City council reviews leases and projects

During its October 4 meeting, the Philip City Council approved the second reading of Ordinance #2010-04, 2011 Municipal Appropriations Ordinance, the budget for next year.

The proposed plat of Dakota Mill & Grain was tabled until next meeting to give City Attorney Gay Tollefson time to review those areas and the proposed.

The council will also meet with Tollefson regarding correspondence from Paul Merriman with the State Fire Marshall's Office about propane tank violations in downtown Philip.

The council approved renewing the lease and management agreement with the Golf Course Association. The association owns the property, but leases it to the city of Philip, which leases it back to the association. This meets legal purposes in including the property in Philip's park and recreation program. The school district also receives free use of the course for its sports programs. The 20-year agreement goes at a cost of one dollar.

Also approved was a lease agreement of the property of the Kiddie Park to the Haakon County Young Women. The city will provide water, law patrol, garbage pickup, and liability insurance. The HCYW will provide playground equipment and maintenance of the area.

Building permits were granted to Collins Company for a fence at Riverview Townhouses, to Marty and Debbie Hansen for replacement of front steps, and to Shirley O'Connor for a deck and concrete pad.

The swimming pool replacement project progress and payment plan are on schedule. The coating will be applied and the 30-day under water curing will begin. During that time, a fence will be in place to help keep people away from the filled pool. "Finally, it's starting to wind down," said Matt Reckling, public works director.

A meeting is scheduled for October 12 for property owners and the street committee concerning a proposed Wood/Walden Ave. project. The east curb of lower Wood could come toward the center of the street, while a few feet of the east curb could be moved away from the center. It is believed that no cost would be applied to the property owners. Any funds that might have gone for this project could easily go toward a different street improvement project, including the Pine St. Phase III / Wray Ave. project.

Smoke testing of the city's sanitary sewer lines will be done during the week of October 11-15. The smoke is odorless and will not stain. If someone sees anything, they may have issues in their building with their sewer pipes. People with respiratory issues may not want to be home during the actual testing if there is a sewer leak.

A financial assistance agreement has been made official with the South Dakota Aeronautics Commission for the centerline striping completed at the airport.

An airplane, seemingly abandoned, has been at the Philip airport for four months. The owner has returned from overseas, stating that he sold the airplane, but will not state to whom. As long as Philip receives the rent pay, the city has no real wish to take possession of the plane. The man thought that was a honey of a deal.

The South Dakota Highway 73 sidewalk project has been added to the State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) for the year 2015.

The next scheduled city council meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. Monday, November 1, in the Haakon County Courthouse community room.