Call to duty …

Deputy Mark Foley, 39, will trade his badge for Staff Sgt. stripes and jungle bunny camouflage – but Haakon County will save the badge for his return.

Haakon County Deputy Sheriff Mark Foley will be trading his badge for jungle bunny desert camouflage outfits in Afghanistan because of the activation of the South Dakota National Guard. He is in a military police unit and will leave Philip on October 18th for traning in Fort Bliss, Texas.

Foley is a native of Philip, the son of Tom and Ann Foley, and a member of their well-known local family.

Mark is 39, single, currently holds the rank of Staff Sergeant and is no stranger to military service. He has seen assignments in 17 foreign countries.

News reports indicated Guard units wouldn't be called to active duty until after November elections. But, guess they feel South Dakota is pretty secure. The country is deeply divided just now, but the men and women called to serve their country have the full support of all.

Foley said, "People all say, 'We hope and pray you come back home safely,' and I tell them, 'I'm like a bad headache, I always come back'."