Boys' basketball team set to have speed and organization

Members of the Philip Scotties boys’ basketball team are un-learning some things in order to learn controlled basketball.

Head Coach Pat Guptill said, “I think we’re going to have a fun team this year – fun to watch. We’re going to be fast.” This is Guptill’s second year as head coach in Philip, though he had coached boys’ basketball for three years in Wall a number of years ago. Something must be going right because there are 19 players so far; more players than last year.

Guptill and assistant coach Shawn Kerns are working on molding the individual players into a team. Guptill said, “As a team, we’re pretty inexperienced. Half of these guys didn’t play for me last year. It’s a different game from playground or street ball. They have to be molded into playing controlled ball.” The coaches and players are being assisted by student managers Krista Van Lint and Dondee Fees.

The coach continued, “Who the starters will be can switch from night to night. They can earn it and they can lose it at anytime. I’ll know a lot more a few days before the first game. We are going to live or die with man-to-man. They’ll be fast paced, up tempo; but we are also teaching control and patience.”

Guptill welcomes constructive criticism. Positive comments and details are great, but even negative comments and details might be beneficial if they are offered face-to-face. Please do not offer such comments during or directly after a game.

The Philip Scotties boys’ basketball team’s first game will be at 6:00 against the Eagles at Wall on December 10.