Commissioners wrap up 2010

The Haakon County Commission met Tuesday, December 28, to approve the final warrants for 2010, and approve any contingency transfer to set accounts in order for the end of the year.

Contingency transfers needed for the following accounts were approved: commissioners - $2,939.73, courthouse - $1,923.75, director of equalization - $5,670.68, register of deeds - $1,215.63, veteran services - $134.53, jail expenses - $4,744.16, support of the poor - $1,556.33, mentally ill - $8,597.05, highway - $5,589.65, 911 - $8,647.19 and 24/7 sobriety fund - $1,138.20. The amounts totaled $42,156.80.

Prior to approving the minutes from December 7 and 15 meetings, Commissioner Neal (Obie) Brunskill questioned Auditor Patricia Freeman about the Federal Emergency Management Agency supplement in the highway department funds. "I suggest that you or the board go down to Pierre and get it straightened out, because I don't think anybody knows. It will just carry over into next year and make a mess," he said. Freeman noted she had been in contact with South Dakota Legislative Audit accountants and that the figures presented were figures they agreed with. Freeman stated she could arrange to have personnel from Legislative Audit meet with the board if the board wanted.

The board passed the minutes with minor corrections and a clarification regarding a transfer of funds that had been changed to a supplement as suggested by Legislative Audit personnel. The minutes were approved with Brunskill giving a dissenting vote.

Alcohol beverage licenses renewals were approved for T-34 Truck Stop, Lake Waggoner Golf Club Association and Wheeler Brooks American Legion Post #173.

The board will meet in special session Thursday, December 30, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. for a hearing on the supplement of FEMA funds. Their regular meeting Tuesday, January 4, 2011, will begin at 9:00 a.m.