Commissioners deny lone equalization request

The protest was submitted by Vickie Petersen regarding a mobile home her family owns. Rita Merrill, director of equalization, noted she had the home assessed at $11,347.00. She stated that Petersen wanted the home assessed at the purchase price of $10,000. The difference would be just under $23.00 per year in total taxes.

The commissioners opted to have Merrill leave her assessment at her current figure.

Merrill informed the board that Joyce Hart had qualified for a tax assessment freeze under the elderly/disabled guidelines.

The board also approved the list of tax exempt properties. These properties included non-profit groups, such as churches, government properties, cemeteries and land lost to river erosion.

Merrill updated the board on the tax status of the Philip Ambulance Service building. They will be taxed on the former gas station building and lot that they are leasing. The board approved a tax abatement of over $6,000 for the remaining property.