City Council moves forward with pool work and new business in Philip

The Philip City Council experienced a rare vote, twice, during its meeting on Monday, October 5. Tied voting had to be broken with the mayor casting the deciding vote.

The suddenly necessary swimming pool replacement project has stopped work on the pool deck replacement. Though the council unanimously approved paying $8,146 to Lester-Robbins Construction for work already done, it was divided on continuing any obligations. Councilman Michael Vetter said, "I am willing to sign a contract for them to do the deck work in the spring, with a pre-payment of $10,000. I acknowledge that Gay Tollefson, the legal council for the City of Philip, advises not to. For Nick Robbins and Brandon Lester, it's not just business. Their company will sink or swim. I don't want it to be over our decision about the pool deck work that makes them go under."

Tollefson said such a pre-payment "would be like loaning money. You are betting they will still be around next year. We are still having problems with Grissly Construction on the school drainage project."

Vetter said, "Wouldn't it be just an extended contract? It may not be the right business thing, but it is the right and moral thing."

When mayor John Hart was faced with a tie vote on extending the contract, he said, "Lets do it." The council then tied on its vote to use a promisory note for the contract extension. Hart cast his vote with, "Okay, lets do that, too."

Nick Robbins said, "We are not going anywhere. We will come back and do the work."

City workers will handle the demolition of the current pool. The budget, through supplemental appropriations, has been altered to accommodate for some of the future expenses related to the new pool. The council also approved a design-and-build process for bid-letting on the new pool. The design would be for an "L" shaped pool with a zero-depth, or a graduated walk-in side, where the kiddie pool currently is.

Going on to new business, a public hearing was held on an application for on-sale liquor and on/off sale malt beverage licenses for Jason and Marlis Petersen. They plan to open their Dakota Bar and Grill where the Bake House Cafe used to be. Police Chief Kit Graham saw no problem with the request. It was unanimously approved.

Efforts have been tabled until further notice on obtaining highway right of way for a proposed bike and pedestrian path along Highway 73, aka Larimer Ave. The required research is too time consuming for city employees who have other duties.

Grant reimbursement paperwork has been submitted concerning the warning system siren. One citizen has made a verbal complaint that they would like the 10:00 p.m. siren to be discontinued. An audience member stated that the 10:00 p.m. curfew whistle was appreciated.

The city will be officially requesting help from the South Dakota National Guard, through their readiness training, to work on the Lake Waggoner dam.

Building permits approved were for: Ray Gibson for Philip Ambulance Service to replace drain pan, Haakon County Young Women to put in drain tile at Kiddie Park, Haakon School District to replace announcers' crow's nest by the pool bathhouse, Doug Hart to excavate and repair foundation, Dale Morrison to put up a shed, Slade Ross to put in a portico addition and deck replacement, Duke Westerberg to replace roof, windows and deck and for ceiling installation.

Graham reported that the teletype service can be discontinued and the information can be obtained from the 9-1-1 system in Winner. This would save the city the teletype membership costs, but force the county sheriff's office to pay the full amount.

A special public hearing is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 12, in the community room, concerning the comprehensive plan.

The next regular meeting for the Philip city council will be at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 2, in the Haakon County Courthouse community room.