A continuing business … J&T's Bar & Grill in Midland

J&T Bar and Grill (formerly Tin Buck 2) ... is up and going strong in Midland. The owners/operators are Tammy Williams and Jay Calhoon.

Though they took over the business on September 1, they wanted it going by Midland’s Free Day on September 12. They made it!

J&T’s Bar and Grill has replaced the former Tin Buck 2 in downtown Midland.

“Business has doubled since when I was working there before the sale and now,” said Tammy Williams, the “T” part of J&T. She had worked there for the eight months before the previous owner decided to close, after running it for just a year. The opportunity of buying the business was something the new owners were not going to pass up.

“It’s a lifetime opportunity to own something, to have a business of your own,” said Jay Calhoon, the “J” part of J&T. He still works at Scotchman’s in Philip, but he was raised in Midland, like his father before him. That is where he and Tammy met. They are now business partners.

Jay admits, “I’m a rookie here, but I try to help out whenever and wherever I can. It’s a great learning opportunity for me. I am right there when she needs a break.” Though she is the experienced business manager, they went with J&T, rather than T&J, because, “It goes better; it sounds better,” they both said. “Actually, we were walking into the Fire Hall to sign papers for our liquor licence and realized we had to have a name in less than two minutes. We thought of ‘J&T,’ and the gal behind the counter suggested ‘Bar and Grill.’ It works.”

Tammy has managerial experience from three previous positions. The last being the assistant manager for the Badlands Truck Stop at Kadoka. “The key is being nice. Treat the customers the way they want to be treated.”

“We are making it up as we go. We are going to try different things, including a Halloween party. We’ve gotten great support from our customers and the Midland community. Our employees, Kathy Williams, Ruby Huston, Diana Baeza, and Kikki Baeza, are great”

“Talking about the opening brings it all back. Now I can laugh, though we didn’t laugh in the beginning,” said Tammy. “You gotta laugh, or go crazy. I laugh a lot. The two weeks before we opened were interesting. We tried to get everything going before Free Day, we did it, THEN we relaxed. It was fun, great, a wonderful start,” said Tammy.