City Council - raises, identity theft, political signs

The Philip City Council meeting on Monday, October 6, began with an executive meeting.

Action taken was for the 2009 budget to include a raise for the city's Finance Officer Monna Van Lint and Deputy Finance Officer Brittany Smith. Mayor John Hart said, "For many reasons, but especially because of the many grants and loans received by the city over the last 10 years, both Van Lint and Smith have proven to be tremendous assets to the city."

The council approved a Supplemental Appropriations Contingency Transfer, thus striving to fine tune the line items in the 2008 Fiscal Budget. The council also held the second reading of the 2009 Municipal Appropriations Ordinance - next year's budget. The Second Cent Revenue was reviewed in regards to its expense history. The 2nd Cent Revenue is still paying on the Downtown Projects I, II and III and further improvement projects falling under its mandate may even include the Ash Street Project. The sewer line work on Ash Street has been completed, thus other stages of the project may now proceed.

The council agreed that $300 will go to each organization involved with the Capital For A Day event. Each organization was involved either by volunteer efforts of its members or by an individual volunteer requesting their efforts be accounted to that organization.

The council discussed the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 - Red Flag Rule. DFO Smith is the new program director for the City of Philip, and her duties are to try to implement an identity theft prevention program. Currently, the finance office requires only a name, mailing address, street address and a phone number in order for someone to do business, mostly in the case of paying water bills. Van Lint said, "The general policy has been, as long as a bill gets paid, we don't really care who pays it. I can understand identity checks in a place like Sioux Falls, but in Philip, if a new person comes to town, everyone knows about them fairly soon. The more information we might require, the more we then create a security issue."

Approved building permits included: Brad Haynes - installing egress windows; Midwest Cooperatives - 50'x82' concrete dike; Modern Woodmen - 3'x8' sign; Kent and Shelia Olson - 15'x7' deck; Tammi Schofield and John Lamm - move storage shed; Wayne Schultz for Kent and Shelia Olson - flagstone sidewalk, landscaping and underground  sprinklers; Dennis Small - 12'x16' shed; Selma Thorson - fence.

The council will review options to possible fundings and locations for new warning sirens. The council was also updated on the preliminary planning for the School Drainage Project and the Airport SRE Building and Windcone Project. The council approved a right-of-way easement at the airport with West River/Lyman Jones Rural Water Systems.

The city's water system is scheduled for the testing for any leaks on October 20 and 22 with the assistance of South Dakota Rural Water Association.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation is reminding area residents that signs concerning the upcoming election are not allowed in the highway right-of-way. This area sometimes reaches well back onto the neighboring land. The council noted that sometimes the reported complaints depend on who the complainant is and what message is on the concerned signage.

The next regular meeting for the Philip City Council will be at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 3, in the Haakon County Courthouse Community Room.