Commissioners reorganize with Schofield as chairman

Lawrence Schofield was chosen by his fellow board members to lead the Haakon County Commissioners during 2005.

The commissioners reorganized

at their January 4 meeting at the Haakon County Courthouse. Rita O’Connell replaced Mike Gebes as the commissioner from District 3. All commissioners and elected officials were given the oath of office.

Chosen as vice-president was Don Eymer. The commissioners also selected members to be on certain boards. Schofield will stay on the weed board; Mel Smith - extension board; Darrel Terkildsen - fair board. O’Connell took over the library board position.

State Auditors Jerry Wulf from Pierre and Russ Olson from Brookings met with the board and outlined their plan of action.

Olson noted they would be auditing the years 2002 and 2003. He explained that the county auditor, treasurer, and highway offices would all be reviewed this year. The remaining offices, he said, are done on a rotational basis. Olson said they hoped to be done by the end of next week. A third auditor may arrive to help out.

Among the items on the list for reorganization that the board dealt with were amounts for mile-age, meal, and lodging reimbursements; named The Pioneer Review as the official newspaper for publication purposes; named the First National Bank in Philip and the First National Bank of Midland as depositories for county funds; and set the price per ton for gravel contracts.

The commissioners also discussed election workers’ payment and the possibility of the purchase of a voting machine. Auditor Shirley Dennis stated the county may be required to have the machines. They approved a motion to place $1,399.16 into the voting reserves.

Part of the reorganization was to set the time of employment and payment for such for the deputies and clerks in the auditor, treasurer, director of equalization, WIC, extension, and library offices. This all stayed the same as the previous year. Step raises also stayed the same.

The board declared highway items as surplus. The availability and amounts were left up to County Highway Superintendent Kenny Neville.

The board approved an agreement with the South Dakota Highway Patrol for assistance in weight limit enforcement on county roads. Eymer was named as the commissioner to request aid for fire assistance.

Sheriff Larry Hanes informed the commissioners of a prisoner transport that will use up a good portion of his budget. The prisoner is in Baltimore, MD. He was extradited from here to Maryland before he could go to trial on aggravated assault charges.

The commissioners entered into executive session at 11:45 a.m. to 11:58 a.m. No action was taken following the session.