County residents can enroll now for NACo prescription drug cards

Haakon County residents can now stop at the auditor's office and pick-up their prescription drug cards, announced Haakon County Auditor Patricia Freeman, Tuesday, July 1.

The cards will allow county residents to save a little money on their prescription medications that are not covered by insurance. The savings area vailable through a plan the Haakon County Board of Commissioners recently obtained through the National Association of Counties.

The Haakon County Commissioners signed up for a prescription drug discount card program earlier this year. The program helps county residents save money on their prescription medications when those prescriptions are not covered by their insurance. Or if a resident does not have any insurance.

Prescriptions can be filled at Zeeb Pharmacy in Philip as they are part of the Caremark network.

Haakon County residents can now go to the Haakon County Auditor's office to sign up for the plan. After verifing that they are residents of Haakon County they will be given a fact sheet concerning the program.

The cards are free. They can be used by any county resident, regardless of age, income or existing health coverage.

If your insurance company already gives you a discount you cannot use the card to obtain a further discount. But if your insurance does not give you a discount on a particular medicine, then the card can be used. The same rules apply to Medicare.

According to the fact sheet the plan has an average savings of 20 percent. Caremark Rx, Inc. administers the program. It is a pharmaceutical services company that manages drug discount card programs.