Commissioners discuss policies and insurance

The Haakon County Commissioners met in special session Wednesday, January 23, 2008 to discuss the policy handbook and health insurance.

New information had been received regarding the state health insurance pool. The commissioners would like to go with a different health insurance carrier begining in July 2008. Auditor Patricia Freeman was instructed to obtain further information from the state pool and also county employees. The board will discuss the issue at their regular February board meeting.

The board reviewed a proposed county employee handbook. The handbook had last been revised in December 2005. The board, along with several courthouse employees discussed the proposed changes and revised them as needed. The revised handbook will be presented during the February meeting.

Freeman informed the board that Haakon County Sheriff Larry Hanes is owed approximately $2,000 in back pay due to an computer entry error starting in January 2006.

The board met in special session to discuss personnel issues for about 25 minutes. No action was taken.