Blast from the Past

75 Years Ago - January 5, 1933

County Officers for 1933 ... H. E. Walden, county treasurer, Alice Dawson, deputy county treasurer, Henry Singleton, county auditor, W.O. Lamb, county superintendent.

E.F. Walden retired from the position of cashier of the First National Bank of Philip at the close of the old year. Mr. Walden has been in the banking business about 26 years. He was employed in the first bank to be established here, the Bank of Philip, beginning work a few weeks after the bank was organized in the spring of 1907, and was here at the beginning of the town of Philip.

County Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Jennie O'Neal finished visiting all of the rural schools in the county during the last week of school in December.

Hilland News ... The Paulson, Loss, Pates and Kronen families were supper guests at the Andrew Swenson home Wednesday evening. After supper they were visited by Christmas foolers and we wonder if Lars Kronen and Christian Paulson are still scared?

Nowlin News ... Sandie Hovland returned to Aberdeen, Tuesday with Wesley Herrman. They intended to stop in Pierre and attend the Inaugural Ball.

Local News ... A few Philip golfers are not yet ready to admit that golf can not be played here in the middle of the winter and got out their clubs New Year's Day to have a try at it. The weather was mild enough for comfortable playing but a few snowbanks that had withstood the warm sun added hazards to the course.

Esther Naramore returned to her work as teacher at the Alfalfa Valley school the first of the week after spending the holidays at Aberdeen.

Miss Emma Polinicky, teacher at the Empire school, returned Monday from Spearfish where she spent the vacation with her relatives.

The Union Creamery loaded another car of butter and poultry Thursday for shipment to New York City. This makes 1,966 tubs, or seven carloads shipped from the creamery during the first seven months it was in operation. There are 64 pounds in a tub of butter, making 125,824 pounds that have been shipped out. Besides this, a large amount has been made into pound bricks and sold locally.

Blast From the Past

50 Years Ago - January 1958

Accident ...Kenny Wold, Rapid City, was injured in a one car accident 11 miles west of Philip on Highway 14 about 10:30 Christmas Eve. Wold who works for the Fairmont company was headed toward Rapid City from Philip when the car ran off the road. He was brought to Philip by Art Mednansky and hospitalized overnight.

Oil well ... Drilling at the oil test being made by Sandstone Development, Inc. in Jackson county stopped at the 3,929 mark in the Madison formation.

They are awaiting the arrival of a drill stem tester out of Casper, WY, and they will take a drill stem test around the 3,400 foot level in the Minnelusa formation. A good showing of oil was hit at this point. Officials thought the show good enough to try the drill stem test to determine if there was enough oil at that level for a producing well.

Wedding announcement ... Mr.and Mrs. Alvin Berke of Hilland announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Arlyce, to John A. Griesel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griesel of Milesville on Saturday, January 18 at the First Lutheran church in Philip.

Accident ... Two Midland men, Harvey Madsen and Ralph Jones, were injured in a head on collision involving the Madsen car and one being driven by Therman Hoots of the Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City.

The accident occurred Tuesday, December 31 at 3:30 in the afternoon three miles east of Philip on Highway 14. Jones was treated for a rib injury and facial cuts and Madsen suffered a broken nose and facial lacerations. Hoots was treated for a severe concussion.

Ideal Cleaners changes hands January First ... Mrs. Ruth Hicks announced this week the sale of her local cleaning establishment, the Ideal Cleaners in Philip. The sale of the business ends almost six years of operation for them. Transfer of the business became effective January 1 and Thursday of this week business was continued under the management of Reed Drury.

Drury, a former Philip resident, moved with his family to Keystone in May 1956 where he has since been employed. The family returned to Philip over the New Years holiday and are at present living with her mother, Dorothy O'Neal in the Covey building.

25 Years Ago - January 6, 1983

Bob Schofield of Milesville will retire from the Haakon County Board of Commissioners after 12 years ... In 1970 Bob Schofield made the decision to run for Haakon County Commissioners. A Republican in a Republican county, Bob won. At that time there were only three commissioners. Today there are five. After 12 years on the commission, Bob chose not to run again in 1982. "I just decided one guy could be in too long," Bob said simply. "I enjoyed every year of it up until this last year when it seemed like personalities seemed to override common sense. It seems sometimes that everything we try to do is a situation where you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Every taxpayer should have the opportunity to serve on the commission for a time.

Markets ... Winter Wheat was $2.97 for 10% to $3.24 for 15%.

Local News ... On Wednesday, December 29th, Pastor and Mrs. Al Brucklacher had their whole family home for supper. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Mike West and Amber, Riverton, WY, Mr. and Mrs. John Brucklacher, Rock Springs, WY, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brucklacher, Jennifer and Matthew, Wall, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Radway, Mary, Mindy and Cain, Milesville, Prerry Brucklacher and Kathy Hostutler and Bruce Brucklacher.

Milesville News ... Slowly but surely the Geritol Bunch brought in 1983 down on the river. They were Elaine and Jim Williams, Connie and Billie Parsons, Janice and Bart Parsons, Joy and Paul Elshere, Mildred and Bob Radway, Eileen and Tom Fitzgerald and Joy and Jerry Neville.

Glenn and Dianne Parsons had an ice skating party on Sunday. Those enjoying the fun were Jim, Vonnie, Susan and Holly O'Dea, the Don Eymer family, Bob and Mildred Radway, the Bill Sandal family, Steve and Joe Pekron.

Donna Staben reported the official total moisture for this area was 30.69 inches. She also told me this area ranked number 4 in the state for moisture.

Propane and Fuel prices ... propane 63¢ if paid in seven days and 68¢ if paid within 30 days. Regular fuel $1.219, diesel 99¢, #1 $1.09.

Moenville News ... Mrs. Duane Roseth and her sister, Mrs. Larry Smith, and the girls went to Pierre Tuesday. They went to the Capitol and enjoyed looking at the beautifully decorated trees and nativity scene in the rotunda.