County Sheriff Larry Hanes resigns position

Haakon County will temporarily be without a sheriff as Haakon County Sheriff Larry Hanes officially tendered his resignation to the Haakon County Commission at their meeting, Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

Hanes had informed the board earlier in the year of his intentions to not seek reelection. He did not anticipate the formal resignation until a later date, but a change in state retirement laws required his tendering his resignation prior to July 1, 2010. His resignation was effective immediately.

Haakon County Deputy Sheriff Mark Foley will be away at South Dakota National Guard camp from June 2-18. Foley stated he would be back in the afternoon of June 18 in time for Festival Days activities.

To fill this 17-day void Hanes was hired as a temporary deputy for the county. Following the June 8, election, barring no independent petition being filed, the commission could possibly appoint the newly elected sheriff to start immediately. Should an independent petition be filed, forcing a November general election, the commission would appoint an individual to the vacancy.

Judy Goldhammer, Wall, met with the board to renew their property and general liability insurance as well as their workmen's compensation insurance.

Goldhammer noted that the South Dakota Municipal League's workmen's comp insurance would be nearly $4,000 cheaper than what their present provider could offer. This insurance is a pool of government entities in South Dakota. Due to issues with a membership in a pool insurance plan, Goldhammer, stated she knew the board would be leary of this plan. She said that she had been assured in writing that the county would be able to leave the pool without having to pay double premiums as they had prior when leaving a pool insurance plan. She noted that all claims would continue to be processed through her.

The county's current policy will expire July 1. The SDML insurance runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year. For the remainder of 2010, the county would be charged a prorated amount.

The board approved to join the SDML insurance pool on Goldhammer's recommendation. The rest of the insurance will continue with their current provider.

The board approved to supplement monies to the courthouse building fund in the amount of $75,000. The money will cover the cost of the plumbing renovations in the courthouse. Haakon County Auditor Patsy Freeman noted that the final inside phase is nearly complete. Lurz Plumbing still needs to install the line that exits the courthouse. Once that is installed, the water will be turned on to the restrooms on the third and fourth floors as well as the first floor men's restroom.

Neville discussed with the board the possibility of the county requiring additional bonding from Trans- Canada for road repair. Commissioner Gary Snook noted that the state has required a $15 million bond for roads that TransCanada will be traveling. He noted that amount may not be sufficient when it could possibly be split up between several counties. No decision was made, but Neville will research the matter further.

The commissioners approved an alcoholic beverage license for T-34, Truck Stop near the Billsburg corner, a contract with Jackson County for gravel, a raffle for the Philip hospital auxillary, approved for the county treasurer, auditor and director of equalization to attend a software meeting, for Kenny Neville, highway superintendent to attend a South Dakota Association of Highway Superintendents, a contract for the Women and Infant Children program, the May 4, 2010

Reports from the veteran's service officer and the county auditor were reviewed. County Health Nurse Heidi Burns informed the board she had hired Kristin Martin to fill the vacancy in her office.

Freeman noted that Haakon County will be visited by the South Dakota Department of Legislative Audit June 7.

The board will meet next in regular session Tuesday, July 6, 2010.