the minimum required lot size from 10 acres to 8 acres in a Limited Agriculture District in order to create one lot located on the following metes and bounds description: Proposed Lot 5 of Taylor Ranch Subdivision in the NE1/4 NW1/4 of Section 23, Township 1 North, Range 5 East of the Black Hills Meridian, Pennington County, South Dakota. BEGINNING at a 3-inch diameter aluminum U.S.D.A. Forest Service boundary monument found in-place for the Southeast corner of the NE1/4 NW1/4 of Section 23, Township 1 North, Range 5 East of the Black Hills Meridian, Pennington County, South Dakota as shown on Plat filed in Plat Book 22, Page 174, and on Certified Land Corner Record filed in Book 55, Page 6746 in the office of the Pennington County Register of Deeds, said boundary monument being located in the center of an easement for Bald Hill Road 160 conveyed to the United States of America as filed in Book 42, Page 1320, and in Book 47, Page 1032, at the Southeast corner of Lot 1 of Weddintree Subdivision as shown on Plat filed in Plat Book 25, Page 195 in the office of the Pennington County Register of Deeds; Thence in a Northwesterly direction along the centerline of said Bald Hill Road 160 and Eastern boundary of said Lot 1 of Weddintree Subdivision, the following six (6) courses and distances: 1. North 29º 57’ 09” West, a distance of 565.02 feet; 2. North 41º 12’ 47” West, a distance of 135.46 feet; 3. North 26º 12’ 02” West, a distance of 188.19 feet; 4. North 47º 27’ 27” West, a distance of 161.03 feet; 5. North 13º 57’ 52” West, a distance of 71.34 feet; 6. North 30º 38’ 39” West, a distance of 212.43 feet to a point for corner; Thence, South 66° 43' 41" East, a distance of 153.64 feet to a point for corner; Thence, South 89° 54' 17" East, a distance of 564.81 feet to a point for corner on the East line of said NE1/4 NW1/4 of Section 23, being the North-South Quarter-Section Line in Section 23; Thence, South 00° 23' 54" West, a distance of 1059.58 feet to the POINT OF BEGINNING and containing 8.07 acres, more or less, of land, 12848 Taylor Ranch Road, in accordance with Sections 206 and 509 of the Pennington County Zoning Ordinance. Mike and Joleen Lehrkamp have applied for a Setback Variance to reduce the
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           
  
 
ON LICENSE APPLICATIONS FOR SALE OF LIQUOR The Board of County Commissioners of Pennington County, South Dakota on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at their meeting that commences at 9:00 A.M., in the County Commissioners’ Meeting Room in the Pennington County Courthouse at Rapid City, South Dakota, will consider the following liquor license applications to operate outside of municipalities: RENEWAL OF RETAIL (ON-SALE) LIQUOR LICENSE WITH SUNDAY OPENING for 2012 BIG HORN CROSSING RESTAURANT AND SPORTS BAR, PDQ Market, Inc. 23855 Highway 385, Lot 3 of D, Murray Subdivision, Section 21, T1S, R5E, BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota. CENTRAL STATES FAIR INC., Central
  
 
        
