City council recaps Capital For A Day

The Philip City Council's regular monthly meeting on September 2nd began with a review of the Capital For A Day celebration held on Thursday, August 28.

The entire cost by the city was $4,958 - $2,292 under the allocated budget. A donation of $300 was used for afternoon snacks and beverages for the 63 state staff members. The 269 banquet tickets sold brought in $1,345. The ticket sales and extra budgeted money will be distributed amongst the organizations represented that helped with the event.

In relating these figures, City of Philip Finance Office Monna Van Lint said, "It came off well and we hope that everyone realizes the importance of what took place in and for Philip. We couldn't have done it without all the contributions and volunteers. Afterward, the state representatives were raving about the meal, the attendance and the discussions. The governor thoroughly enjoyed the student council and other students."

Haakon County Emergency Manager Lola Roseth, in a periodic update to the city council, also praised the Capital For A Day event. "The officials who met with the Department of Public Safety personnel had met previously to decide issues to be brought to the roundtable. Talking to the state people afterward, I was told that it was one of the best organized and most productive roundtables they have participated in. I have received e-mails from department heads saying that they were very impressed."

On other matters, Roseth reported that Philip has been designated as a Point of Dispensing for emergency medicines and supplies for Haakon and Jackson counties. Practice runs will be held, mostly from the American Legion Hall, for possible vaccinations or for whatever may be needed. There are two disaster shelters in Philip, the basement of the Catholic church and the basement of the courthouse. Though these are meant for short term, Roseth is trying to acquire cots for emergency use in the shelters.

The council acknowledged Sharon Coyle as Citizen of the Month for September, 2008.

Progress, though still in tedious stages, is developing with the Ash Street sewer line, the new windows for the municipal building and the school drainage projects. The airport building meant for snow removal equipment will soon have the underground electrical wires laid to it and wall construction will begin.

The council extended a thank you to Gayle Rush and her helpers for teaching swimming lessons this summer at the city pool.

The city council will next meet at 7:00 p.m. Monday, October 6, in the Haakon County Courthouse community room.