Commissioners finalize budget for 2005

During a special meeting Tuesday, September 25 the Haakon County Commissioners approved the budget and discussed zoning and planning issues.

With a few minor changes the board of commissioners, with Darrel Terkildsen absent, approved the 2005 operating budget for Haakon County.

Dave Hauschild met with the board to discuss the next steps in zoning the county.

Hauschild is with the Central Enhancement Development District out of Pierre. He had met previously with the commissioners in regards to zoning.

Board President Mel Smith and members Mike Gebes, Don Eymer and Lawrence Schofield were all in agreement that the county needed to be zoned.

Hauschild presented the board with a pamphlet of information to review before the start of next year. He said he would set up a time table and draft news releases for the zoning meetings.

Register of Deeds Karyl Sandal was given the approval to purchase a book for her office as she has enough money budgeted for the purchase.

Sheriff Larry Hanes met with the commissioners in regards to grants and the purchase of surveillance equipment for the courthouse.

The board approved the purchase of surveillance equipment. The equipment is part of the Homeland Security measure.

Kenny Neville, Highway Superintendent, was given approval to test drive a 1997 1-ton pickup from Federal Surplus. If the pickup operates well, he is to purchase the pickup. This pickup would replace the department’s previous model that blew an engine.