Commissioners scheduled meeting a quiet one

It was a basic meeting for the Haakon County Commissioners at their December 6, 2005 meeting.

Kenny Neville, Haakon County highway superintendent up-dated the commissioners on the bid let for the McDaniel bridge project. The bid came in under $22,000 from the engineer’s estimate. The commissioners accepted the bid for the two double box culverts and other work that will replace the bridge.

Neville also asked for their approval to reinstate two work projects that will replace two bridges in the county. One is scheduled for 2008 and the other in 2009. The commissioners gave their appro-val to reinstate the two projects. Neville noted that federal money will be used for both of the projects.

Lake Waggoner Golf Course and Wheeler-Brooks American Legion Hall were both granted renewals of their liquor licenses.

Karyl Sandal was denied a request to use excess 2005 funds to pay for a plat cabinet she had budgeted for in 2006. They did give her approval to purchase software with some of the remaining 2005 funds.

Haakon County Commission Chairman Lawrence Schofield, with approval from the board, signed an agreement with the South Dakota Department of Health for the health nurse position.

Approval for county employees to attend numerous workshops and meetings during the month of December was given by the commissioners.

They directed Auditor Shirley Dennis to obtain inventory reports from each office and for her to remind department heads that evaluations need to be completed.

The commissioners approved the purchase of a new copier that will scan documents and is also a laser printer for the computer system. The equalization and register of deeds offices will be connected to the printer along with the auditor’s and treasurer’s offices. The new machine will replace the current copier whose service contract expires in March After receiving approval from the state, the county will now proceed with the removal of old records from the storeroom. Important records have been taken to the state archives for historical purposes. Other documents will remain in the storeroom.

The commissioners also ap-proved meeting minutes and claims from November.

A year-end meeting will be held December 30 at 9:00 a.m. at the courthouse.