Commissioners will enforce crackdown on noxious weeds

Rod Moring, South Dakota De-partment of Agriculture Weed and Pest Supervisor, meet with the Hakkon County Commissioners at their September 6 meeting.

Moring had good and bad news for the commissioners. The bad news was the department is cracking down on counties that don’t keep noxious weeds controlled in the road ditches and also landowners in their fields and pastures.

Moring provided the commissioners with a copy of South Dakota Codified Law on enforcement procedure. The county or the county weed board can force a landowner to eradicate the weeds from his property. If the property is sold, the enforcement stays with the property. The enforcement is registered with the county’s register of deeds office.

Moring noted in Stanley County a neighbor is suing another neighbor for $1 million for not controling and eradicating noxious weeds on his property. Moring added Stanley County is also part of the suit because they did not follow through with their actions.

Moring discussed with the commissioners how his office can aid the county with the enforcement proceedings and taking action through the court system, if necessary.

The good news Moring had was a new product, Milestone, which will soon be on the market. The spray can be applied alone or mixed with 2-4-D. Tests that have been done have proven very effective, Moring said. He noted the price range had not been released yet, but it was expected to be in the $10-$12 per acre range. He said they are trying to get the product on the market this fall, but it might be next spring.

Marty Hansen and Don Weller appeared before the commissioners to discuss with Auditor Shirley Dennis items she felt the men had erroneously submitted to her for payment for the ambulance service and the fire department. Dennis located the invoices she felt were in error and discussed what she felt the men were doing wrong.

Hansen and Weller both stated they were not making up fake invoices, as they felt they had been accused of doing, and they explained how they obtained quotes for items and then how an invoice was obtained. They added they did not submit the quotes to her for payment, only invoices.

Dennis noted she had contacted former Emergency Manager Esther Oldenberg about the invoices and Oldenberg did not help her with the invoices in question.

The commissioners directed Dennis to discuss any questions concerning ambulance invoices with Weller and any questions concerning fire department invoices with Hansen. The commissioners stressed that communications between Dennis and the other two parties must be kept in good order so that payments could be made in a timely matter.

Haakon County Highway Department Superintendent Kenny Neville received approval from the commissioners for a water line crossing for Mark Foland, certificates for utilities, rights-of-way, and a letting resolution for a bridge at Bill McDaniel’s, along with replacement of that bridge with a double box; and to let a project on the Kirley Road. Neville will also attend the Region 8 conference October 11-13.

In answer to a question from Neville on building roads into new home sites, the commissioners opted for the landowners to come to the commissioners’ meeting to discuss the road issues.

The commissioners approved the transfer of grant monies into appropriate accounts and to advertise for a new emergency manger to replace Esther Oldenberg, whose resignation they had accepted earlier in the meeting.