Bronc Ride, lawsuit, Festival Days, work projects updated to Philip City Council

One of the first updates heard during the City of Philip regular City Council meeting held on Monday, August 4, was of this summer's bronc ride event.

Event coordinator Branden West said, "It was every bit as big as the previous year. Philip doubled its population for that evening. Even without the Centennial Celebration going on, we had only 65 fewer at the gate than last year. It all went smoothly and we had spectacular riders. We came out ahead on our budget and it can only get bigger and better."

The Arena Association/Bronc Ride share of the concession was $1,700. The Chamber of Commerce and the Haakon County Young Women each earned $1,300 for concessions. Ticket sales included $4,800 at the gate and $5,500 advance sales. West reported that people knew it was crowded last year, so they wanted to be sure to get in this year.

"The Arena Association has been really good about getting the bucking chutes, the lights and all in there. Maybe Philip can host a 4-H Rodeo someday or maybe multiple events. The toughest part is finding an open weekend.

"The bronc ride was a great success. With the continued support of our sponsors, it will be a smashing success next year. There are a few little things that I personally want to improve. Coordinating the bronc ride is a headache that I kind of enjoy," said West.

On another issue, the council voted to leave the mailbox ordinance as is. Individual council members heard from constituents that they didn't mind the idea of mail being delivered rather than put in post office boxes. But, they did not want mailboxes sitting in front of their homes.

Emily Kroetch discussed the communications and lack of communications between her lawyers, the council and herself. She is continuing legal action to acquire clear title to her land, which is in debate whether it is actually within city limits. As far as taxes are concerned, Mayor Hart said, "That is not the point. If the council lets you out of the city limits, then maybe Shirley Chin or John Kangas will then also want out." Both of Hart's examples are council members.

The school drainage project is progressing with its Community Development Block Grant. Environmental studies have been completed and submitted to the Governor's Office of Environmental Development. All aspects of the project, including the drop inlet installation north of the Catholic Church on school property, are part of the grant.

The airport snow removal equipment building and the windcone project were the topics of a pre-construction meeting held July 28. Construction will begin August 11. The council clarified that an annual Commercial Aerial Applicators Permit is $500 and that a $250 temporary permit will consist of only one week.

A disaster application has been made to the Federal Emergency Management Agency concerning the Lake Waggoner Dam. Tom Lesselyoung reported that during recent flooding, the water level was within a foot of going over the dam wall. There was an estimated six feet of water going over the spillway. "A big chunk of the bank was washed out and the rip-rap was washed down river," said Lesselyoung. The auxiliary spillway also needs to be cleared of cattails and sediment.

Police Chief Kit Graham reported, "July was a pretty quiet month for the police department. We had 80 calls, mostly minor items. Festival Days were quiet. Not a lot of extra people were in town, with the farmers a little behind and not there. The only problem was Saturday night. It was unclear if the alcohol establishments or the Chamber of Commerce were responsible for putting up barriers to Center Avenue. We were told by the bar owners that customers are getting tired of being treated like cattle. The council agreed to certain stipulations, and barricades were one of them. As far as the street dance, it was primarily just kids. The adults stayed inside the two bars."

The city pool's last swim day will be August 17. The first session of swimming lessons included over 80 kids. The second session is expected to be near the same. Last year there were 200 total. During the hot Saturday of Festival Days, there were over 100 swimmers throughout the day. Participants of the wagon train passing north of Philip may use the showers for $1. Monday had 15 people taking advantage of the arrangement.

The city's water system is being fine tuned. Leaks in the water mains are continually being sought out and corrected.

Because of Labor Day, the next regular meeting for the city council will be at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 2, in the Haakon County Courthouse Community Room.