Commissioners meet as board of equalization

Taxpayers were able to approach the Haakon County Commissioners on Tuesday, April 11, regarding their taxes when they met as a board of equalization.

Only one taxpayer, Vincent Schofield, requested a reduction on a quarter of land. Schofield noted that alkali has increased in that particular quarter of land. The commissioners opted to not reduce the tax payment on the land. They felt that before they acted on such a request that the county needs to have a new soil survey completed. This would give them more of a county-wide basis to make such decisions fairly.

The commissioners approved changes in a few tax classifications or errors made by the director of equalization. A house owned by M&A Farms had been listed in two places. One listing was re-moved. Harley Pope’s property was improperly listed within the city limits and was changed to county land. Jack Hansen recently donated land to the fire department so this land had to be changed to tax exempt status. For McDonnell Farms a building which had been listed on the wrong site was moved to the correct listing site. The commissioners also denied a request by the owners to reduce values on an old house and barn until Director of Equalization Rita Merrill, could re-evaluate the buildings.

The board approved exempt status for the City of Philip for a lot that is part of the swimming pool complex, a house and lot belonging to the Evangelical Free Church, a piece of land owned by West River/Lyman-Jones for a storage tank, the Town of Midland for the former Farris property that the town recently purchased, and for the Philip Ambulance Service for the former Kennedy Implement building.