Construction, destruction and property large part of City Council meeting

The Philip City Council began their monthly meeting with the announcement that the grant application for a sidewalk project up Hillside Ave. has been denied. The handicapped-geared path from downtown Philip to the school area would have been a community improvement. The council conceded that the grant was a long shot.

The many new building permits are a positive sign for community improvement. For the most part, owners are applying for permits and using the one-call to check for buried utilities before they dig. Some owners, though, are applying for the free permits after they have begun construction. This delayed action could still warrant the $100 fine being attached to their water bill.

Fences and trees put exactly on property lines would seem to not be a problem, that is until future maintenance and ownership come into question. This will be looked into further at the next council meeting.

Seven blocks worth of streets will receive chip-sealing after Festival Days.

The council has made official its intent to annex the land which contains the swimming pool, the Kiddie Park, and the previous state shop building.

The swimming pool quarterly report included the fact that a major pump was replaced. The old pump might be repairable and kept as a back-up. Erin Schofield is the official swimming lesson instructor. The season’s closing date is tentatively set for August 23, depending on how many lifeguards will still be available before colleges start classes.

A five-kilometer run scheduled for during Festival Days was brought to Police Chief Kit Graham’s attention. Though it did not require permission from Graham or the Council, they officially approved it and wish it to go well. Jim Pelle, a former Haakon County Sheriff, has been hired to help with law enforcement during Festival Days. A recent poker run and live band performance drew a good crowd. “There were no problems whatsoever,” said Graham. “I see no reason to deny similar future requests if asked.”

The building at 120 S. Center Ave. (the old Midway Cafe and more recently Jay’s Saddlery) must be repaired or demolished. The officially condemned building requires tremendous repair. It will also be expensive to demolish since it has shared walls with neighboring buildings. If the city has to demolish it, the cost will be added to the lot’s property taxes.

The recycling dumpsters “are sometimes getting some things that aren’t supposed to be in there.” The community is asked to observe the requirements concerning the recycling dumpsters.

Wohlenberg, Ritzman, and Co. will be in Philip during the middle of August to audit the city’s 2004 financials.

Mayor Hart ended the meeting with a positive projection on the growing business being done in Philip. “The City of Philip will break the $300,000 mark in sales taxes this year,” he said.

The next scheduled Philip City Council meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6, in the courthouse community room. The one-time change from Monday is because of Labor Day.