Commissioners discuss restroom renovations and gravel crushing

A renovation update and gravel crushing were two items of good news discussed at the Haakon County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, May 5.

Haakon County Auditor Patricia Freeman reported that the restrooms renovations are more than 70 percent complete. So far less than $26,000 of the $45,000 allocated has been spent. The first floor restroom has the new flooring, stalls and sink in with the toilets awaiting hook-up. The flooring in the second floor women's restroom was finished Tuesday morning.

Randy Reckling approached the board of commissioners regarding the lobby room floor outside the first floor restroom. He noted that several people have asked that new flooring be installed in it to match the new restroom's floor. The board approved to spend the additional $1,800 for that project.

Also approved was a change order of approximately $3,500 for Lurz Plumbing to start replacing the sewer lines for the first floor restroom. Once this is completed the water would not have to be shut off to that room again. Haakon County Highway Superintendent Kenny Neville was granted permission to go forward with his plans to crush 65,000 tons of gravel. Commissioner Neal (Obie) Brunskill reported that he, Freeman, Neville and Val Williams, highway department secretary, had all reviewed the department's budget and that there is enough money to proceed with the project.

The board also approved the surplus of two tractors, a pickup, tires and radios as surplus. The radios will be destroyed with the other items to be sold.

Shawn Burke, Martin, West River Extension director and Adele Harty, Extension educator updated the board on budget cuts within the Extension Service.

Other items approved included meeting minutes and warrants from April and the purchase of handicapped parking signs for the east and west sides of the courthouse.

The next regular meeting for the board of commissioners will be Tuesday, June 2 at 9:00 a.m. in the commissioner's room.