Commissioners wrap up 2009

The Haakon County Commission met for the last time in 2009 on December 30 to approve warrants so that the books could be closed out.

Haakon County Treasurer Patti Rhodes updated the board on outstanding taxes in the county. She also updated them on the county's financial standing.

Haakon County Auditor Patrica Freeman informed the board that the commission budget was overrun. The board approved to transfer just under $4,000 from the general fund to the commissioner's fund. Also approved for transfer was $37,000 from the general fund to the road and bridge fund.

Freeman noted that the commission seats held by Rita O'Connell, Neal (Obie) Brunskill and Don Eymer are up for election in 2010. Also up for re-election are Sheriff Larry Hanes, Register of Deeds Karyl Sandal and Auditor Patricia Freeman. Hanes stated that it is tentative that he will seek reelection. "As of now I do not plan to seek re-election," he said. "But things could change." Freeman, Sandal, Brunskill and O'Connell stated they are undecided if they will seek re-election. Eymer stated he would not be taking out a petition.

Freeman noted that petitions can be picked up from her office beginning January 1, 2010. Petitions for Republican and Democrat parties must be turned in by March 30, 2010, and Independent candidates have until June 8, 2010.