County Commissioners approve purchase of two road graders for fiscal year 2009

Two new road graders from Butler Machinery Co., Rapid City, will be purchased in 2009 by the Haakon County Commissioners, as decided at their September 2, 2008, meeting.

Butler Machinery was the sole bidder for the graders. Alex Kulesza, sales representative, outlined the bid for the Haakon County Commissioners. The price, as bid per advertised specifications was $216,530 per grader. The specifications included a ripper and a scarifier, a five-year/5,000 hour warranty and a buyback option. Kulesza noted the buyback option would amount to $135,000, which then could be used to purchase a replacement grader.

At a previous meeting the commissioners and Kenny Neville, county highway superintendent, discussed the surplusing of 1998 and 2003 motor graders. Kulesza noted the surplused graders could be sold in January when the new graders are ready for delivery. He stated the surplused graders should sell for about $200,000 total. This money could then be applied towards the purchase of new graders. Kulesza added that the paper work regarding payments would be finalized at that time.

Neville updated the board of commissioners on the road sign project. He stated that construction of the signs would begin around September 15. He reminded the board that the state government is in charge of the project and that federal dollars will pay for the project.

Neville also noted that work has started on repairing flood damage in the Robbs Flat area. Also, crushing of gravel at Lee Briggs' has been started.

Haakon County Auditor Patricia Freeman informed the commissioners of her findings regarding the invoice from E.F. Johnson for emergency radios. She stated it was found that two of the radios in question were to be paid by Rushmore Radio Company in Rapid City, who had been reimbursed by Haakon County. She said Rushmore Radio will be submitting payment for them. The other two radios, one of which was for the sheriff's department and one for the fire department are still in question. She stated that no one knows which radios these are. The board deferred payment on the bill until more detailed information, such as serial numbers, could be obtained.

Freeman and deputy auditor Hallie Konst approached the board in regards to a standardized time sheet. Konst noted that the county offices are each using different sheets and the sheets do not denote comp time. Konst also asked for approval to hold an employee meeting after 5:00 in which the new sheets would be explained so no confusion would exist as to filling out the sheets. The board gave their approval for the new sheets and the meeting.

The board approved meeting minutes from August 1, the past month's bills and for librarian Annie Brunskill to attend a conference September 24 and 25.

The commissioners returned after a lunch recess to hear and discuss a proposal from a Watertown business that could possibly line the courthouse plumbing. They also discussed budget issues. The board had met twice in August to work on the budget.