        
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Countryside News
Submitted by Lola Joyce Riggins, 279-2372 Continued from last week Greetings… Shaun McKay has been busy with deer hunters as are many ranchers/farmers in the area. A night like last night, cool, rainy and windy kind of sent them in hiding (the deer). The Cactus Cafe hosted their annual Safari meal for the deer hunters at the Lavon and Dorothy Shearer ranch, Sunday afternoon and evening. Four of the hunters were from New York. The 25th annual Wall Community Center Craft Show was held Sunday, November 13 with a host of vendor tables and fundraisers. One was held for Austin Huether. The Countryside is proud of Austin Huether for his recent accomplishment of placing third in the Cross Country Run for Junior Olympics held at Aberdeen, SD. This qualifies him to compete at Nationals at Myrtle Beach, SC. The Wall Student Council hosted a fundraiser for Austin to set plans to go to Myrtle beach, to compete December 10th. Thought: Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts inevitably bring about right results. To have a right to do a thing is not the same as to be right doing it. This weeks news Greetings… The Pennington County Senior Bus made it’s usual trip to Rapid City, last Wednesday. Kevin Disburg of Pierre, was our driver for a safe enjoyable trip. Mary Simms and Lola Joyce Riggins were passengers and Lynnea Miller was taking instructions to become a driver. It’s hard to understand Philip had six drivers listed in the Profit a while back and Wall is struggling with one until Lynnea is ready to drive and Kevin wants and is planning on going home, so still just one? The bus is a blessing and we need to let them know it if a necessary convenance. $10 a trip is a great senior help especially the way Rapid City is to drive in. Lynnea Miller was a former Wall resident and just recently returned to make her home in Wall. Lola Joyce Riggins drove to Wall, Friday, as did many country people preparing for the forth coming storm. I also called on Annetta Geigle and enjoyed tea and cookies and a good visit. Then I stopped at the Harley Store for a bit. You cane get in the front door now. The main part of Main Street is tore up now. The financial sort of shutdown must be binding. Hopefully with Christmas coming, it will help. You can still drive but no parking on the Main block. Oops, it’s 4 a.m. and there is a good covering of snow this Saturday morning and slowly falling. Now at 8 o’clock, I measured my snow boot and an empty chore pail. Wow, 8 to 10 inches. Please God keep the wind down. I’m hearing a lot of 10 to 12 inches. Mary Paulsen just called with the sad news that Elsie Hultenschmidt lost her battle with life this morning and arrangements are set up for 2 o’clock, Wednesday afternoon at the Quinn Community Center. May the Countryside send sincere sympathy to her loved ones. I’m hearing Elsie had that Grandma image to several friends and neighbors through the years as they moved to the area several years ago. Mary Paulsen said Darren is feeling good that the girls’ basketball team that he coaches in Belle Fourche won all six of their games. In visiting, she shared that Ron and Mary Berger had been to visit Elsie last Tuesday and other times. Sunday morning, I just fet my animals and went over to the windmill to get the scoop shovel and it’s gone. Would whoever borrowed it please bring it back. It is a very necessary tool in this kind of weather. Mark and Kelsie Horton and Charlotte of Rapid City, Lillian Horton and Keith and Diana Bagley were Sunday dinner guests in the Richard and Nancy Horton home. The occasion being their son Mark’s birthday. Sincere sympathy goes to the Horton and Williams families and friends and relatives of Velma Williams as she left this life last Tuesday. Her services will be Saturday, the 26th, at the United Church in Philip. Velma was living in the Kadoka Care Center and was 97 years old. Velma was Virgil Horton’s sister and Jess Williams wife until they left this life. Thought: A Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Countryside. May you enjoy each other and give Thanks for the good this year has been to you.
Grants awarded through SD archery program
The Greatest Gift
As a young boy of eight years of age, I believed there could be no greater Christmas gift than a GI Joe, complete with all his army gear. You can imagine how excited I was when I opened my new GI Joe on Christmas morning! Needless to say, it was a gift that kept me happily occupied in our back yard under the trailer house for hours on end, as my buddies and I played “war” with our toy soldiers. Forty years later, I look back in amusement at my childish ways, and realize just how little I knew then about what really constitutes a great gift. Now that I am all grown up, I am able to better understand the true meaning of Christmas now that I know what – or rather, Who – is The Greatest Gift. The birth of Jesus Christ has been echoed for centuries now as the greatest gift to mankind; yet sadly, many will go through this Christmas season, barely aware of this special gift that has been given to them. Though this greatest of gifts is for everyone, many do not understand the precious nature of this gift, and therefore toss it aside. There are many, who because they are blinded by their ambitions, their quest for power, or their greed will not receive this gift. Those who are so wrapped up in their jobs and their worldly toys are not going to receive this gift either; nor will people receive this gift, who are locked in their paradigms of false religion. It is only the people who have an open mind and open heart and recognize their need, that will be able to receive the greatest gift. I urge you to take time during this holiday season, with all its pretty lights, joyous music, sweets and presents under the tree, to open your heart to receive The Greatest Gift of All. Invite Him to come into your life to change you. Receive Him and prepare for the joy ride of your life! A dozen lucky South Dakota schools have hit the “bulls-eye” in obtaining grants from funding procured by the state Game, Fish and Parks Department. Grants totaling $12,000 are being shared by 12 schools to purchase of archery equipment for participation in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). The grants, accompanied by additional funding from GFP, will allow the schools to receive their archery equipment free of charge. Schools receiving the funds include Red Shirt School, Saint Francis Indian School, Little Wound elementary and middle schools, American Horse, Red Cloud elementary and high schools, Eagle Butte elementary and high schools, McIntosh, Norris and Porcupine. All of the schools participated in a full day of archery safety and proficiency training at the Outdoor Campus West in Rapid City on Oct. 13, sponsored and funded by GFP. The $12,000 grant was awarded to GFP through a joint grant program of the Easton Foundation and the NASP Foundation. The money was awarded on the condition that the funds are used to promote archery in schools that would be unable to purchase the equipment on their own. Each of the 12 schools receiving grants will get $1,000 worth of archery equipment to be used in their in-school archery programs.
Tree orders must be placed by November 30th for Spring 2012 planting!
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                                                                                                                                                                                     
          
                                                                                                                                                                            
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
           
               
                                                                                    
                                                                                       
                                 
                             
  
    
 
                 

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