Chateau LaRoach Milesville comedy production can really "bug" you

For whatever is bugging you ... Mistakenly using toxic bug powder on his spaghetti, thinking it was Parmesan cheese, the British bicyclist and supposed health inspector (Troy Solberg, left) begins hallucinating. Watching in horror is Faye Piroutek (back), and oblivious to the whole problem are Nina Pekron and Rachel Parsons.

Visit the beautiful lakeside Chateau LaRoche for a peaceful weekend get-away, where you will be greeted by a friendly host of ... cockroaches.

The Milesville actors will present the comic farce Chateau LaRoach over the next two weekends. Written by Lauren Wilson, the humorous play consists of two scenes in the first act and three scenes in the second act.

Crawling with slapstick humor and stage action, it takes the audience through a weekend in the lives of Francois and Mimi LaRoche, the French proprietors of an American chateau hotel.

As the LaRoches prepare for a big weekend of visitors, they are horrified at the enormity of their cockroach problem. Why do the creepy buggers have to appear just when the LaRoches are trying to make a good impression on a famed travel writer?

On top of that, the owners have learned the health inspector is planning a surprise visit, presumably disguised as a typical guest. Could the feared inspector be one of the young honeymooners? The wealthy widow or her hypnotist? The British bicyclist? The manager of a bratty child star?

Mimi and Francois LaRoche are played by Jodi Parsons and Kelly Blair. The hotel staff includes a maid (Jennifer Stangle), a bellhop (Linda Stangle), the elevator operator (Glen Hovland), the chef (Curt Arthur) and two waitresses (Faye Piroutek and Donna Staben).

Francois launches an all-out war on the creepy crawly creatures as the disgruntled staff members struggle to hide the pesky problem from the hotel guests. Even with the help of zealous exterminator, Roskel Goomey (Lori Quinn), the roaches quickly and hysterically adapt to the chemical assault and begin to grow bigger.

Weekend guests include newlyweds (T.J. Gabriel and Erin Hovland), a near sighted travel writer (Connie Parsons) and her assistant (Tina Staben), a child rodeo actress (Rachel Parsons) and her manager (Nina Pekron), a nature loving nun (Christa Fitch), a con artist (Heather Hanson) and her psychic ally (Tonya Berry), and a disaster ridden British bicyclist (Troy Solberg).

Behind the scenes, aspiring actors helping with special effects of sound, lighting, operating the elevator doors and many other surprises are Dusti Berry, Abby Carley, Allen Piroutek and Brock Hanson. Props manager is Marcia Eymer. The play is directed by Gayla Piroutek and assistant Brock Hanson.

The Milesville Fire Department is serving a soup supper at the Evangelical Free Church in Milesville prior to each performance. An opportunity to visit the cast will be given during coffee and cookies after each performance. Take note, however, as this year a few other surprises will greet audience members when they walk into the Milesville Hall prior to each show.

Performances will be Saturday and Sunday, February 24 and 25, and again on Saturday and Sunday, March 3 and 4. Curtain time is 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays and 2:00 p.m. on Sundays. Tickets are available at Farm Bureau Insurance in Philip and Golden Vet Service and T-34 in Billsburg. Proceeds will go toward the expenses and upkeep of the Milesville Hall.