CEO Kraemer resigns from Midland School

CEO Don Kraemer has given notice that he will not be seeking to renew his contract for next year with the Midland School Board.

Kraemer offered no further details concerning this announcement that ended the November 8 Midland School Board meeting.

Earlier in the meeting, staff development was discussed. Eight teachers, Kraemer, and Business Manager Debbie Trapp attended a workshop on utilizing results from standardized test scores. There will be no school classes on November 19 and 24 so the entire teaching staff may attend two more teacher in-service workshops.

The Jones County School Board would like to meet with the Midland Board on possibly working cooperatively on additional services and activities.

An application has been made to the Midland Community Foundation for money to purchase a warming unit and a heat-and-serve unit for the school kitchen.

Trapp will attend a December 10 election workshop in Pierre sponsored by the Municipal League, the South Dakota Secretary of State and the Association of School Boards.

Marcia West of the Haakon school system provided a half day of counseling services to help students with college preparation. Midland students attended Career Days in Rapid City.

Upcoming events include: boys’ basketball practice begins on November 29; the fall play will be performed on December 2; and the Christmas concert will be on December 6.

The next scheduled meeting for the Midland School Board will be at 7:00 p.m. on December 13.