City's business year coming to a close

The calendar year is quickly coming to a close, and the Philip City Council is concluding as much business as possible before the December 29th meeting.

Building permits are free, but the $100.00 penalty for not filing a permit may have to be implemented. Overhanging electrical wires can be a danger while putting up a building or if ice lowers the line. Buried water and sewer lines, buried communication cables, and water run-off can become problems if concrete is poured over an area without prior investigation. Easements and ordinances may exist. By calling 1-800-ONE-CALL and acquiring a building permit, a land owner would eliminate such problems.

A letter of agreement has been signed for SPN & Associates for the preliminary engineering design of the sidewalk improvement project along Highway 73 through town.

The PAPI runway approach lights at the airport will be repaired soon with new electrical circuit cards. There is lighting now, but not the red/white radio controlled lighting.

Liquor license renewals should be no problem, considering the city police department reports “no problems” and the property taxes for each license holder are paid in full. The Well Water Users Agreement with entities using the hot water supplied by the City of Philip will be finalized soon. Because of a prior agreement, Haakon County is exempt from payment.

An old bank account for the Haakon/Jackson County EMS Network will be closed. The $1,414.12 grant money meant for training purposes will be divided between the Kadoka, Midland and Philip ambulance groups.

It has been determined that no abandoned or junk vehicles will be accepted at the rubblesite. On a similar note, the police department has collected over half a dozen unclaimed bicycles over the last five years. These will be given to a charity to be fixed up and donated to needy children.

The finance office personnel will attend a continued-training seminar for the accounting computer program, GASB-34, that the city has implemented. Policies and codes are being adopted to clarify the official accounting practices now in use. Concerning the GASB-34, there is an agreement that Wohlenberg, Ritzman & Co. will assist the finance office with the 2004 Annual Report.

Free Christmas tree disposal will be available in a truck parked behind the fire hall between December 27 and January 6. No plastic bags, ornaments or stands will be accepted.

The meeting ended with a reminder that the Community Assessment report has been completed and the town hall meeting will be December 15 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Fine Arts Building at the Philip School.