City council meets and canvasses election; Shirley Chin elected

The Philip City Council met in two capacities on Monday, April 14, 2008, as a city council and then as an election canvassing board.

The Ash Street Improvement Project bids were rejected. The city's engineer, Sam Hohn, stated, "I figured that it (the bids for such a project) might be higher in rural western South Dakota, but not that much higher." Comparable projects have been done, though in the eastern part of the state. Using completed costs of these street projects, Hohn estimated the Ash Street project to come in around $81,000. The rejected bids were almost double that.

With input from some Ash Street residents, the council voted to start the project process all over again. City employees will fix the sewer lines, remove all the old concrete and bring in dirt. One option is for the city to do as much other work as possible, waiting for asphalt to be cheaper in bulk when other projects such as the Highway 73 project are near Philip.

Three building permits were granted. Keven Morehart plans to finish a backyard fence and install a fence in the front yard. Kent and Shelia Olson plan to put in a 20' x 12' garden shed. Monte Palecek plans to re-roof his house and garage.

Maintenance for the airport runway will be done this summer through federal and state requirements and grants. Mainly what will be done is crack sealing. With several airports being put on the same project, Philip's share, which will be $20,000, will be assisted through grants to the point that Philip's actual cost will be $630.

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources has recognized the City of Philip public water system for drinking water compliance. Street and Sewer Superintendent Rick Coyle, Public Works Director Tom Lesselyoung and Water Superin-tendent Brian Pearson have been recognized.

The regional municipal league meeting was postponed because of weather until April 27th.

The council adjourned as a city council and immediately met as an election canvassing board for the votes from the the city council election for Ward III on April 8th. Only 39 registered voters, out of 147, cast ballots, thus making a 26 percent turn out. Greg Arthur received 17 votes and Shirley Chin received 22.

Chin was officially presented with a Certificate of Election. Councilman John Kangas ran unopposed, as did Mayor John Hart. Several months ago Mike Vetter was nominated to fill the Ward II council position. He, nor anyone else, ran for that soon-to-be-open position. Someone will have to accept the nomination from Mayor Hart to fill that position later.

The next scheduled meeting for the Philip City Council will be at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 5, 2008, in the Haakon County Courthouse Community Room.