City Council sees money coming in and going out

The Philip City Council's regular meeting on August 7th was financially based on many topics.

Under "old business," the additional fees requested from Wohlenberg, Ritzman, Co. have been dropped. The City of Philip owes no more fees for the previous auditing work done by the company.

The Council formally approved the city's Vulnerability Assessment and Emergency Response Plan, particularly in establishing the chain of command to authorize and implement restrictions to the City's water service during an emergency.

With help from Emergency Management Coordinator Lola Roseth, the City will be applying for grants of Homeland Security money for three additional radios.

The State of South Dakota has offered to pay 90 percent of the fuel costs incurred by the Philip Volunteer Fire Department since July 7, 2006, to present. Fire Chief Marty Hansen is already applying for this grant money.

The City has received the matching grant for the HCYW playground equipment for $11,500 from the Land and Water Conservation Program. Final inspection will be completed this fall. Compliments were given to the Haakon County Young Women for the work concerning the new Kiddie Park equipment.

Representing the Centennial Committee, Doreen Vetter and Joe Gittings inquired about possible locations for the planned 40-foot-wide activity tent. The Council did not want tent stakes put in the new downtown blacktop. A planned beer garden semi-connected to the two downtown liquor establishments is desired to satisfy open-container laws. A beer garden and street dance in the fire hall parking lot, and a special liquor license to the Chamber of Commerce would be possible.

Vetter and Gittings hope the City will be a major contributor to the Centennial activities, at least $10,000. Councilman Greg Arthur will be the City's liaison. Hart stated, "We will go through our budget and will get back to you."

The first reading of the proposed budget for fiscal year 2007 will be September 9.

The Airport Improvement Project is proceeding well with a pay request going to Anderson Contractors of $4,294, and a request to American Fence Co. of $45,122.

An update of the "Welcome to Philip" signage was given. Due to budget cuts, the five-and-half-foot by 24-foot destined for the "V" intersection between Highway 14 and Pine Street west of Philip will probably be the only one completed before the Centennial. The other three signs will be built and erected later. The Council authorized installation of electric service and payment of monthly lighting fees, and the acquiring of easements with the landowners - the State of South Dakota and Clayton and Charlene Kjerstad. Don Ehlers has the sign materials and has begun construction. Finance Officer Monna Van Lint said, "Committees come and go, but the city will be here forever. How the sign project all began and will continue must be on record."

In other business,

•The water plant building has been sold to the highest bidder, Lake Waggoner Golf Course, for $3,250.

•The Downtown Street Improvement Project is over 95 percent complete, with a list of finishing touches being addressed.

•The City's insurance policy has been audited, more equipment has been added, and the cost is projected to increase.

•Water restrictions are still in effect.

•The Philip Swimming Pool will close for the season Wednesday, August 16.

•Paperwork has been found that indicates the Philip Chamber of Commerce's Community Development Committee agreed to put up the annual Christmas street lights.

The next regular City Council meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, in the Community Room of the Haakon County Courthouse.