Commissioners review county growth figures

Haakon County Commissioners were given good news by Director of Equalization Rita Merrill at their Tuesday, March 6, 2007, meeting.

Merrill informed the board of commissioners that the county had seen $2,474,727.00 in growth during the last year. The City of Philip had $776,254.00 in new growth with Midland increasing $48,728. New growth is new construction within an area.

The down side, Merrill reported, is that the county continues to see sales above the 150 percent value mark. When sales are that much higher than the assessed value she cannot use the sale for tax purposes.

She reminded the board that they will need to meet on April 10, 2007, as a board of equalization.

The commissioners discussed Hans Hanson's request for land at the fairgrounds for a war memorial. The area he wished to place the memorial would hinder events during the fair. An alternate selection on the grounds was chosen for him to plant the 25 juniper trees.

The commissioners approved for Auditor Patsy Freeman to request the state to audit the books for the years 2005 and 2006.

They also approved a request from Dick Rockafellow for a raffle for the SD Amateur Baseball Association. The raffle is a statewide fundraiser for the group and the proceeds allow the group to sponsor special needs children to be able to attend a sporting event. Rockafellow noted that a local group is chosen to sell the tickets in Philip, and they are allowed to keep 50 percent of the proceeds from their sales.

Kenny Neville, highway superintendent, informed the commissioners that the bid let date for the bridge project near Ross Williams' has been set for March 21.

Other items discussed included the approval for county officials and commissioners to attend a number of workshops and district meetings during March and the cell phone bill from the sheriff's office.