Commissioners discuss generators

As evidenced at their meeting on Thursday, October 5, the Board of Haakon County Commissioners continue to work with the county's emergency manager to prepare the county for a major emergency.

Last summer the board approved the sheriff's office as the designated emergency dispatch location. In the event that electricity is affected, a generator would be needed to run that area and the shelter, located in the courthouse basement.

Lola Roseth, the county's emergency manager, met with the commissioners to discuss what size of generator would be needed to power those two areas. She noted she had been in contact with local electrician, Brant Sundall, and he agreed to help with determining the amount of electrical watts that are being used on those two floors.

It would also have to be determined how to connect the generator to just those two floors. Roseth noted the generator would run on fuel oil, which is what is used by the courthouse's heating system.

Roseth stated she is researching grants that could pay for the generator and possibly any electrical rewiring if needed.

The board of commissioners was notified that Haakon County's Veterans' Service Officer, Kevin Graber, had been commended by the SD Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs.

Graber completed the annual proficiency training in late August and scored 95 percent on the exam, missing just two of the questions.

The course involves detailed instruction in the areas of disability compensation, dependency and indemnity compensation, pension, education benefits, burial benefits, Veteran's Healthcare, VA Home Loans and claims submission. The exam was given at the end of the training session.

The letter to the board stated, "Haakon County can be justifiably proud of the veterans advocate they have in Kevin Graber. We wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware of his excellent performance and please convey our appreciation for his dedication."

The commissioners approved to proceed to let bids for the road project south of Philip. Haakon County Highway Superintendent Kenny Neville noted the bids were expected to come in at a much lower amount than the engineer's estimate. He noted the reason, in part, for this was the decrease in fuel costs since the estimate was figured and also there are a number of firms looking to bid on projects.

The commissioners approved two raffles for the Milesville Volunteer Fire Department and approved for the Sacred Heart Catholic Church to hold bingo games for the remainder of 2006. If they wish to continue with the games in 2007 they will have to re-apply at the January 2007 meeting.

KONE, the company that inspects the courthouse elevator requested that the county install a ladder in the elevator pit. The company sent an estimate of $1,800 if they were to do the work, much of that would be mileage. They also sent specifications for the ladder, if the county would like to get quotes from other parties. The board took the second option and will discuss the matter at a future meeting.

The board took action on employee time submissions to comply with a reprimand from the state audit. They approved the purchase of a time clock its installation in the courthouse. All courthouse employees will be required to use the clock, including salary and hourly employees and elected officials. It was decided not to install a time clock at the highway department, but the employees there will be given a time sheet that they have to fill in when reporting to and leaving from work.

The commissioners' November meeting was moved to Thursday, November 9. The meeting will include the canvassing of ballots from the November 7 election.