City council, more summer preparation

The Philip City Council began its Monday, June 7, meeting by approving a long list of building permits.

Building and flood plain development permits were approved for Mike and Debbie Clements for a deck and step replacement, and for yard improvement. Nathan Drury plans to replace windows, decks and fence, and do dirt work on a culvert and retaining wall. Dean Fitzgerald plans to replace a fence. Hannah Griffin will remodel and move a current house onto a new basement and add a 40'x32' garage. The Haakon County Young Women will be putting in a picnic shelter and curbing at the Kiddie Park. Ralph "Chip" Kemnitz will replace a driveway and garden. Nakayla Morrison wants to add a 12'x16' shed. Britni Ross plans to add a 10'x12' shed, do a sidewalk replacement and remove a concrete slab. This summer, Mary Kay Sandal plans to replace a concrete patio, replace a front deck, add a 4'x8' deck and sidewalk and do some interior upgrades. Wade Schofield will be putting in a sidewalk. Pat Seager will be adding a sidewalk and a sprinkler system. Dan Walker has plans for a driveway pan replacement and an extension. Brant Sundall, for the City of Philip, will be doing underground wiring at the School House Park.

Lake Waggoner beach area has been benefitting by maintenance work volunteered by Wayne Schultz, Barry and Edna Knutson, and Roger Williams. The council will look into costs and trucking of more sand for the beach area.

The Haakon/Jackson County Fair Board has turned in a special event application for an outdoor dance on August 7. Mayor John Hart said that he would like security for such events to mimic similar Philip Volunteer Fire Department events. The fair board has been asked to resubmit an amended application, with provisions for three security personnel in addition to the two who will be checking IDs at the gate.

The council approved a special event application by the Haakon County Public Library for a family water festival August 12. Part of the street by the First National Bank in Philip will be cordoned off. The PVFD will help run the event.

All malt beverage license applications were approved by the council. Police officer David Butler said that there were "no problems" concerning this.

The council had to enforce the city's animal ordinance #15-508, keeping of animals and complaints. Brian Kenner has been trying to keep alive an abandoned buffalo calf. Kenner works for the National Park Service and knows that he will have to eventually release the calf back into the park service herd. Kenner has been bottle feeding the calf, which is still smaller than Kenner's dog. Though the usual death rate in such instances is usually extremely high, the calf is still hanging in there. "The calf won't die and won't get better," said Kenner.

Hart had earlier contacted two individuals who own land outside the city limits. Kenner agreed to move the calf to one of those spots within 24-48 hours of the council meeting. Council member Michael Vetter said, "We have to simply stick to on-the-book ordinances. You can understand that being on the nuisance committee is not fun."

In other business, Hart appointed John Kangas, Matt Reckling and David Butler to county emergency operations.

South Dakota will delay changing the appearance of its license plates for a year. The Philip finance office has received $946.81 as its share from the distribution of license plate money that will not be spent for that change.

The rate for the city employee health insurance from Dakotacare will increase 7.5 percent.

The swimming pool replacement project work will begin next week. The city will put up more fence posts and gates. The council will look into including a separate shed for the electrical panel and for storage of items such as dry chemicals.

The annual Federal Aviation Administration inspection of the city airport has resulted in a categorical determination excluding a runway light project. The council approved utilizing the city's airport fuel tax funds for the city's two percent contribution for pavement maintenance at the airport. This work will be mostly crack sealing. Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson have been approved to continue as the airport engineers for 2010-2015.

The council approved up to $10,000 for the purchase of materials for the city crew to do asphalt crack sealing in Philip. The council agreed with Hart that, "We have no choice, it needs to be done."

The council approved entering into $500 contract with K&P Pump Repairs and Controls to inspect city's sewer lift station. The company will be available around the clock for any needed emergency repairs.

Legislative changes to the South Dakota Retirement System will eventually affect all the city's employees "in one way, shape or form," said Finance Officer Monna Van Lint. Those details will be explained to employees as they apply.

After an executive session, the board will have Brian Pearson take over the responsibilities of the 20-hour position of general maintenance utilities clerk. He will be in the office while Van Lint and Deputy Finance Officer Brittany Smith are attending the South Dakota Municipal League human resource and governmental finance officers training, June 15-18, in Mitchell.

The city offices will be closed Monday, July 5, in honor of the July 4th holiday. Due to the July 4th holiday, the next regular council meeting will be Tuesday, July 6, at 7:00 p.m. in the Haakon County Courthouse Community Room.